New Cooking Video Series: Everyday Inspiralized

New Cooking Video Series: Everyday Inspiralized

New Cooking Video Series: Everyday Inspiralized

I’ve waited so long to say this.

My cooking series on YouTube premieres today and it’s called “Everyday Inspiralized with Ali Maffucci.”

Oh that felt so good to finally announce!

I’ve been wanting to start a cooking series on YouTube since the day I started Inspiralized. Why did it take me so long? Time and resources mainly, but I did what Marie Forleo says and I “scheduled by priorities” instead of “prioritizing my schedule” and I made the time. I pushed everything else aside to make time for these videos and now, here we are!

Recipe blog posts are great, but sometimes, photos don’t do the dish justice. The reader can’t see how fresh all of the ingredients are and how simply they come together.

Sure, I’ve had some cooking videos on our YouTube channel before, but they weren’t videos of me cooking a recipe from A to Z, talking through the entire process. They were cool videos with music and hyperlapsed cooking techniques.

Finally, I decided that it was time. I want to cook with all of you and show you exactly how to make some of my favorite spiralized recipes – and some new ones, too! No fancy editing, just me in my kitchen cooking, so hopefully you can cook alongside me in your own kitchen! Most importantly, the series is called “Everyday Inspiralized”, because I will be making recipes that you can easily make, well, every day.

And full disclosure: I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone with these videos. Constantly talking while cooking is no easy feat, but I’m up for the challenge, and I know I’ll get better with my on-camera presence and confidence. So, thank you for your patience as I fumble through these first few cooking videos.

Each video will be posted at 8pm on Tuesdays and go live on the blog the next day (Wednesday,) so if you want to get an e-mail reminder once they go live, make sure you subscribe to our channel.

Now, if you have any recipes on this blog that you’d like me to demonstrate in one of my episodes of “Everyday Inspiralized,” submit your requests below, and I’ll do my best to feature them.

[contact-form to=’’ subject=’Everyday Inspiralized – Request’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’What recipe would you like to see on a future episode of Everyday Inspiralized’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

Thank you always for your support, and I’m excited for this new stage for Inspiralized. I hope you love the cooking videos, and they show you that cooking #inspiralized can fit into your everyday, too.

Without further ado, welcome to “Everyday Inspiralized”! Watch the first episode now – and be sure to leave your comments, questions and feedback on YouTube:


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This is awesome! Congratulations!
Dorine King says:
You go girl!!! Great video. I'm making mine with steel-cut oats!
Barb says:
Just got spiralizer - bought the Paleo week plan. Looks awesome. I did notice the shopping list doesn't coincide with the prep list. Shopping has 1 zucchini - really need 2. Shopping says 1 large and 3 med. sweet potatoes - prep says 3 large. No biggies - I can sure figure it out. Thought you might like to know. I do community cookbooks and love when people comment. Thanks for the great ideas. Now, if I could just get spiraling cabbage to work. - I have to be doing something wrong.
Lauren says:
I am a RN doing telephone triage and work till 11pm. I get real hungry at about 10pm and this would be the perfect snack for me that is healthy and satisfying, like having a PB&J sandwich without the bread! I can spiralized the apple and put into a container. I have found a trick for keeping cut up apples fresh without browning. I know it works great with sliced apples, will have to experiment with spiralized apples. I cube the apple, put into a bowl and sprinkle sea salt over it, then cover with filtered water. Let sit for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly and put into a glass bowl with lid. I eat it 6 hours later and it does not go brown or just gets very slightly brown depending on the apple and how long it is in the bowl. No salt taste either!
Lisca says:
Thanks for the video. That would make a great breakfast on days when I go to the gym early.
Deb says:
Just wanted to let everyone know how good the book EATING IN THE MIDDLE is she uses everyday things you have in the kitchen just one thing do not have is goat cheese but the spice are just the regular ones you would have and so far everything taste great that I have tried and things are easy to make well worth every penny spent on book going to buy several for gifts
Adina Bambur says:
Seriously that looks spectacular. I'm drooling. Can't wait to try that in the morning. Its easy too because the ingredients are those we all have in the pantry. Thanks for making these, I love your snap videos but I always wish I could save them somehow. Now I can :)
Alicia says:
I love oatmeal. Sometimes I will put pieces of cooked sweet potato in mine to sweeten it. Your videos are the best!! I've watched all of them. So happy to hear you will be making more of them. Your recipes are awesome as well. XO

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