A Spiralized Valentine's Day (New Video!)

A Spiralized Valentine’s Day (New Video!)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you feel sexiest in the kitchen...

A Spiralized Valentine's Day (New Video!)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you feel sexiest in the kitchen (I do!), then you’re probably whipping up your significant other something fabulous.

Whether you’re a guy trying to be romantic or a girl hosting her galentines – or something in between – I’ve got the perfect recipe for you.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie: my One Pot Basque Chicken with Red Potato Noodles.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Ali, you’ve already posted that! Give us something new!”

Well, this time, it’s a bit more special – I made a video for you that shows exactly how to make this recipe, because, let’s be honest – there’s nothing less sexy than fumbling around while you try to look flawless and confident in the kitchen.

Plus, we don’t want to make something that has a zillion steps and too many pots and pans. Who wants to do dishes after you masterfully prepare dinner? No one! Especially not me – I hate cleaning.

With this dish, you’ll spend more time with your date, drinking wine, enjoying food and getting ready to slow-dance in your apartment (or house) because after you eat Inspiralized, you never feel weighed down!

A Spiralized Valentine's Day (New Video!)

As you’ll see in this video, everything happens in one pan, it comes together quickly and it’s hearty enough to satisfy a man’s appetite (or a woman’s!) and it won’t leave you feeling overstuffed or bloated. You’ll have room for the best part…. dessert!

So, without further ado, here it is – how to make my One Pot Basque Chicken with Red Potato Noodles (and the music is kinda romantic, if I do say so myself!)

Now, my biggest tip for hosting a romantic Valentine’s Day for a loved one is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Chop, mince, spiralize, dice, grate, peel every possible item on your menu beforehand so that when your date arrives (or comes home), you basically just need to follow the instructions of a recipe.

Have the table settings set, have the wine corked, have the glasses out, and have the music already playing (it’s fun to dance around yourself while you’re getting ready anyway!)

Just remember – if you prepare this recipe in advance, make sure to submerge the potato noodles in a bowl of cold water so they don’t brown. When you’re ready to use them, just drain them into a colander, pat dry and they’re ready to use!

My favorite way to make things feel special when cooking for Lu on an intimate dinner night? This trendy apron – it basically doubles as a maxi skirt, so you feel chic while keeping clean. I find that many aprons make me feel frumpy – not this one. It’s great for hosting dinner parties too, you’ll totally look like that flawless hostess!

What are you making this Valentine’s Day? Will you be Inspiralizing your date?


with love, Ali

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  • What a fun idea! Josh usually does a lot of the cooking in our house. I'd love to return the favor! And what a cute apron!
    • I bet he would love that! I make Lu do the dishes, that's our "agreement" :)
  • Sounds delicious, Ali. I've been using your blog for dinner recipes now for a few weeks and I'm just loving it. So fun!
    • Thank you so much! I'm so happy to see you're spiralizing !
  • This is a great dish and if you are lucky enough to have leftovers they are even better the next day!
  • I have to tell you. I made this just a few weeks ago and felt like it was missing something. About halfway through, I had a EUREKA! moment and realized that this would be REALLY great with just one or two strips of bacon crinkled up in it. It was a good dish but needed some kind of flavor bomb to MAKE it. Thanks for being so awesome, Ali!
  • You look so adorable in these videos! I LOVE your shirt... where is it from?!
      • Awesome, thanks! I need to find more fun tops like that :)
  • This looks so good ..I think I will try this for Valentine's day. I also entered for chia seeds & I loveto sprinkle them over my yogurt.
  • I'm excited to make this! A one pot dish is my favorite with a busy family running around!
  • I like adding chia seeds to smoothies!
  • Where is the recipe?
    • I found it. Sorry bout that.
  • I make chia seed pudding with 1/2 cup soy milk, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, and 1 tablespoon chia seeds.
  • I'm new to using chia seeds but not with Bob's Red Mills products. I'm looking forward to learning ways to use these nutritious seeds. Thanks for expanding my horizons!
  • I love your healthy recipes, I have become a big fan of yours and even pre-ordered your book, but I noticed in your video you show how you chop everything in your recipe except spiralizing your noodles. I specifically found your site to further my abilities to spiralize and lets face it, spiralizing is not perfect every time at least for me. Would you mind not editing that part out of your video next time? I know it sounds silly but if your willing to show us how to cut the vegetables and chicken, could you show us how you are spiralizing the red potato? Thanks so much and please keep up the amazing work you are doing.
    • Jennifer, yes, I will try to include it in future videos! I have videos on how to spiralize all different veggies, have you seen those?
      • Yes Ali I have seen your wonderful videos which is what started me interested in your great blog since I had just bought a spiralizer and was looking for a tutorial plus recipe ideas, and you had both. I just thought if you were to show how to chop an onion and a red pepper which most of us know how to do, you would also show yourself spiralizing your food especially since your blogs foundation is spiralizing. I guess it's not necessary since you have that video people can go to, but I just thought it might be helpful to see you spiralize for that particular recipe since it is an art and that way people like myself don't have to stop working on your recipe and take the time to look up your video that might be using a different veggie and or blade. It was just a suggestion, otherwise I just love your recipes and look forward to your daily emails, especially your upcoming book.
        • I love the suggestion! Sorry if I came off like I wasn't supportive! In my March videos, they'll be feauturing more spiralizing! Thanks :)
          • That would be awesome Ali. Thanks! I look forward to watching them and the great job you and your husband are doing.
  • throw them in my smoothies and on top of salads
  • I can't find the video - all I see is the recipe.
  • I love adding chia seeds to my smoothies and would definitely make a big batch of chocolate chi pudding!
  • The flavor combination looks great and one pot, who can go wrong. As for chia seeds , they are a daily stable in this house.
  • Chia fresca!!
  • I love your videos, I usually learn something everytime. Did you and Lu make this one? You two are becoming quite the videographers! I started spirilizing this week, I have made the avocado collard wrap, spinach feta chicken bowl and foil fajitas. All of the recipes have been soooo tasty and FILLING!! I may try this one next, Thank for the recipes, keep them coming. Have a great weekend.
    • Thank you so much! Unfortunately, we did not make this one - but hope to make something this beautiful one day! So happy you're liking the recipes :)
  • i would add them to smoothies
    • I'm new to chia seeds but would try them in muffins, my yogurt and other recipes that I use flax seed! Fun trying new things!!!
  • I'm not a huge olive fan, any suggestions on a sub? :)
    • Artichokes? Capers?
  • I've tried using them in no-bake energy bars - they work great! I also like them in smoothies, of course!!!
  • Hello. Love your blog! Can I ask where you bought that really pretty pink blouse with the flowers in your recent picture? Thanks!
  • Great video, Ali! You did such an awesome job. :)
  • Big Thank You...really enjoyed this. Made a few changes as my husband is not able to eat onions and red peppers so chopped portebello mushrooms and broccoli. The cherry tomatoes and garlic are wonderful for adding so much flavour. This will be going on a weekly rotation.
  • I'm just catching up on your recent posts now. Love the video! My favorite part is taking the scissors and trimming the noodles at the end! Never thought of that and have just been trying to cut them in the pan. So smart!!