How to Make Spiralized Rice

How to Make Spiralized Rice
Spiralized rice is simply, rice made from spiralized vegetables. This “spiralized rice” can be used in place of regular rice and grains in your favorite originals. For example, you can make fried “sweet potato” rice and pesto “turnip” rice. The possibilities are endless – and delicious!

If you do make spiralized rice, make sure to hashtag and share your creation using: #spiralizedrice!

Which Spiralized Vegetables Can be “Riced”

All vegetables can be “riced” except for cucumbers – their water content is just too high. Fruits can’t be “riced” either.

How to Make Spiralized Rice

1. Place your spiralized vegetables into a food processor.

How to Make Spiralized Rice -

2. Pulse gently until rice-like, about 5 seconds.

How to Make Spiralized Rice -

How to Spiralized Rice – Video

How to Cook Spiralized Rice

Now that you have your spiralized rice, what do you do with it? There are a few ways you can prepare your spiralized rice dishes:

  • Have it raw (best with zucchini, daikon radish, carrot, beet)
  • Saute it (best with all vegetables)
  • Simmer it in a soup or slow cooker
  • Steam it (don’t recommend, because it easily becomes mushy)
  • Bake it (as in a casserole, frittata or dessert)

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