Video: How to Make Coconut Bacon (Vegan!)

Video: How to Make Coconut Bacon (Vegan!)

Coconut bacon’s on repeat over here at Inspiralized. I toss it in salads, use it...

Video: How to Make Coconut Bacon (Vegan!)

Coconut bacon’s on repeat over here at Inspiralized.

I toss it in salads, use it as a bacon alternative in spiralized pasta, add it to quinoa bowls and sprinkle it over avocado toast.

But, how do I make it?

I’ve gotten so many questions on how I make coconut bacon and what it is exactly, so I decided to put together a quick how-to video.

Once you make your own coconut bacon, you’ll never go back. Of course, there are some brands that make pretty decent coconut bacon. But, it’s so much better homemade and it’s SO easy to make (as you’ll see in the video.)

If you’re not sure where to get liquid smoke, there’s always Amazon. This is the brand I use and it’s hickory flavored!

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Video: How to Make Coconut Bacon (Vegan!)

Nutrition Talk

During this week’s module, they focused on healing with whole foods. There was discussions about rural Asian medicine compared to American, the importance of air and water, taking vitamins, and medicines. I felt that I was aware of mostly everything that was discussed, but I definitely picked up some interesting tidbits I want to share.

Beans and digestion

I eat a lot of beans. I also “toot” a lot and often feel bloated and used to get somewhat frequent stomach cramps. I’ve never tried any elimination dieting or anything like that, but after this week’s module, I’m going to try eliminating beans and seeing how I feel. Many people don’t digest legumes well. There’s a way to help aid the digestion of beans/legumes though, which is soaking and sprouting them. By doing this, you’ll soften the skin, which apparently is a big factor in aiding digestion.

Water and our bodies

The oldest trick in the book is to “drink more water” when embarking on a healthy lifestyle. However, I didn’t know that the human brain was 85% water! NO wonder dehydration can cause headaches, digestive problems and even backaches! If we deprive our brains of water, of course there will be issues. I’m very good about drinking copious amounts of water during the day – apparently, the average woman is supposed to drink 9 cups of water a day (which varies based on your own eating habits, activity levels, etc.) I’m definitely not great about drinking water when I’m out of the apartment, so I’m adding that to the below actionables.

Week’s actionables

  • Try sprouting beans and then if that doesn’t help, eliminate them for a couple of weeks
  • Drink more water when I’m out of the house
What do you think of this week’s Nutrition Talk?

In case you missed a previous ​Nutritional Talk, every week, I’ll be sharing some takeaways from the courses I’m taking at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. If you’d like to start Nutrition School, IIN is offering anyone who signs up through Inspiralized a hefty discount off tuition. To learn more, click here. Disclaimer: While IIN has offered these courses complimentarily to me, I have not been compensated in any other way and all opinions are always my own.

with love, Ali

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  • What type of liquid smoke do you use? and where do you get it? Liquid smoke is completely new to me and I want to try to make this! Thanks Caitlin
    • You should be able to find liquid smoke in your supermarket. Not sure if it's hickory flavored or not, I haven't bought any in years...
    • I have the link to the one that I use in the description of the video!
      • Oh duh!! Thank you :)
  • That coconut bacon looks outrageously tasty! I can't wait to try making some. I'd never heard of the IIN; I'm definitely interested any takeaways you choose to share. FYI, the first IIN link is missing a leading "w" and will not work as posted.
  • I know this is probably a dumb question, but does coconut bacon taste like coconut? I'm not so much a fan of coconut, so I'm a little afraid to try it.
    • No, the flavors of the soy sauce, liquid smoke and maple syrup mask the coconut. And try it! You'll never know unless you do.
  • The pictures are so beautiful. What a stunning couple !
  • I didn't even know coconut bacon was a thing! This looks awesome! Also never heard of liquid smoke...are there any particular brands? What aisle in the supermarket could you find something like that? Is it with sauces, etc.?
    • I have the link to the one that I use in the description of the video!
  • It's so unfortunate about some of the stomach discomfort that can come from beans, especially given their healthy benefits. I have seen vegan clients who rely heavily on beans for protein in the diet take a charcoal supplement and have a lot of relief from gas and bloating. Something to consider for those of us who love beans :-)
  • Yum, I'll have to give this a try!
  • Can't wait to try! :D
  • Hi - I'm not keen on smokey flavours. What would you suggest as an alternative to the liquid smoke? Would love to try this with the avocado. Thanks
  • How do you store it? In fridge, out of fridge and how long does it last?
  • Brilliant totally brilliant. We don't do bacon because of food sensitivities, this is so beyond wonderful. I tell everyone about your product. Off to Natural Grocers.. Cant wait for tomorrow's recipe.. Hugz
  • This is one of the best kept secrets! Try this recipe for Coconut will not be disappointed. Keeps in the fridge for a long time and still every bit as good as the first day. Thanks for posting this one.
  • I've been waiting for this video!! Every nutrition talk makes me want to enroll in IIN more and more once I'm done with college. Love it!
  • Do you have the nutritional breakdown?
  • Looks interesting. 1. Is it written out anywhere? 2. How long will it stay fresh? 3. Does it need to be refrigerated? Thank you.
  • So sorry to hear about your tummy issues. Have you tried Beano? It works for me!
  • i have cut out most beans unless they are soaked or cooked for a long time like a soup! its hard because hummus is such an easy afternoon snack but its so hard.
  • I so love cooking for people and I'm going to add coconut bacon to the list of things to make them.
  • Hi - can anyone suggest an alternative to the liquid smoke as I am not a fan of smokey tasting food, thanks?
  • Sweetened coconut flakes? That's all the grocery store had, but wasn't sure that sounded right?
  • About the beans thing, First I removed wheat from my diet. That turned out to be much of the real problem. I started taking some high quality probiotics after taking antibiotics for pneumonia. I just returned from a week of a bean diet in Mexico and no toots. Good diet, good gut flora and no more problems.
  • Could you one day actually type up a printable recipe ... I would like to add it to my recipe box - I know I know - totally old school!!!
    • All recipes are printable! This recipe can be printed here:
      • perfect! thanks ... off to the printer.