Launch: The Inspiralized Community

The Inspiralized Community

The Inspiralized Community

I’m beyond thrilled to announce the launch of The Inspiralized Community

I’ve been slowly releasing it to some of my social media followers (via Facebook, Instagram and my mailing list) and today, it’s officially launched and now available to everyone! 

Come take a look inside and then, of course, join the community (it’s free!)

Why launch a community?

After so much activity on my Instagram and the kind notes I’ve received from readers, I decided it was time to bring you all together and build a community where you can interact and swap ideas.

I’ve seen so many amazing recipes posted on my Facebook wall and hashtagged (#inspiralized) on Instagram, I thought there should be a spot where all of you could come together and share!  

What is The Inspiralized Community?

This is a community for all lovers of spiralizing to join together in one place. You’ll be able to share recipes with others, talk with those who have similar diet preferences as you and even join special-interest groups to get advice and inspiration from other members. 

I’ll be reading through all of the forums, messages, posts and groups! I’ll be an active member, so expect to see me around, answering your questions and chiming in (aside from my daily updates).

How do I access the Community?

After you sign up, you can always get to the community by typing into your browser:!

Also, as of today, there will always be a link to it on the navigation bar at the top of the site.

What’s inside the Community?

Daily updates by me, which will include special announcements, updates from the blog and in the future, special giveaways and exclusive content such as videos and recipes! Also, I’ll be featuring members (with interviews!), groups and other content. 

The Inspiralized Community

Forums with topics for discussion such as “What’s for Dinner?”, “Ask Ali!” and of course, a forum for posting recipes. This is your chance to talk with others who are Inspiralized! You’ll be able to start your own forum topics.

The Inspiralized Community

Members section to friend and message with other members and perhaps organize meetups with other Inspiralized members who live near you! You can friend other members, message them and view their activity feeds. Note: last names have been blocked out for privacy!

The Inspiralized Community 

You can also comment on each others’ walls, send private messages and “like” their posts. By clicking on “My Page” you can see your own profile, as a member of the community!

The Inspiralized Community

Groups to join as a way for members to band together that have special interests, such as “Inspiralized for Weight Loss” or “Paleo & Inspiralized” or “Inspiralized Mommies. You can start your own group at any time and bring other members with similar interests together!

The Inspiralized Community

Recipe challenges each month with special themes. March’s theme is “The Perfect Spring Pasta.” With these challenges, members have one month to submit their recipe (with a picture!) and then be featured on the community and the blog ( where readers will then vote on the winning recipes! The winning recipe will then be recreated and photographed by me and featured in a blog post. I’m looking most forward to this! 

The Inspiralized Community

Are you ready to get Inspiralized with others? Then join the community today! Make sure to save to your bookmarks. 

Also, in honor of my community launching, I’m offering a 35% discount off of my e-cookbook! To purchase, enter the code “LAUNCH35” on checkout- offer expires at midnight, EST!

Add to CartAre you joining the community? See you over there!

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Emily H says:
So excited to join this!! What a great idea. It's blocked on my work computer, so I'll have to take a look when I get home :)
Ali, congrats on launching the Inspiralized community, this is AWESOME !! I am so impressed with what you're building around your blog and the spiralizer! Keep up the good work, you truly are an inspiration!

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