nursing friendly and postpartum summer style

Postpartum, I’m pretty much exclusively in leggings, tank tops, and slip on sneakers every single...

Postpartum, I’m pretty much exclusively in leggings, tank tops, and slip on sneakers every single day. When we go out on the weekends, I always want to look cute, but I default to my uniform: Lululemon Align leggings, this GAP nursing tank (size up to make it comfier – it shrinks!), and my Allbirds. It’s functional, fashionable, comfortable. but kind of… boring.

So, I made a point recently to make more of an effort with my postpartum style, and I realized that when I do dress like I’m me and not just a nursing mom, I feel better. I have a little pep in my step! What was important to me was that I found items and styles that were still comfortable and nursing friendly, so that I could do all of the mom things that I do (chase after a crazy toddler, keep up with housework, and nurse.)

In terms of nursing, I’ve found that I prefer to just wear high-rise bottoms and a top that’s easy to lift up, so that I don’t necessarily need to buy a “nursing friendly” top, but it’s nursing friendly because my stomach is covered when I lift my shirt up. I actually feel more comfortable nursing in public when the top of my breasts are covered, for whatever reason. I feel less exposed! however, I have found some clothes that are nursing friendly in the classic sense, and those are great too (for example – wrap tops.)

If you’re struggling for postpartum style inspiration or ideas for nursing friendly outfits, perhaps my latest finds and ideas will help you out! And let me know in the comments if you have any great finds!

nursing friendly and postpartum style

1 – lululemon align leggings: they’re the most flattering leggings ever, last forever (and I don’t hang dry my leggings like you’re supposed to, I put them in the dryer!), and I like the 25″ align, because it’s in between a crop and a full legging, so it looks more fashionable and less sporty.

2 – nursing tank: this flowy nursing tank is cute and doesn’t look like a nursing tank. it’s flattering in a sporty sense or can be worn with jeans as a cute top. it’s effortless to nurse in!

3 – cute sneaks: I’m not a sneakerhead or anything, but I think a cute pair of sneakers (like a cute pair of heels) can make all the difference. I’m loving these Nikes, they’re neutral colored with a little splash of color, so they look hip, but they also go with everything.

4 – high-rise denim: these are so comfortable and flattering, and I love that they hug your curves. I love wearing them with crop tops or tanks/tees tucked in for easy nursing access.

5 – wrap front jumpsuit: I LOVE this jumpsuit, it’s so comfortable (literally feels like you’re wearing pajamas) and flattering for the postpartum body.

6 – off the shoulder top: I actually wear this not off the shoulder and it covers my nursing bra straps. it’s super cute for date night or on top of the high-rise denim. super easy for pulling down to nurse!

7 –  tunic: every postpartum woman loves a flattering tunic and this one is a little more special, making you feel ‘dressed up.’ it goes great over leggings for a super comfy outfit (paired with some metallic Birkenstocks, espadrilles, or sneakers and it’s an instant cute outfit!) you can even wear it with bike shorts, slightly unbuttoned.

8 – button down summer dress: this dress is beautiful, feminine, airy, and perfect for summer brunching. the button down front makes it nursing accessible!

9 – bike shorts: I love comfy bike shorts and these are comfy and affordable. you can wear them under tunics, under long muscle tanks, or under dresses as a little edgier of an outfit.

10 – buckle wrap front top: I love this shirt because it’s light, fashionable, feminine, and nursing friendly!

11 – my go-to nursing tank: this will forever be my favorite tank top. you can discreetly nurse in it and it’s flattering, albeit form fitting. I love wearing it under sweaters in the fall or with a light cardigan in the summer.

12 – high rise denim shorts: having a great pair of denim shorts is key in the summertime, especially when you’re nursing. you can wear any top and lift up and nurse, having your tummy covered. these are lightweight denim, which I love, and flattering.

what are your favorites for nursing and postpartum transitional style?

with love, Ali

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