what I’m packing in my hospital bag

Bag by India Hicks

around 35 weeks, my hospital bag was packed. the last remaining item were some scratch mitts for the baby, which I was waiting to arrive in the mail. once they arrived, I zipped the bag up and put it in the corner of the nursery, by the door, ready to be grabbed at a moment’s notice! just like in the movies, right?

what’s in my hospital bag

  • Photo ID & Insurance card
  • Printed birth plan
  • Wireless speaker
  • Protein bars & raw nut mix for post-partum recovery, so Lu doesn’t have to leave to grab me something (although NYC has things like Postmates and anything can be delivered!)
  • Blanket & pillow – I’ve just heard that hospitals have the most uncomfortable bedding and I have extra blankets and pillows in the nursery, so I’m going to bring one of each.
  • Nursing gown & robe – I bought this robe and this nursing gown so I have something nice for the hospital – and post-hospital, of course.
  • Newborn scratch mittens – I love these by Goumikids.
  • Nursing top & comfy sweatpants – for while I’m at the hospital, if I feel like I need to feel more human, I have a super comfy lounge outfit. This top and these pants.
  • Going home outfit – I packed high-waisted maternity leggings, my Boob nursing tank, and a sweater cardigan.
  • 2 Nursing bras – I’m loving Bravado Designs, and I am bringing them in two different sizes, in case my milk supply comes in early and my boobs grow another cup size (ugh!)
  • Nursing pads
  • Diapers – I’d like the nurses to teach me how to change a diaper using the diapers I’ll be using, so I brought a few. I have a few different brands, but am bringing Bamboo Nature.
  • iPhone charger with extra long cord – this one, thanks to Julia for the recommendation!
  • Dirty laundry ‘bag’ – I had this lying around, so I packed it.
  • Frida Mom Washer – I’ve heard that this is much easier to use than the one they give you in the hospital, so it’s packed.
  • Personal hand fan – I get super cranky when I’m overheated, so I’m sure I’ll be having Lu use this on me, Cleopatra style.
  • Sleep mask
  • Grip socks – to walk around during delivery and post-partum.
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Swaddle blanket – I know they provide everything, but I’d like to take the baby’s first picture in the hospital in a swaddle of my choice!
  • 1 Newborn short sleeve onesie – if it’s a warm September day!
  • 1 newborn long-sleeve onesie with footies – in case it’s a freakishly cold September day!
  • Baby cap – to cover his head.

And in my toiletries bag/dopp kit, I’m bringing:

  • ACURE travel pack – face wash, body moisturizer, shampoo, & conditioner
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Bar of soap
  • Belly butter
  • Mints
  • Hair ties
  • My glasses (fun fact: I have bad vision!)
  • Nipple cream
  • Contact lenses
  • Razor
  • Facial wipes – these ones, for cleaning my face while I’m laying in bed and don’t want to take a shower.
  • Q-tips (I can’t live without them!)
  • Lip balm
  • Hair band to keep the hair out of my face – I love these.

UPDATE: also bringing the following, based on suggestions from all of you (thank you!):

Lu’s hospital bag

Lu wants to pack his hospital bag! He’ll be bringing:

  • A sweatshirt
  • 2 changes of clothes
  • Pajamas
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Snacks

is there anything you think I should add/I don’t need? I love hearing experiences from mamas who have been through it!

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