what I’m into right now – 4.24.17

this weekend….

Friday, we met up with my sister and her fiancé for dinner at one of our favorite spots in Jersey City, called Hamilton Inn. afterwards, I came back, and we started 13 reasons why on netflix. I needed to relax, so it was a nice, chill night.

Saturday, we woke up, did our Saturday morning yoga, and then got ready and went to Westfield to meet up with my BIL and SIL and our niece Gabriella. we had brunch and spent time with baby G. she’s so adorable! after that, we stopped at Home Depot to grab some boxes to start the packing process (eek! we move May 1!) then, we came back, made a smoothie, and watched a couple episodes of 13 reasons why and napped. after that, I got my nails done, and we headed into NYC to go to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem to celebrate Lu’s business partner’s 35th birthday. it was a cool spot and fun to hang out with everyone!

Sunday, we woke up kinda late and then headed to meet up with friends in Jersey City for brunch. it was a great crew – about 15 people at this spot Roman Nose. AMAZING frittata. then we drove our friends to Target (NYC dwellers love a good Target trip) and got the car washed. it was beautiful out, so we decided to drive around a bit. after that, I cleaned up the apartment and then some serious pregnancy exhaustion hit. we chilled on the couch and watched some 13 reasons why. around 6, we walked to a pharmacy, bought some bubble tape, and sat down for dinner (we weren’t going to, but we were downtown, so why not?!) we got fro-yo afterwards (yes, BBQ and fro-yo, it was that type of weekend) and then walked back to our apartment and started the packing process! I feel like we got nowhere, but there are definitely a lot of boxes and bags full. we still have a LOT to do. we packed until 10:30pm and then hit the hay.

what I’m into RN…

Lu and I got into 13 reasons why on Netflix this weekend. we are about 5 episodes in and can’t tell if we should stop watching, but we’re hooked. we need to find out the gossip!

I was so bummed to hear that sophia amoruso’s GIRLBOSS netflix show fell flat. and then my friend told me she’s a fake and all these stories about how she claims to be a feminist but fired women for being pregnant and other terrible things like that. sad.

you can now buy the marshmallow charms out of the Lucky Charms, so you don’t have to pick them out or save them for the end of the cereal bowl, like you did in middle and high school. or was that just me?

I’ve been starting to drink decaf coffee on the weekends and occasionally during the week, and I’ve been putting a teaspoon of this roasted coconut butter into it – AMAZING.

speaking of eating evolved, I’m LOVING these coconut butter cups – they’re vegan, paleo, and SO addictive.

I wore this maternity shirt by GAP all weekend. it’s so comfy and so flattering. it’s also on sale right now – I’m going to buy it in other colors! and I’m still living in these, on sale as well.

see you next week!

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