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Due to continued technical difficulties, a delicious shrimp and caper zucchini pasta will have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I need your help voting for May’s Recipe Challenge from The Inspiralized Community.

So far, we’ve got a Spicy Chicken with Plantain Rice and Avocado Mango Salsa and Vegetable Cornmeal Spiralized Fritters. I’d say both have been home runs, and I’m excited to select the next winner!

Let’s see what May brought us.

Before we get to the voting, let’s talk about the community. The more and more people who join, the greater resource it will create for all of you who love spiralizing! I check it all the time to see what people are chatting about, and I love to see the support and ideas that come through.

My favorite group? Inspiralized & Working 9 to 5 – I want to see more people join and talk about their easy go-to weeknight meals. Share away!

If you haven’t join, click here – it’s free!

Actually, I just started a forum topic about what you’d like to see more of on What is it? More zucchini noodle recipes? More casseroles? More cooking videos? Let me know and you’ll see it on in no time!

Now, for the participants and their fabulous recipes. I’m loving these fresh ideas and can’t wait to send the winner their $75 gift basket of Udi’s Gluten Free goodies (they are the official sponsor of these recipe challenges!)

May’s Recipe Challenge was “Picnic Pasta” or “Pasta Salads.” Members were instructed to:

Memorial Day is JUST around the corner, so we’ll be eating lots of fresh and light pasta dishes at picnics and summer parties! Inspiralize your favorite summer pasta or pasta salad and share with everyone!

Of course, If you haven’t entered already, check out the May Recipe Challenge: the theme is “Picnic Pasta (or Pasta Salad)”:

Check out the following recipes and vote (at the end) before Friday, June 6, 11:59pm EST.

May Recipe Challenge Entrants

NOTE: To find any of these recipes, go to the May Recipe Challenge forum.

Recipe #1: Italian Pasta Salad with Zucchini “Elbows”
Entrant: Rebecca A.

Inspiralized Community Challenge

Recipe #2: Simple Summer Spiralized Salad

Inspiralized Community Challenge

Recipe #3: Anchovy Noodle Mmmm-Umami Salad
Entrant: Alison M.

Since this entrant did not include a photo, here is the actual recipe, to help visualize:


2 medium to large zucchini1 2oz tin of anchovies in oil
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 cup of chopped parsley
½ a tsp freshly ground black pepper (optional)


1.  In a large pot, gently fry 2 crushed cloves of garlic in 1 tbsp of oil, then stir in a small tin of drained anchovies. (You can use oil from the anchovies to fry the garlic in – it will be infused with flavor.) Cook gently for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season with black pepper if desired, add the chopped parsley and stir it through. Turn off the heat and allow to cool.

2. Cut the 2 zucchini into halves and spiralize using blade A.

3. Stir the noodles into the anchovy dressing mixture, covering them thoroughly.

Recipe #4: Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad
Entrant: Hannah P.

Inspiralized Community Challenge

Recipe #5: Summer Broccoli & Carrot Slaw Salad
Entrant: Lauren B.

Inspiralized Community Challenge

Recipe #6: Spicy Asian Chicken Sesame Salad
Entrant: Theresa H.

Inspiralized Community Challenge

Recipe #7: Thai-ish Cucumber Salad
Entrant: PJ D.

Inspiralized Community Challenge

Now that y’all can’t wait for lunch to eat one of these delicious pasta salads, let’s go vote:


[poll id=”7″]

Thank you so much to all the participants and of course, to all of you who vote! I can’t wait to announce May’s winner and I look forward to what you all come up with for the June challenge!

The June Challenge:

Strawberries are prime for the picking in June! Make anything with your spiralizer and a fresh tin of strawberries.

Also, thank you to Udi’s Gluten Free for sponsoring the Inspiralized Community’s Recipe Challenge!

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Anonymous says:
Favorite thing to buy at the farmers market: blackberries!!
Victoria Reynolds says:
Favorite thing to buy at the farmers market: blackberries!!

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made the roasted veggie green enchiladas 🥑 from @thedefineddish cookbook and despite only buying one can of diced green chiles instead of four, it was amazing! 👏🏼 perfect cold day dinner 🥶 looking forward to cooking more from this cookbook! has anyone else made anything from it? what should we try next?? 👇🏼

#thedefineddish #defineddish #enchiladas #vegetariandinner #vegetarianmeals

we’re flying back to new jersey on friday and already starting to miss it here in florida ☀️ the weather’s nice, but I’ll most miss all the time spent with our family together 🙏🏼 for the past (almost) 2 years, we’ve spent a lot of time in florida with my family and that’s been the silver lining of the pandemic 🙏🏼 right now, my grandmother is here and that time is extra special. I don’t think I’d ever have the chance to be with her for this amount of time otherwise, and I am so, so grateful for it 👵🏼💓 photos by @karlakorn 📸 ...