the best sports bra for big busts and other favorite workout gear


yes, I am talking about gear for big busts again! first, it was my secret to wearing backless tops, then it was my favorite strapless bra, and now, it’s my most recent discovery: THE.BEST.SPORTS.BRA. (for big busts.)

I haven’t found any fashion or lifestyle bloggers that do high-impact exercise and have a big bust (like, D+++). no one talks about having a big bust and being an athlete, like, ever. it’s a bummer, because it makes the resources very limited for us with big busts who like to run, jump, and do other activities that stress our chests.

alas, I’m here, sharing my new secret (literally, I just ordered this bra off Amazon, so I’m super excited – I just bought FIVE more!)

The best sports bra for big busts is… The Panache Underwire Ultimate Sports Bra!

seriously, guys. not to get too graphic, but your bubbies won’t budge in this bra. it’ll keep them perky, not squished like a uni-boob (I’ve been there – oh, have I been there) and it doesn’t chafe AT ALL. the straps are supportive and don’t dig into your skin, the fabric is sweat friendly, and they have some fun colors (like I said, I bought five off Amazon.)

I went on a 4.6 mile run yesterday with this bad boy on and I felt like I had breast implants they stayed in place so well! I can’t wait to do my HIIT routine that includes jumping jacks with this bra – my life has changed.

workout gear favorites

aside from the Panache sports bra, here are a couple of my recent finds that have made my workouts that much more pleasant (after all, new gear = better workouts, right?!)

[One / Two / Three / Four / Five]

Athleta 7″ high-rise spandex shorts: they’re high-rise, need I say more? but really, these high-quality spandex shorts will become your comfiest pair of workout shorts. I like to run in spandex shorts, and I couldn’t find ones that weren’t long biker short-length or ones that didn’t dig into my love handles. these check off every single box – and they come in three great colors (purple, gray, and black.) they do NOT chafe, they’re sweat-resistant, and very flattering!

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Shoes: while I didn’t go to a running store to get fitted, I bought these on a random recommendation and I LOVE them. they’re so light, they fit your foot so well, and there’s no chafing. I’ve gone up to 6 miles with these babies so far and I feel like I’m running barefoot!

Bose headphones: I stole these from Lu and they are the only headphones that stay in my ear for an entire run and don’t pop out. they have a long cord, which isn’t ideal, but until I upgrade to the Powerbeats by Dre Wireless headphones, these are great – and my favorite!

Under Armour head band: I have very coarse hair and this headband keeps everything in place, without shifting on my head. it’s the best I’ve found!

that’s it for now!

what is some of your favorite gear to workout in?

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