30 Ways to Appreciate & Enjoy Life a Little More, According to Me: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Instead of listing what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving (obviously that list...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Instead of listing what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving (obviously that list would include my family, my boyfriend, and my friends), I’m going to make a list of ways to slow down and appreciate the little things. It’s sort of like a zen bucket list.

Also, I’m thankful for everyone who has given their kind words regarding my newly released Inspiralized Cookbook! It’s the perfect starter guide for spiralizing, and I’m elated that people are snatching it up! Inspiralize someone this holiday. Click here to buy it! 

Back to the post. Sometimes, I feel like I’m going a million miles a minute, and I don’t stop to smell the roses. I’m stressed about blogging success, finding time for exercise, spending time with my friends, working on my relationship and trying not to feel discouraged when I fall off my “path.” Many worries, but none of them are dire. Just silly average every day worries that are really unnecessary.

I’m so fixated on to-do lists and achieving things, that sometimes I look up and two weeks have passed and I didn’t even realize it. Often, I ask myself “what day is it?”

Honestly, when I saw Halloween candy in the stores, I was like, “Wasn’t it just Labor Day?!

This list will serve as a reminder to appreciate every day, because you never know what could happen and it’s better to enjoy the little successes than stress about a big one. In the end, the little successes add up and you’ll feel silly that you worried all along.

30 Ways to a Happier and More Zen Me

  1. Spend a day shopping and don’t buy a thing, just try on everything and be happy just wearing it for that short moment.
  2. Write my friends hand-written notes.
  3. Spend a Sunday late morning reading the Sunday Times with Lu in a coffee shop, without our cell phones.
  4. Get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant, just for the sake of feeling like dynamite, not for any special occasion.
  5. Take 30 minutes each day to drink tea in my favorite mug and read non-foodie blogs.
  6. Make a Spotify playlist of great feel-good songs.
  7. Walk out my door without direction, just bundle up and go on a walk alone, listening to #6.
  8. Read one inspirational quote a day. Tweet it.
  9. Stroll through NYC with my camera, taking pictures of anything but food.
  10. Go running outside without listening to music and enjoy the sights and sounds, without distraction.
  11. Plan a surprise day date with Lu.
  12. Go to a bakery and get something absolutely decadent and wash it down with hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  13. Feel no guilt about #12.
  14. Give a meaningful stranger a compliment.
  15. Go dancing with a girlfriend.
  16. Bake something I’ve been meaning to make off of Pinterest and give it to my doormen.
  17. Spend a Saturday doing an arts and crafts project to help decorate for the holidays.
  18. Make a big cheese plate and have it with wine for dinner one night.
  19. Do an ab challenge for one month. Take a before and after picture and celebrate afterwards.
  20. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal each morning for one work week, make coffee and sit in our comfy chair and just look out the window and just write about anything that comes to mind in those 30 minutes.
  21. Put all of the clothes I never wear in a big bag and drop it off at Goodwill.
  22. Try meditation. Just once. I can do it.
  23. Have breakfast in bed one weekend morning with Lu in December.
  24. Go out of my way to help someone that needs it.
  25. Try stretching for 30 minutes after a long day.
  26. Take a bath. With wine, candles, bubbles and music.
  27. Go on a long drive somewhere scenic with Lu and enjoy the fall foliage.
  28. Develop a better relationship with my brother. Call, write and let him know that despite our differences, I love him and I’ll always be there for him.
  29. For December, before bed, write down one good thing that happened that day. Read it on January 1st and start 2014 off on the right foot.
  30. Call my friends more. Stop communicating solely through text, email, and social media. Make an effort to hear the voices of those I love.

What would you add to this list?

with love, Ali

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