pregnancy recap: weeks 17 – 21


I’ll be doing monthly pregnancy recaps to document the progress of this pregnancy and hopefully relate to some of you who are pregnant as well or interested in becoming pregnant! in this week’s recap, I’ll be recapping week 17, 18, 19, and 20.


these past few weeks have been most exciting, because now, I’m not just ambiguously bloated – I look pregnant! my belly has definitely taken a more rounder shape, and I’ve enjoyed taking lots of bumpies (I’m sharing some of them today – but you should see how many I have on my phone!)

one of the best parts about the growing bump is how ‘sacred’ people treat pregnant women! it’s pretty amazing. I didn’t expect to be treated any differently (except my dear Lu, of course), but from my door men not letting me carry packages myself or people on the NYC Subway offering me their seats, I’ve felt like sort of a princess – or as my mother always said, ‘precious cargo.’

I definitely feel great – still no nausea, the headaches went away, and my energy levels have been totally normal. the only bummer is the back pain (see symptoms below) and having to modify my exercise routine. as you may know, I’m big into spinning (did you see my post on Peloton Cycle?), but I’ve started to get some cramping from all the hunching over and I don’t push myself as hard as I used to in those classes. luckily, I’m still able to do them, but I’m just being careful about bending over too much – it stresses out my back and seems to make me more crampy.

running is tougher – I’m used to feeling light on my feet, but having an extra 10-15 pounds around your stomach doesn’t help. I feel like I’m running holding a bowl of jelly (well, hard jelly) or something! not fun. I’m going to focus on building my stamina slowly back up on the treadmill, a mile at a time at a slow pace so that I can enjoy the warmer temps and running outdoors.

otherwise, I’m starting to create a nursery inspiration board and I’ve already received some sweet goodies from some brands, which is exciting. baby clothes are much more fun to receive that food, let me tell you! I posted this adorable baby outfit on IG, for example. can’t wait to star the nursery!


  • lower back pain. this has been the most difficult part for me over the past couple of weeks – it really flared up around week 18 and has been tough. when I’m on my feet all day cooking or I do a 45 minute spin class, my lower back throbs and I have to sit or lay down for a bit.
  • side cramping. I’ve been getting cramping in my lower abdomen a lot and some sharp pains on the sides. my doctor told me these are from my uterus growing and everything moving around in there. the side pains are called ’round ligament pain’ and everything is totally normal and expected. I mean, this baby is over 10″ long now! isn’t that crazy?!
  • itchy boobs and tummy. nothing too crazy, but I’ve noticed myself scratching my belly and boobs a lot more lately. apparently as your skin stretches, itchiness is a symptom!
  • my hair is growing like crazy! I had to go back to the salon after 4 weeks because I swear, my hair grew over an inch in a month!
  • more fluttering. the fluttering in my tummy has gotten more consistent – now, I can kind of predict when it’s going to happen. the baby’s most active at night, and I’m told that in the next few weeks, Lu will be able to feel the kick from the outside! I can’t wait 🙂
  • weigh gain. I’ve gained about 9-12 pounds so far in this pregnancy. at first, I was worried I was gaining too much too quickly, but then people assured me in the beginning you tend to overcompensate for your bodily changes and gain a bit upfront, but it all evens out. I’m hoping to gain 25-30 pounds.

highlight of the month

the 20 week anatomy scan. of course, I was nervous, because it’s the last big ‘scan’/test you do that tells you if the baby is developing properly. but thankfully (and I did a big post on feeling grateful after that appointment), the baby is 100% healthy! we even got a cute little side profile picture and a creepy 4D image which I’ll spare you, haha.

we took a big sigh of relief (Lu was literally/physically on the edge of his seat as the technician ran the ultrasound that day) and can now relax a bit and enjoy the rest of this crazy ride!

favorites, etc

  • I did a post on all my maternity favorites last week, check those out.
  • I just bought a TON of basics from GAP maternity and loved them ALL. Just their t-shirts are wonderful – and they’re not low-cut at all, so no cleavage, just perfectly flattering crew neck shirts with ruching on the side. here is the t-shirt I bought (in 3 colors, haha.)
  • just got this dress last night (I’m wearing it in the intro image to this post) and it’s SO flattering – I am going to totally buy it in the other colors now – it’s so cheap and Old Navy is having so many great sales.

bumpie progression:

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making a batch of this VEGAN PUMPKIN SNACKING LOAF today 🍞! I love to have a few mini loafs in the freezer to easily defrost for breakfasts or snacks for the kids, but also for myself - slathered with nut butter and a little sprinkle of hemp seeds 🥜 or some honey, butter and cinnamon for the kids 🍯🧈  ⁣

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went for a nice long walk outside with the kids (we haven’t been able to do that for a while, because it’s just been so freezing and/or snowing) 🥶 and then we decided to pick up some to-go sandwiches and while we waited, the kids had some banana bread and juice 🍊🍌🍞 luca said, “mama I want to stay here alllll day!” which made me feel sad, because we haven’t felt comfortable dining indoors yet, and I’m sure he misses the people watching at restaurants on the weekends 😔 it’s okay, I’m just filing this under “things we get to look forward to when it’s safe again” 💋 #jerseycity ...

a year and 5 days ago, I started @invisalign to correct my cross bite and fix some crowding on my lower teeth. 👄🦷 a few weeks into treatment, my dentist gave me some extra aligners (the clear trays that you wear that miraculously shift your teeth) “just in case” the Corona virus came to the US and the office has to shutdown. well, a LOT has happened in this past year (my teeth and bite have corrected and Corona certainly made its way here!) and today was the final appointment to perfect my teeth and bite with some veneers (which I haven’t quite gotten used to yet, but all of the stories you shared and kind compliments you gave in my DMs has made me feel A LOT better.) 😬⁣

in two weeks, I get my overnight retainers, which I’ll wear forever (but only to sleep.) aside from that, I’m done with #invisalign and it feels SO good. I cannot believe how drastically it has changed my face, and when I watch myself talk in a video or look at a photo of myself, I no longer cringe at my lisp or how crooked my face looks. it wasn’t something I was self-conscious of every day, but it’s definitely something that I noticed when looking at photos and it secretly bothered me. it’s silly, but it did! ⁣

now I can proudly say that I love my smile, and I feel more confident than ever. it’s a shame I’ll have to wear a mask and cover up this expensive smile 😂😂😂😂 but hopefully in 2022, I’ll be able to fully whip it out. right?!! 🤞🏼💉 ⁣

I’m going to write a blog post all about the process, share a ton of before and afters, but I wanted to ask.... are there any questions you have specifically that you’d like me to include/address? leave a comment below and let me know! and in the meantime, you can check out my Invisalign highlight for the whole journey!