we’re having a….

it’s time to share with you all the gender of our baby!!!

I have to say, I’m loving pregnancy, it’s a really joyous, magical time. there’s so much to celebrate, so much to look forward to, so much to share with loved ones. especially today, now with all of you, I’m sharing the story of how we found out the gender of our baby!

I was born on April Fool’s Day. the only April Fool’s joke my family has ever played on me (aside from my older brother hiding Creepy Crawlers in the tub before I took a shower) was on the day we had our baby’s “gender reveal.” go figure!

I really wanted to find out the gender of our baby with my family around us. I wanted to see their faces and I wanted to share this milestone with them! so, I had Meaghan ordered a “gender reveal cake,” which is a cake that either has blue or pink colored cake on the inside, so that when you cut into it, you find out the gender, like a big surprise!

it was just my three best girl friends, my sister, her fiancé, Lu, and my parents. we were out on a balcony at my parents’ condo in Florida (where they live.) right before we were heading to dinner, we decided to cut the cake – which was a dual happy 30th and gender reveal cake.

Lu stood next to me and everyone got their cameras out. I blew out my 30th birthday candles and then I started cutting into the cake.

at first, I saw pink. my heart dropped. I wasn’t sure if anyone could see it at their angles, so I kept cutting without saying anything. but then, I saw a greenish color. and then I pulled the slice out a little bit and saw a RAINBOW OF COLORS. I immediately thought and exclaimed, “Oh no!! The bakery did the cake wrong, they messed up!!”

I turn around and look at my family and friends (and Lu) and they all go, “April Fool’s!!!!!” I gotta say, they got me. For my first ever April Fool’s birthday joke, they nailed it, haha.

my mother came out with ANOTHER cake which was the true gender reveal cake. I sliced into it and saw a little it of blue, but wasn’t sure if that was leftover from the knife (I used the same knife to cut both cakes), so I kept cutting and then sure enough, THE CAKE WAS BLUE!!!!!


Everyone screamed and cheered, Lu and I looked at each other so happily, and my father ended up crying.

It was the perfect, intimate gender reveal and I am so so so excited to welcome a baby boy into the world this September!!

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