baby favorites: month 11

baby favorites: month 11

month 11 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving...

month 11 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving at this stage.  for this series, I’m going to list the things that made month ELEVEN great!

and this will be the LAST favorites post, now that Luca is 1 year old. I wanted these faves to be a catalog of all my favorite things for Luca’s first year and now that he’s officially 1, this is the last post! hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration.

and of course, you can check out newborn favorites, month 4, month 5, month 6month 7, month 8month 9, and month 10.

month 11: baby favorites

1. Peekaboo Bunny: This bunny is great – it plays Peekaboo and sings a little song with him. He loves how the ears move and he always giggles. It’s super cute!

2. Play kitchen pots: Luca loves making noise and banging things together. That’s why his favorite toy for his play kitchen are these metal pots and pans!

3. Footie Sleepers – I LOVE these pajamas. They are so, so soft and the foot part of it can change from a footie pajama to a footless. They also have a double zipper, which is great for that newborn stage!

4. Teething necklace – SO I actually use these while nursing! I keep one by my nightstand and when I go to nurse Luca, I put it on, because he’s much more distracted while nursing at this age, and it helps keep him busy. They come in such cute styles, too.

hope you picked up a few ideas for your little ones!

with love, Ali

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