what I’m into right now – 6.26.17

what I'm into lately and a recap of the weekend!

this weekend….

Friday, I flew to St. Petersburg FL with my mother for my HSN taping on Saturday. we stopped at the mall to buy something to wear on the show and get my nails done. we had lunch and then went to the hotel, ordered room service, and relaxed.

Saturday, I woke up, had an acai bowl from Karma Juice Bar (the best!) and then went to HSN for my live taping! it was a great success and then afterwards, we grabbed lunch at Fresh Kitchen (omg, so delicious!) after, we found out that my flight got cancelled, so we did a little retail therapy at the mall, then I picked up a sandwich from Whole Foods for the flight home, and flew home.

Sunday, it felt so great to wake up at home! we started the day off with a workout and then went to brunch in downtown Jersey City. after, I met up with my girlfriends who I hadn’t seen in about a month (time flies!) after that, I laid out at the pool for a bit with Lu. then, Lu built the crib for our nursery and I setup our Letterfolk board. it was a sweet little moment! afterwards, we chilled for a bit and then went to dinner at a local favorite spot, Bistro La Source. Their veggie plate is amazing! after, we met up with Felicia and her fiancé, Ben. they were having dinner around the corner – then we went to their apartment and hung out for a bit before coming home and passing out!

what I’m into RN…

I need to make these. maybe in my nesting phase I’ll start baking?

just set a reminder in my calendar to watch this on Netflix, the show about an anorexic girl’s journey.

anti-aging foods. do you eat these?

if you live in NJ, you’ll appreciate this – a humpback whale breaches in a bay in New Jersey. a humpback whale!! incredible footage.

I just got this nursing bra and it’s super comfortable and supportive.

I finally cracked and bought the Snoogle and I had the BEST night’s sleep last night – totally uninterrupted. I don’t know if that’s because I was exhausted after the weekend, or what. but, I also got this Jersey cover to go on top of it – make sure you wash it first!

got this tank over the weekend and can tell it’s going to be a summer staple. and it’s 40% off!

I’ve been eyeing these espadrille flats for a while.

see you next week!

with love, Ali

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