Happy Veterans Day + Minted Giveaway

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Today, we’re celebrating our veterans today with a 15% off sale on the Inspiralizer.

Also, we’ll be having a blog post tomorrow AND Friday.

Why? I dropped the ball today on a new video.

Since I’m all about honesty, my goal was to wake up and film a quick video for today’s post, but Lu and I went to Queen of the Night last night in NYC and I underestimated how fun it would be. Needless to say, I woke up late today and didn’t have time to make that video.

Tomorrow, there will be a new video up on the blog. I’ll be posting it tonight. Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, so that you get an e-mail when I post it, and then you don’t have to wait until tomorrow’s post to see it!

Veteran’s Day Sale


Yes, today we’re offering 15% off the Inspiralizer with coupon code “VETERANS15”. Just enter that into the coupon field upon checkout and you’ll receive 15% off the Inspiralizer. This offer isn’t valid on the package deal or the cookbook, only the Inspiralizer.

Thank you to our veterans for making things like this blog possible – your services make American dreams a reality, every day. Actually, I’m honored to say that this sale was actually requested by a veteran who reads this blog.

For those of you who are curious about future sales, the last one that we will have for this year will be Cyber Monday!

Minted Giveaway

Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was have a family and send out holiday cards. This is ironic, because my parents never sent out holiday cards, ever. We never took family photos just for the sake of the “holiday card.”

Whenever I’d see my friends arrive, I loved looking at the happy family – it was just such an exciting way to spread the holiday cheer.

Minted Giveaway Inspiralized.com

Needless to say, the second I got engaged I thought, “YES! I can send out holiday cards next year!”

For those of you who are also obsessed with holiday cards or need some business stationary, invites or anything else of that nature, I recommend Minted. You probably already know that I used them for our Save the Dates and I’ve used them a lot in the past. Minted is quick, easy, affordable and has so many great designs.

Minted Giveaway Inspiralized.com

Although I clearly chose the ones picture above and below, I had some trouble deciding! I was also into this one, this one and this one. Also, if you’re into foil, they’re offering 20% off all foil-pressed holiday cards until Monday, November 16th.

In honor of spreading that holiday cheer, Minted is offering a $250 gift card (to Minted.com) for one lucky reader! To enter, simply use the widget below. Giveaway ends 5pm EST on Friday, November 13.

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  1. Love this! I never send out holiday cards, but this year I've been thinking I want to! xoxoo
  2. Just got your cookbook a few days ago and am loving it!!! During the holidays, I always participate in the 'Angel Tree' and buy gifts for one or two kids in families that are struggling. As a child my parents had to do this one year that my dad lost his job and my mom was prego with my little sister - I didn't find out until many years later, but was so thankful someone else out there was willing to share in the holidays with our family!
  3. i love decorating for the holidays! and even at work :)
  4. We go Christmas caroling through our neighborhood. I started many neighborhoods ago when I was five. This year I'm taking my one year old too!
  5. I always give baked goodies to the neighbors, friends, family, and teachers!
  6. homemade gifts
  7. What a wonderful photo! I would love to win this as it has been a few years of no photo cards for us as it was out of the budget. Fingers crossed!
  8. Spending time with family and friends
  9. Congratulations! They look gorgeous :) Happy holidays!
  10. I love listening to Christmas music....especially since I live abroad and it's not an everyday thing like it is in the US. :)
  11. Spread holiday cheer by sending a minted card of course! :)
  12. I love to spread the cheer by adopting a family for Christmas.
  13. This is a great idea for a giveaway! And congrads on the wedding by the way!
  14. I love to bake cookies with the kids and give them to the neighbors! I also remind my kids (and myself) to be thankful for what we have. Thank you for the chance to win. Julie [email protected]
  15. I love baking and bringing it in to all my co-workers as well as sharing it with all my family and friends. Some people just don't like to bake, and I do! So why not share some holiday treats with everyone!
  16. my roommate and i host an annual christmas party and it is such a highlight of the year!
  17. I love baking cookies to share! demureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com
  18. I like to go out for a fun lunch with my good friends.
  19. By making and sharing cookies!
  20. Those are STUNNING!!! What a fantastic giveaway. Thanks for hosting.
  21. Not engaged or married, but I love sending holiday cards!! Your wedding photos are to die for. Such a beautiful couple and I'm so happy you've shared with us.
  22. I love making baked goods for friends and neighbors.
  23. I love to spread cheer by spending time with those I care about and being kind to everyone.
  24. The holidays are usually a difficult time for me so I don't have a whole lot of cheer to share, but I do try to give homemade gifts whenever possible--jams, baked goods, candy, etc., which the recipients always seem to enjoy.
  25. I try to make a sweet dessert or appetizer for my co-workers.
  26. holiday cookies and the christmas tree!
  27. I like to spread holiday cheer with spiced cookies!
  28. I always have good intentions of sending out cards. Maybe this will be the year of making it happen!
  29. Love spreading cheer, making goodies and surprising someone


  1. […] used them for a lot of my wedding stationary (for example, our Save The Dates) and I used them for last year’s holiday cards. They have the best designs, their customer service is amazing, and they offer time saving features […]

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