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I have been really excited to write this blog post, because I have discovered so many baby brands over these past 8+ months, and I've wanted a place to share them. I've been trying to showcase everything over on Instagram stories as I go, but those obviously disappear, so that's not very helpful for all of you.


Moccasins by Freshly Picked

I have been really excited to write this blog post, because I have discovered so many baby brands over these past 8+ months, and I’ve wanted a place to share them. I’ve been trying to showcase everything over on Instagram stories as I go, but those obviously disappear, so that’s not very helpful for all of you.

Backpack Diaper Bag by Newlie

Get ready for a LOT of photos!

Cactus Swaddle by Bebe Au Lait

many of these great baby brands I have discovered through Gugu Guru Registry. I partnered up with them to curate a very personal registry that I felt reflected my personality type and my lifestyle. I’m a working mama, and there were definitely items that I needed to help raise my little boy, while being able to work.

Shirt from Minted Method Shop

what I liked about working with Gugu Guru is that they’re the first and only online baby registry that makes high personalized product recommendations based on your individual lifestyle and personal style.

this was important to me, because I didn’t want to just buy the same toys and products everyone gets, I wanted them to reflect myself and our new family.

Magnetic onesie from Magnetic Me by Magnificent Baby

I just didn’t know how to find those products at first, so I was happy to discover Gugu Guru. they actually have you take a style quiz in the begin to help curate your registry!

my most favorite feature of Gugu Guru is that you can add an item to your registry simply by copying and pasting the link – it syncs right up to your registry with a featured image, too. it helped me keep a highly curated, personalized list, without feeling tied down to a single registry database.

Pants by Mitz

I couldn’t be more excited to wrap up, snuggle, play, and dress this baby boy in all these baby products I found. and just like shoes, I don’t think you can have too many baby swaddles. 🙂

Cactus Outfit by Ice Cream Castles

I tried to categorize the list, but honestly, so many of these brands make multiple types of products for baby! for example, Aden + Anais makes EVERYTHING – clothing, swaddles, even car seat covers. spend some time exploring!

Swaddle by Captain Silly Pants

Baby Brands I’m Loving

For furniture, bedding & decor
Stokke – our changing table, our dresser, and our bassinet.
Babyletto – our crib.
Natti Natti – beautiful bedding.
Brooklyn Born – gorgeous crib sheets and bedding.
West Elm – my favorite place to buy furniture!
Target – need I say more? I love my nightstand for my rocking chair.
The Land of Nod – great website for all things baby.
Pottery Barn Kids – for gifts, toys, rugs, decor, bedding (our crib sheets are from here)

Booties by Zutano

For working, on-the-go mamas
Baby K’Tan – a baby carrier that’s a wrap. I love this for wearing the baby on errands, grocery shopping, walks around the block when I need a breather.
Dock-a-Tot – basically a little ‘docking station’ for your baby! it keeps the baby tight and secure on a pillow that’s firm and formed to fit infants. I’ve heard incredible things from friends!
Newlie diaper bag – this is my ‘chic’ bag that’s great for dinner out, and it’s backpack friendly, so totally hands free.
Lily Jade (we’re giving away ONE of these bags!)

Dock-a-Tot with Play Arches

For clothing & accessories
Ice Cream Castles – my favorite baby outfit is from here (thanks Gugu Guru for introducing me to them!) – they make great organic cotton products.
Zutano – they make comfy little booties, perfect for wearing around the house to keep warm and for little day trips.
Mitz – I love the mission of this company, to create gender neutral clothing.
Magnetic Me – OBSESSED. all of their clothes secures with magnets, so no buttons or clasps – just magnets. talk about easy!
Moon + Beck – the spandex cotton is super, super soft – and so trendy and cute!
Monica and Andy – they have lots of matching sets, perfect for bringing the baby home.
Lot801 – love how much cactus gear they have!
Freshly Picked – the best place to buy moccasins for the baby, hands down.
June & January – they make adorable baby clothes like striped rompers and great basics.

Bamboni Blanket by Saranoni

For swaddles, blankets, & more
Captain Silly Pants – probably my favorite brand for swaddles, just because they’re so unique!
Saranoni – the SOFTEST blankets! great for security blankets, love their plush blanket options.
Aden + Anais – they make everything! swaddles, car seat covers, rompers, onesies, and I love their bibs too!
Bebe Au Lait – my favorite cactus swaddle is from here!
Woolf with Me – another one-stop-shop for baby stuff, but I especially love this blanket, I can’t wait to setup our wood play yard and have this blanket underneath.

Original Wrap by Baby K’Tan

For bath time & household products
Hello Spud – we love their organic cotton wash cloths and hooded bath towels.
Babyganics – a trusted brand for natural, plant based baby household items.
Zoe Organics – a great line for mommy and baby, high-quality organic products. I love their belly oil.
Honest – can’t go wrong with Honest! I have their diapers and some wipes right now.

Babyganics and Zoe Organics

For nursing, feeding & 6 months+
Chew beads Baby – love these for securing onto the stroller for the baby to have while he teeths.
Beaba – for when I start making baby food, this baby food maker is the one I’ll use when I first start introducing solids.
Milk Snob – LOVE their brand – they make nursing covers that are more than that, they’re car seat covers, shopping cart covers, and more.
Covered Goods – another versatile brand of nursing covers.
Tiny bites – for when the little one starts eating solid foods, these are smaller scissors to cut up the food into tiny, manageable bites.

Short sleeve one piece by Aden + Anais

Miscellaneous/general baby shopping websites
Minted Method Shop – they have a really trendy, fun assortment of baby products.
Spearmint Baby – they have everything you could want for your baby in this shop! I met the owner and she’s an amazing female entrepreneur, so I love supporting women-run businesses!

Toy by Bannor Toys

Thank you again to Gugu Guru for helping me discover most of these brands!

Nursing Cover by Milk Snob

What are some of your favorite baby brands?

Photos by Erin Dwyer Photography.

with love, Ali

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