Wardrobe and Bedroom Closet: Before and After

If you missed it, the Horderly team came and organized my entryway pantry, my kitchen, and now, I’m sharing the before and afters from my wardrobe and closet.

Let me back up and talk about my wardrobe and closet for a minute before I get to the before and afters. Just like everywhere else in my home, I’m a mess – just so disorganized. Literally, all of my clothes end up on my floor by the end of the week. I shove them back in my wardrobe drawers, I don’t hang anything on hangers, and I can’t even see my closet floor, because it’s littered with shoes.

I’m never inspired to look cute during the week, mostly, because I can’t even see my clothes – so athleisure it is! When I go out, I tend to wear the same thing, because it’s all I can remember that I have to wear.

So, what did I do? Brought the Horderly team back in for an organizational overhaul: this time, my wardrobe and closet (which also includes Lu’s!)

My closet

Bedroom storage cabinets

My armoire

Lu’s armoire

You can see a fun teaser video on this experience here:

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