what I’m into right now – 12.19.16

this weekend….

…Friday we had a birthday double-header. we started at Sammy Roumanian’s near the Lower East Side, which was a trip – it’s a classic Jewish comfort food joint (no frills), where they literally bring a bottle of vodka to your table that’s been frozen on ice. it’s quite the party – people dance around the restaurant, it’s extremely festive, but the food is atrocious. after dinner, we headed to Williamsburg (in Brooklyn) to a beer garden to celebrate my college friend’s 30 birthday. we were there for a couple of hours and then went back into Manhattan to Webster Hall for a 90s theme dance party.

…NEEDLESS to say, I did absolutely nothing on Saturday (see above photo.) we laid around, cleaned the apartment, wrapped some more presents, watched Westworld (having a hard time staying committed), and then my friend Cassidy came over and we went to dinner nearby, where we also met up with my sister and her boyfriend.

…Sunday was spent with Lu’s brother in Westfield, NJ. we spent time with our adorable niece, exchanged Christmas gifts. we drove back to Jersey City, ordered sushi and finished our holiday cards, FINALLY.

what I’m into RN…

I’ve been all about the collagen lately, ever since I realized I woke up and had fine lines under my eyes. I’m using lots of collagen products and loving this collagen powder that I’m adding to my morning smoothies.

trying to do less gel manicures in 2017, and my sister swears by this gel top coat. going to try it!

got this one piece in the mail this weekend and it’s SO flattering. can’t wait to sport it on the beach!

I’ve been getting more into IG stories because I like how you have the ability to tag people, but I also kinda want Snapchat’s Spectacles. has anyone tried them?

if you’re struggling to narrow down your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a great list to peruse.

absolutely obsessed.

see you in the New Year!

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