How to Spiralize Onions

How to Spiralize Onions

It’s Thursday, which means…… a new video! Today, we’re learning how to spiralize onions! After...

How to Spiralize Onions

It’s Thursday, which means…… a new video!

Today, we’re learning how to spiralize onions! After you watch this video, you’ll probably never dice another onion ever again (it’s that easy!)

The only rule? Use Blade A! Find out about the blade labeling here.

Spiralizing onions is great for a few reasons:

  • It’s easy and quick,
  • Onions don’t leave much residue on the spiralizer, so it’s a breezy cleanup,
  • It uses more of the onion, so there’s less waste, and
  • It’s pretty 🙂

Don’t believe me? Watch my latest video and make sure you subscribe to the Inspiralized YouTube channel!

Have you tried spiralizing onions yet?

with love, Ali

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  • Do you find you still tear up after spiralizing them? I have a horrible time dicing onions. I always end up crying. Will definitely try spiralizing (though I'll probably still be crying! LOL).
  • Where are the recipes using spiraled onions? I tried to find them but only got a repeat of the "how to". Thank you!
    • You can check them out here:
  • Beautiful! Have you tried it with white or yellow onions, too? I love to make a simple "slaw" with onions and cukes, and now that I can spiralize both, it will be fantastic! Yay!
  • Question: On the "how to spiralize onions video" it says to use blade A. But on your Cucumber Salad with Feta and Onions recipe, you say to use blade C on the onions. However, the onions looks the same as in the "how to" video. Isn't blade A for ribbons? Maybe it works different on spiralizing onions because of they way they grow in layers? I just got my spiralizer on Monday, so I'm still learning.
  • I did this a when making pickled onions for tacos. I didn't want the long spaghetti spirals so I cut through to the center of the onion on one side. Created perfect cut rings!
    • I tried this and it fell apart. Any tips? Thats what I would love to do when spiraling my onions.
      • What kind of spiralizer do you have? What happened?
        • I have the Paderno 4 blade. I was using the straight blade, and cut a slit on one side of the onion to get slices instead of strings. But the outer layers just completely fell off/apart.
  • Onion pakoras! I know, fried is not the most healthy choice..but those little strings are so perfect, crunchy and delicious. Love the cookbook and new inspiralizer!!
  • Just got the cookbook! Enjoying that, tried the potato buns! Not a big success but will try again ~ still waiting for my spiralizer! (I used my old one, and not sure of blade size/use)! It's so much fun though !
  • hi! just received my new spiralizer today. another onion question: does it matter which end is centered to go thru the blades first? and which blade is used in this video? thnx! :)
  • This is a great idea for all the Vidalia onions we eat in the South during the summer. Yummy!
  • I spiralized onions for soup last night, and it worked so well. The onion pieces were smaller than I could ever have chopped, and I didn't cry.