favorite maternity workout wear

my favorite workout wear throughout this pregnancy!

what I’ve realized about myself is that I am not someone who can easily just putter around the house and do nothing and “relax.” to me, that’s not relaxing – it actually makes me restless and is not relaxing at all. I’ve tried my best not to do too much Inspiralized work and focus more on keeping myself personally busy – prepping for baby, stocking my freezer, spending time with friends I may not see in a while, going out with Lu, and of course, exercising!

I have been receiving so many questions about what workout clothing I’ve loved during this pregnancy, so I figured I’d share that today on the blog!

and once this baby is here, I’m sure I’ll be fully ‘signing off’, but until then, I’ve definitely taken a step back, but it’s hard to fully check out when you don’t have the constant distraction and purpose of caring for a newborn! so until then, I may be posting on here!

my approach to workout gear during this pregnancy was “find what works inexpensively and just buy it in every color.” I didn’t want to spend a fortune on cute workout gear during my pregnancy, because post-partum, I knew I’d want to buy cute stuff and didn’t want to break the bank while I was pregnant. once I discovered that GAP has all you need, I pretty much stuck there.

here are my favorites:

favorite workout pants

Left: Ingrid & Isabel / Right: GAP (on sale!)

it’s a tie between these cross-panel active capris by Ingrid & Isabel and these full panel capris by GAP. I have the GAP ones in 2 colors and 3 of the Ingrid & Isabel and I just keep washing them over and over again! they’ve withstood dozens of washes and they still keep their form and tightness.

I like the GAP ones (they’re on major sale!) because they’re full panel and come in fun colors.

I like the Ingrid & Isabel ones because they’re cross-over panel and can feel a little less restrictive than the full panel type capris, but sometimes, I do want a bit of fuller coverage (as the belly gets bigger, you want it to be sucked in more!) you can also buy these Ingrid & Isabel ones here, on their website.

favorite sports bra

Sports Bra by Panache

this is my favorite sports bra year-round, because I’m big-busted. it straps those puppies in and they do NOT move. they’re half-marathon-training tested and approved! no matter what kind of exercise you’re doing, this sports bra is supportive. the bra also clips to become racerback, so you can wear it with all those cute workout tops. it comes in tons of colors, too !

HOWEVER, I found that because they have underwire, I had to size up to a 36 from a 34, because it started really digging into my rib cage, as my boobs grew and rested on my belly/bump. I’ve been told that with my fluctuating boobs during post-baby breastfeeding, I’ll be thankful.

I’ve also ordered a couple non-underwire sports bras for nursing (I’m told you don’t want to mess with underwire while you’re breast-feeding, because it can lead to thinks like clogged milk ducts!), so I’ll update this post once I have those recommendations ready. I started with the non-wired version of the Panache.

favorite workout tops

I’ve been able to wear non-maternity workout tops up until about week 37 of this pregnancy, so I didn’t have to buy too many tops. I’ve found that a lot of the tops at Athleta are nice and long. but, I have bought a few maternity tops and they’re definitely less restrictive and feel better around my belly and give me more flexibility during my workouts.

favorite tank top

soon tank tops were a bit tough to find, because they’re all pretty low-cut, I’ve always found. and the high-necks are tough, because they tend to show the sides of your bra, if you have a heavy-duty bra like me.

here were the three I bought and worked for me (I cut the interior shelf bra of the high-neck!)

High Neck Tank by GAP

Strappy Tank by GAP

Racerback Tank by GAP

favorite zip-up

Zip-up top by GAP

since I was pregnant throughout the summer, there wasn’t much need for cold weather gear. however, when I was going from gym to errands and didn’t want to be sweaty and cold when going in and out of stores, I’d always bring this zip up. it’s SUPER long (like, really, really long) and made with the softest spandex cotton blend. it’s my favorite to throw on and go!

favorite t-shirt

T-shirt by GAP

this doesn’t wick sweat away, but I wear it when I’m just going on walks or when I’m going to a workout class and want to throw a t-shirt on over my tank top. it’s so comfortable and flattering – and honestly, I’ve worn it out running errands with a sports bra!

that’s what I’ve been wearing throughout this pregnancy!

as you know, I’m nearing the end (my due date is in 2 days!), so soon, I’ll be treating myself to some cute post-partum workout gear! hope this post helps some of you mamas-to-be out there!

with love, Ali

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