How to Make Rice From Vegetables (Inspiralized Rice!)

One of the most exciting parts of being a food blogger, for me at least,...

How to Make Spiralized Rice by Inspiralized One of the most exciting parts of being a food blogger, for me at least, is seeing readers recreate my dishes. Some make the recipes exactly as I write them and some readers alter them to either fit their preferences. Sometimes, I even look at a recreated recipe and think, “Oh – I bet that tastes better!”

My favorite recipe to see “recreated” is my Inspiralized Rice. I’ve posted a few recipes using the rice. First, it was the risotto with asparagus and peas. Since then, I’ve done stuffed peppers, teriyaki chicken and broccoli, spanish rice with ham and a few others.


For the record, I look at 90% of pictures tagged @Inspiralized, #Inspiralized or #GetInspiralized on Instagram. The other 10% is from not being able to see a picture if the user is private (which many of you are!) I’ll see an alert pop up and I’ll get all giddy to see it and then my Instagram will prompt me “Cannot load,” because they are private.

Check out all of these beautiful Inspiralized rice dishes, tagged on Instagram:








I’m always humbled that so many people (at least as I can see on Instagram) have attempted my recipes. Thank you for all of your support, enthusiasm and kindness!  For those of you who haven’t tried the rice just yet, here’s a video on how to do it!

Also, there’s more information in my eBook, now available as a PDF.

If you prefer Vimeo:

If you prefer YouTube:

with love, Ali

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  • HI Ali, I had never heard of a spiralizer until my daughter told me about your blog. So I am now a follower. Cheers to you! Charlotte
  • Hi, I tried spiraling butternut squash last night to make the rice, but it didn't work so well. I cut the squash into smaller, manageable pieces, but they just collapsed on the spiralizer. Also, I wasn't sure how to handle the part with the hole where the seeds had been. Do you have some helpful tips or perhaps a video on spiraling a butternut squash? Thanks!
    • Of course - go to for a video on how to spiralize a butternut squash!