Amazon Maternity Favorites

Amazon has great, affordable and accessible options for maternity and today, I’ve rounded up some...

Amazon has great, affordable and accessible options for maternity and today, I’ve rounded up some of the products that have made my pregnancy more comfortable.

Amazon Maternity Favorites

1 // Leggings: these have a full panel and the panel supports and flatters the belly. I love the colors – I have them in every color! They’re great for lounging or exercise.

2 // Brief panties: I like these for wearing at the end of the day when I’m just lounging. They’re a little bulky under dresses and in jeans, but they’re just so comfortable.

3 // Low-rise panties: I love these for every day wear, since they’re low-rise, they fit perfectly under the bump and don’t roll or cause creases when you’re wearing a dress.

4 // Nursing bra: Eventually, underwire is just a no-go, so I love wearing nursing bras, since I’ll end up wearing them postpartum anyway!

5 // Nursing tank: This is my go-to nursing tank, I wear it with a cardigan and jeans or joggers and it’s a nursing (or pumping!) ready outfit. And it’s comfy over the bump, too!

6 // Snoogle: are you even pregnant if you don’t use a pregnancy pillow? This is a must for me!

7 // Mama Mio Tummy Butter: I use tummy butter in the mornings, because I don’t like the feeling of oil all day long. This has been my go-to for all three of my pregnancies.

8 // Belly Band: for wearing at home, it’s really great for belly support when you’re having back pain.

9 // Maternity Swimsuit: I love this off-the-shoulder swimsuit and it’s comfortable even with those of us with a big bust. Such a cute pattern!

10 // Maternity Swimsuit: This wrap-swimsuit is so comfortable and also flattering for bigger busts.

11 // Bike shorts: I love the full panel on these bike shorts and the side pocket. These are great for full day wear and exercise.


Hope you enjoy these items during your pregnancy and beyond, like I have! 

with love, Ali

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