what I’m into right now – 5.8.17


this weekend….

Friday, the weather was so crummy, and we had full intentions of going out to our local favorite Mexican joint, but we decided to stay in. My sister and her fiancé came over and we ordered in BBQ and tacos and watched a movie. and then ordered in fro-yo. classic Friday night!

Saturday, we skipped yoga, because after all the food and fro-yo, we wanted a hard sweat, so my sister met me in my building and we did a 45 minute Peloton Cycle class. I needed it! after that, we met up for brunch with Lu’s brother/my brother in-law and our niece, Gabriella. she’s a little over two and the most precious little girl! we walked around Jersey City a bit and then she laid down for a nap. after, I got a manicure/pedicure (it was so necessary) and then Lu and I went into NYC to celebrate our friend Edgar and Alex’s engagement! we went to Paul & Jimmy’s a cute little Italian spot in Gramercy. after, we met up with my sister and her fiancé at a diner in Jersey City for some late night eats. I was the only sober one, of course.

Sunday, I had full intentions of working all day, but the day got away from me. it started off with a business meeting in a hotel with my business partner at 10:30am. afterwards, Lu and I grabbed lunch and headed to IKEA to pick up a few items – two mirrors, two pillows, etc. we came back home, assembled everything, and ordered in dinner. we were exhausted, especially after being up so late on Saturday. we watched some TV, I read a bit, and we called it a night.

what I’m into RN…

I had been searching for non-toxic shave cream, and I found this stuff by whish and I’m loving it so far!

ice cream castles sent me this adorable cactus-inspired baby outfit. I want to cry it’s so cute!

if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be buying this top – so ruffly and cute, but I think my bump would poke through haha.

I’m reading phoebe lapine’s new book the wellness project and loving it! highly recommend it if you’re someone who loves to read about other people’s wellness stories!

I appreciate this distinction between young and old millennial (as an older millennial!)

I avoided buying these sneakers for so long (like, YEARS!) because everyone in NYC has them, but I bought them because of some pregnancy back pain and needed more sneaker options and now I get it. they’re the comfiest casual sneakers I’ve ever worn!

if you were ever scared by the original it movie, you NEED to watch this trailer for the new it revival. it’s probably the scariest trailer I’ve ever seen. calendar already marked!

see you next week!

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