what I’m into right now – 7.17.17

this weekend….

Friday, I ended the day at 3:30pm. I NEVER do this. I can’t actually remember the last time I did this, it must have been two years ago, around the time I got married. I watched To The Bone on Netflix. It was okay – not as eye-opening about the illness (anorexia), but a good story. after that, I went out to dinner with Lu and then we came back and started Riverdale on Netflix. WE’RE HOOKED!

Saturday, we woke up early and worked out. after, I went to grab brunch with another expectant momma in Jersey City (I’m trying to meet expectant moms in my neighborhood!). after that, Lu picked me up and we went off to car shop and run some other errands. we went to look at the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Audi Q7. We fell in love with the Q7 and decided on that! we pick up the car on Saturday, we can’t WAIT! after that, we stopped by to see our niece (Lu’s brother’s daughter) and then we went to Target to pick up a few items for the nursery. I LOVE this side table that I’m going to put next to our rocking chair (which is coming this week!) after errands, we rushed out to dinner to meet our friends. lots of delicious food and great conversation!

Sunday, we got a late start to the day, but managed to be very productive. we drove into New York City to do a Buy Buy Baby return, then we went to Bluestone Lane for breakfast, waiting for The Container Store to open. after breakfast, we headed to The Container Store and bought everything we needed for our nursery closet. we have two great big closets, so we bought shelving, baskets, etc. then, we came back home, set it all up, and then went to the pool to relax for a couple of hours. after that, we walked to lunch where I had an amazing veggie burger at South House. then, we got ice cream and met up with my friend Cassidy and took a nice walk. after that, we came back, organized a bit more, and then just totally relaxed on the couch and watched more Riverdale. I was beat!

what I’m into RN…

I ALWAYS struggle with storing my Tupperware. it kills me- I’ll organize it and then a week later, it’s a mess. I’m loving these tips by Apartment Therapy.

the more I talk to expectant moms, the more I’m hearing about the anxiety around maternity leave. I feel very grateful and confused about my situation with maternity leave. I enjoyed this Ted Talk about it.

how cute and summer is pineapple choker? with a little white dress? it would pair well with this clutch.

I have been using this tote all summer long – it’s such great quality, the perfect color for the summer, and it holds everything.

THIS palm duffle is on its way to me! can’t wait to use it!

see you next week!

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