Toddlers and Little Kids (2-4 Years) – 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift shopping can be tough. We’ve come up with a specially curated gift list for the special toddlers in your life, focusing on gifts that our founder, Ali’s, children currently love – or want! We hope this makes the gift giving and shopping season easier for you this year!

Toddlers and Little Kids (2-4 Years) – 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

1 // Tabletop Easel – For the burgeoning artist on your family! This is so great for mealtimes, it makes for great conversation.

2 // Zingo – This is literally my kids’ favorite game – it says ages 4+, but Roma loves the game too!

3 // Art Easel – I love this easel, it’s such great quality and a toy that grows.

4 // Firehouse Play Set – For the kid in your life who is firetruck obsessed (aren’t they all?!)

5 // Hot Wheels Super Raceway – Probably Luca’s favorite toy – endless fun here and great for siblings to play together.

6 // Playmobil Barn – These Playmobils are my son’s favorite toys – he plays with them for hours. They have so many different versions, but I love this one the most.

7 // Ergobaby Doll Carrier – Roma and Luca always ask if they can wear the babies – now they can go on walks with me and bring along their favorite stuffed animals and dolls.

8 // Makeup Kit – Roma and Luca are both into makeup, thanks to their older cousin – this is a safe, non-toxic makeup kit they can share.

9 // Personalized Color Activity Book – I love that they can color in their names in this book – very sweet.

10 // Name Sign – Add a little funk to their rooms with a personalized name sign.

11 // Car crayons – Whether a stocking stuffer or paired with a drawing pad, this is the perfect gift for your car-loving kids.

12 // Lovevery Block Set – There’s so much to get from Lovevery, whether a subscription to their toy kits or this block set, I can’t recommend their products enough!

13 // Arts and Crafts Set – Save yourself a trip to Michael’s and get this kit instead!

14 // Color and Carry Set – Luca is very into drawing now, and he’d love this.

15 // Magnatiles – My kids play endlessly with these – it keeps them entertained especially during that busy time between end of day and bedtime.

16 // Grow Butterfly Kit  – My kids love those eggs you put in water that “hatch” and this year, I’m getting them this – they love checking on things in the morning, whether growing a plant or something real like a butterfly!

17 // Kids Play Kitchen  – This will go on all of my gift guides, always for this age – it’s a toy that grows with kids, it’s the best investment I made!

18 // LEGO Duplo set – This is a great intro to Legos for 2 year olds (or just 2), but grows with kids – my (4 year old) son uses them everyday!

19 // Hape dollhouse – This is the dollhouse we have and the kids love it!

20 // Strider bike – My kids love bikes and scooters – this is the one we have, it’s a great gift.

21 // Scooter – This is the scooter Luca and Roma have!

22 // Helmet – If you buy a bike or a scooter, you’ll need a helmet!

23 // Building blocks – Blocks are one of my favorite gifts to give, and I love these magnetic ones.

24 // Press Here Book – My kids love lift the flap books and any interactive kind of book – this one stands the test of time! It’s great for bedtime.

25 // Stamp set – This is on Luca’s Christmas list – he’s very into stamping right now. They also have a vehicles version.

26 // Baby doll – My daughter loves dolls and ballerinas, so this is definitely on her list this year. Baby dolls have so many great accessories, like bassinets, carriers, and more.

27 // Red wagon – My kids play endlessly with their red wagon – filling it with things, making “deliveries” and more.

28 // Personalized superhero cape  – Every kid would love their own superhero costume!

29 // Dyson vacuum – I don’t know why, but my kids fight over this Dyson vacuum, it’s one of their favorite toys that I got Luca for Christmas a couple years ago.

30 // Kids’ Chair – It’s such a great gift that lasts and it’s great for letter recognition – this is how Luca learned the letters of his name!

31 // Vanity Set – Luca and Roma love playing with my makeup and jewerly, so I’m hoping this kids version keeps them satisfied!

32 // Tea cart – I don’t know about yours, but my kids love to play make believe and “serve” us things, like tea!

33 // Disney tea set – How adorably precious – and portable!

34 // Magnetic Dot Art – I love travel-friendly toys (things you can bring when out to restaurants, on airplanes, car rides, etc.)

35 // Memory card game – I love card games, it gives us something to do together on rainy days!

36 // Clay Dinosaur Kit – My kids are obsessed with dinsoaurs – I love this brand, they make great quality items!

37 // KiwiCo crate – Give a gift subscription to KiwiCo! I love this and it’s on the kids’ list this year.

38 // Little Passports – Another subscription for the adventurous kids!

39 // Sunglasses – My kids can’t have enough sunglasses!

40 // Letter hat – Both of my kids have these and love them!

41 // Light up bath toys – My kids love these and it makes bath time so fun!

with love, Ali

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