what I’m into right now – 5.2.17

this weekend….

Friday, Lu and I went for a run outside after work, because it was so beautiful out. it was pretty tough running with this little tummy – my bladder also couldn’t handle it. definitely had to stop to pee! afterwards, we met up with Ben & Felicia for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. after, we came home and I did a little work and we went to bed. long week!

Saturday, we did our normal 9:30am yoga session (me, Felicia, and Lu) and then Lu and I got ready and headed into Brooklyn to grab brunch with my friends Cassidy & Shannon and then go to the Brooklyn Botanical gardens to see the cherry blossoms. they were gorgeous BUT there was some sort of anime festival going on and it was SO crowded, so it was a little overwhelming. after, we grabbed some green juices and headed back to Jersey City. Lu wanted to grab a drink so we hung out at an outside bar near our apartment (it was GORGEOUS) and then kinda just ordered in and chilled. it was an exhausting day!

Sunday, we woke up early, started packing a bit, and then took a break to grab breakfast downtown. after breakfast, we ran a few errands to the usual suspects (Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond) and then committed to a full day of packing. around 6:30pm, we found out we’d get the keys to our new place, so Lu enlisted Ben (my sister’s fiancé) and they started moving boxes and small furniture into the new spot and I started unpacking the kitchen (which is quite the feat – a properly organized kitchen is a serious deal). at around 10:30pm, we were exhausted, and ordered in, again.

what I’m into RN…

we have a hideous lamp above our kitchen dining area and I want to replace it with this flushmount.

I love this print and just need to find a place for it.

looking for another planter now that Lu beheaded Bart so that we can re-plant the severed piece. thinking of getting a matching planter to the one I have now, just in a different color.

with all the moving and running around, I haven’t been putting much makeup on and this concealer pen has been a lifesaver! bonus points for non-toxic beauty!

I am OBSESSED with this boob cream. I wish I had known about it before pregnancy, it is literally the most incredible cream – Lu even agreed that my décolletage is smoother. loving it!

see you next week!

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