Inspiralized Littles Baby Led Weaning eCookbook

Inspiralized Littles: eCookbook for Baby Led Weaning

A collaborative eCookbook between Feeding Littles and Inspiralized Littles for baby led weaning, full of 14 healthy and delicious recipes that parents and kids will love, too! 

Inspiralized Littles Baby Led Weaning eCookbook

It’s finally here! Inspiralized Kids has teamed up with Feeding Littles to bring you our eCookbook, Inspiralized Littles: Healthy and Delicious Recipes For Baby Led Weaning That Parents and Kids Will Love, Too!

It can be yours for just $5.99 (and use code LAUNCH today only for 10% off your purchase!)

First, let’s talk about why I decided to write this mini eCookbook. I’m calling it mini, because it’s only 14 recipes, but the recipes are all ones you’re going to love and incorporate into your weekly meal rotation!

I wrote this cookbook, because I couldn’t find a good resource for making meals that truly satisfied all palates, from parents to babies. What I found was many cookbooks for kid food – food that, yes, adults could eat too, but not that we’d want to eat! The seasonings weren’t exceptional, the ingredients were boring, and they weren’t even full meals (I can’t just eat a fritter for dinner!)

Inspiralized Littles Baby Led Weaning eCookbook

I wanted a cookbook with meals that were geared towards adults, but with instructions on how to plate and feed it to a baby. That didn’t exist – but it does now! Since I am not a nutritionist or an infant feeding specialist, I didn’t feel comfortable writing recipes without that expertise, since there is a lot of safety and nutrition concerns involved in feeding little ones.

That’s where the Feeding Littles team come in! Feeding Littles is made up of two incredible women: Judy Delaware, an Occupational Therapist and Megan McNamee, Registered Dietician and Infant/Toddler Feeding Therapist! Between the two of them, they have you covered with everything you need to know about safely and healthfully feeding your little ones.

I’ve got the recipes, they’ve got the expertise in feeding little ones! Together, we’ve created a delicious and informative resource for baby led weaning, that parents and kids will love, too!

Inspiralized Littles Baby Led Weaning eCookbook

Inside, you’ll find:

  • 14 healthy and delicious recipes (divided between breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Photos of every recipe PLUS a photo of a suggested way to plate the recipe for baby
  • Tips on each recipe from Feeding Littles (infant and toddler feeding specialists!)
  • Brief introduction to baby led weaning by Feeding Littles
  • Starter list of vegetables and fruits

What are you waiting for? Download today – it can be yours for just $5.99 (and use code LAUNCH for 10% off today only!) You’ll be able to download it instantly after purchase.

And make sure to use the hashtag #inspiralizedlittles when you make meals from this eCookbook!

Here’s Luca and I making the 20 Minute Blender Muffins from the eCookbook:


with love, Ali

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