sports bra problem-solution (big bust edition)

1 The Standout by Victoria’s Secret / 2 Enell High Impact Sports Bra something I’ve...

1 The Standout by Victoria’s Secret / 2 Enell High Impact Sports Bra

something I’ve “struggled” with my whole life is having a big bust. I know, I knowww – “ali, that’s not a problem – that’s a blessing!”

well, if you’re a gal like me who had DD & beyond bust size since the 8th grade, you know that it’s more of a hassle than anything – and that’s a whole separate rant and post for another day. today, I address just one of the many hassles: sports bras.

these days, I find that athletic wear companies are designing cooler, more fashion-forward workout gear – which is awesome! I don’t think I actually own a simple pair of black yoga pants anymore – everything has a pattern, a funky design or a splash of neon color.

unfortunately, this trend hasn’t hit the DD+ sports bra department. if you want your most precious ladies staying securely in place and supported, you’re going to have to accept that, essentially, you’ll be wearing a harness around your rib cage that not only slightly suffocates you, but also makes it impossible to wear any remotely cute tops.

come to think of it, they should make a “granny panties” equivalent for sports bras. no disrespect to grannies, I LOVE my grammy!

now, if you’re not doing any bouncy workouts (ie interval sprints, running or jump roping), I do have great news – there’s a sports bra that comes in pretty colors (yay!) thats also supportive for moderately high exercising (think: spinning and HIIT.)

that’s the Victoria’s Secret “The Standout“. I own it in every single color. it’s supportive enough where I can wear it during spinning and comfortable enough where I can wear it while I’m running errands (not literally running, of course.) you can proudly brave the shirtless workout look without feeling embarrassed, wearing what seems like a torture device.

now, if you are doing those bouncy workouts and don’t want your melons flopping all over the place, I love the Enell High Impact Sports Bra. yes, it may take you 34 minutes to tuck those bad boys in and release them (there are literally 10 clasps to suck you in), but ladies – it’s totally worth it, those puppies aren’t moving a quarter of an inch while you run.

for those of you who are big chested, what are your favorite high, medium and low impact sports bras?

with love, Ali

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