2021 Mother's Day Gift Guides

2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Find something for every special mama in your life with our 2021 Mother’s Day Gift...

Find something for every special mama in your life with our 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

2021 Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

1. Smeg Juicer: if your mother loves making cocktails (or mocktails!) she’ll love this beautiful juicer. I have it and it’s a game changer!
2. Cozy Knit Pants by SKIMS: just the coziest!
3. Indoor Garden Kit: for mothers who love to cook with fresh herbs but don’t have space for a garden, this is so fun!
4. Cooling Wine Stones: I don’t know why I’m just learning about these now, but if I could drink my white wine all summer long, I would do it with these chilling wine stones! Such a classy gift for the mama who loves chilled wines and rosé.
5. Digital Photo Frame: such a chic photo frame, for an office or just out in the home where she can see it!
6. Mama Beaded Bracelet: you can’t have enough mama jewelry!
7. Mama Necklace: I love my mama necklace! It’s a sweet little piece to add to your collection and a great gift especially for first-time mamas!
8. Daily Harvest: probably the most thoughtful gift you could get a mother to simplify mealtimes, have a healthy snack or give her something sweet at night! Use code INSPIRALIZED for $25 off the order!
9. Urban Stems Subscription: what better gift than a gift that keeps giving? Flowers, that is! Don’t just get your mama flowers, get her a subscription!
10. Decorative Vase: how adorable, to go with that Urban Stems subscription?!
11. Breakfast Tray: for breakfast in bed, of course!
12. Handwritten Message Blanket: this is for the sentimental mother (aren’t we all?!)
13. Clutch: just a fashionable item for your mama’s spring and summer closet!
14. Hand Cream Set: especially great for the mama who always has dry hands from cooking, but also great for any woman right because of all the hand washing from COVID precautions!
15. Beauty Refrigerator: for the beauty-obsessed mama, who wouldn’t love this?! I want one just to keep my under eye cream in there!
16. Foot & Heel Mask: such a great pampering gift and often a body part that doesn’t get tons of love!
17. Masterclass: for the mama in your life who is always looking to learn, what a thoughtful gift!
18. Duffle Bag: this is my go-to overnight bag for quick trips, maybe something for the mama who needs a quick getaway 😉
19. Cold Brew Coffee Maker: what mama isn’t addicted to cold brew?!
20. Everlane Do It All Tote: well, we do do it all…..

Hope this list helps you find something special for the mama in your life!

with love, Ali

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