What I’m Getting My 15 Month Old For Christmas This Year

What I'm Getting My 15 Month Old For Christmas This Year

Well, technically, he’s not 15 months old yet – he’ll be 15 months on Christmas day!

My husband and I debated whether or not to even get Luca Christmas gifts (especially after reading this.) He has so much already, and the last thing he really needs is more toys! But, alas, we are having two Christmas celebrations – one in New Jersey at my apartment and one at my parents’ home, where we’ll all actually be for Christmas. Since Luca actually loves unwrapping things and general excitement, we couldn’t resist getting him a few gifts.

When thinking about what to get him, I tried to think of development toys, toys he plays with when he’s not at home and loves (like at classes, etc), and things to complement toys he already has or loves.

Besides, this is the first Christmas that he can actually stand and help with present gifting and opening, so we wanted to get him some things.

What I’m Getting My 15 Month Old For Christmas This Year

Foam Building Blocks & Climb and Crawl Set

What I'm Getting My 15 Month Old For Christmas This Year

There is a play room in our building and every time we go down there, he goes crazy for these blocks and crawling pieces. They’re safe, had a color that matches our living room colors, and they keep him occupied for a long time! We actually already gave him these, because they were just taking up too much room in my office, haha, and we figured, he’ll get enough on Christmas!

Buy the blocks here.

Buy the climb and crawl set here.

Grocery Cart

Luca loves his play kitchen (he spends a lot of time there!) and I wanted to get more items for the kitchen and keep the same theme going, so I got him a grocery cart.

Buy it here.

Wooden Play Fridge Food

Again, to go along with his play kitchen! I love this brand.

Buy it here.

Play Grocery Store Staples

This will be so cute for his shopping cart!

Buy it here.

Safari Knob Puzzle

Luca doesn’t have any puzzles and this one is perfect for his capabilities right now. Hopefully if he likes it, I can buy him more challenging puzzles – I loved puzzles as a kid!

Buy it here.

What are you getting your little ones for Christmas this year?

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