monthly challenges: april


needless to say, it’s been a rough start to April and I’m falling a bit behind! if you follow me on @inspiralized, you know that I woke up last week with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that renders half of your face completely paralyzed. not cute, extremely uncomfortable, and really scary.

luckily, most people recover within 6 months (with only 10% lasting longer than that), so I’m staying positive and doing everything I can to RELAX and treat it. they think it was stress coupled with birth that broke the camel’s back, so I’m trying my best to take it easy.

march’s challenge: recap

stress was the theme for march and because I was overwhelmed with the nanny starting, going to work full-time again, and a few other life changes (like the sudden death of my cousin), I slacked a bit on the march challenge, but I DID read for 30 minutes a day, it just wasn’t always a business book – it was fiction, baby books, and of course, business books.

I have to say, the 30 minutes a day of reading was cathartic and once I started reading whatever I felt like reading instead of sticking to a business book (when I clearly wasn’t in the mood for it), it took the pressure off. I’m looking forward to continuing with my 30 minutes a day!

april challenge

THUS, I forgot to post about my April challenge, which I started a couple days before my diagnosis: have a warm, anti-inflammatory drink once a day. not only does the warmth calm me, it’s very important for me to be taking in anti-inflammatory foods, because that helps with the inflamed nerve that caused this Bell’s Palsy.

I’ve been drinking homemade “golden milk” (recipe to follow) but I also just ordered some bone broth from my favorite broth spot in NYC. my goal is to have one or the other every day and see how it affects my overall health.

I also like practicing healthy habits like this – it’s a little ritual part of my day that makes me happy, soothes me, calms me, and of course, nourishes me!

what will your april challenge be?

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