How To Spiralize Cantaloupe (Video)

How To Spiralize Cantaloupe (Video)

You might have caught me spiralize a cantaloupe over on Instagram a few times, but...

How To Spiralize Cantaloupe (Video)

You might have caught me spiralize a cantaloupe over on Instagram a few times, but if you’re not on Insta or missed it, let me be the first to tell you: you CAN spiralize cantaloupe!

I’ve been craving a lot of cantaloupe in this pregnancy, so spiralized cantaloupe has been on my mind a lot.

I have a fun recipe coming your way next week (Tuesday, to be exact), but in the meantime, here’s a video on how to spiralize cantaloupe!

The trick is to scoop out the seeds a quarter of the way through. Start spiralizing a peeled cantaloupe and then once you notice the seeds are starting to show, take the cantaloupe off the Inspiralizer and scoop out the seeds. After all the seeds are removed, center the cantaloupe back on the Inspiralizer and keep spiralizing!

I like blades B and C best on the Inspiralizer for making cantaloupe noodles – but experiment and do what works best for whatever you’re making!

Here’s the video – and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for alerts when new videos are posted:


with love, Ali

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  • I was a lapsed inspiralizer. I had other interests and shortly after Ali's wedding I kind of drifted away. However for mother's day I received your new cook book from my son and now I am back. I bought your spiralizer. I have difficulty securing it to the counter, but if I wet the foot, it works better. I have a specific question about working with jicama. Using blade D sometimes acts like blade A and the vegetable is so brittle, that when I am trying to separate the strands, it snaps. Any advice?
    • Annette, the suction is the best part of the Inspiralizer, you may be using it improperly - same with the Blade alignment sounds like you're using it wrong. Watch this video: and if you're still having issues, contact! Thanks.
  • Before you clamp down the feet of the Inspiralizer, lean on it with your hand on the middle base, that will give it suction to drop the feet and secure to spiralizer.
  • Us Arizonan's have had summer come starting in the middle of May. I buy a lot of organic Cantalope at my Farmers Market. I usually cut it up in 1/4 inch pieces and immediately freeze. Then take cereal bowel and fill it half full; add 1 tablespoon organic ground flaxmeal seed and a few heavy shakerful of organic ground cinimmon. Let it thaw over nite in fridge; then add my organic extra thick steel cut hot oatmeal. Now that I have seen how you spiralized the cantalope on your and my inspiralizer; I will give it a whirl and freeze them. That was really cool. I enjoy useing your spiralizer; I make a lot of mediterainin salads, using butta,summer and zuccini squash; orange,yellow and purple carrots and a lot of other veggies.
  • Hi Ali. I am from Canada and receive your e-mail regularly. You once had a sale on your inspiralizer and a cook. I wanted to order but my computer got a virus and I had to take it to get fixed. I have one of the knock off machines and find it annoying at times. Do you have a distributor in Canada? If not, please e-mail me how to obtain your machine and a book and the cost. Thank you
    • We usually ship via - but we are currently out of stock. We will let everyone know when we have them back for sale in your area. We appreciate your support!
  • Hi Alli, What holds the cantaloupe in place once you put the hollowed out end back to continue spiralizing if that metal "post" has nothing to attach to?
    • When you push forward on your side handle, the melon makes contact with the main blades and continues to cut!
  • This didn't work out well for me. The teeth on the handle couldn't grip the melon well enough. Maybe the melon was too soft? Next time I will keep a little skin on the end for the teeth to grip better. Love this idea and looking forward to making it work!
  • wao excellent taste. Next time I will keep a little skin on the end for the teeth. Love this idea and looking forward to other for better progress.