what I’m into right now – 12.12.16


I always love knowing what other people are into – I just love learning new things, finding out about new events and things to do, and always enjoy a good product recommendation.

thus, I’m starting a new series called “what I’m currently into” – that’s what I’m loving, wanting, doing, thinking, whatever – just what I’m into! and I figured I’d do it on Mondays and recap the weekends a bit.

this weekend….

…Lu took me on a surprise date on Saturday. we went to see Dead Poet’s Society with Jason Sudeikis and Sudeikis literally sat right next to Lu during the plan (while in character.) then he (Lu, not the actor) took me to a wine bar and then we had a reservation at Shuko, where I had the best culinary experience of my life. and I don’t say that lightly, I really mean it. definitely one of my top 3 new york city experiences.

…we finished our holiday shopping and it feels glorious. I spent half of Sunday wrapping gifts and writing our holiday cards (which are not done – meh!)

what I’m into RN…

I’ve been showing everyone this kangaroo fighting video nonstop. I mean, who punches a kangaroo in the face?

using these brushes to apply my makeup – GAME CHANGER. it makes total sense, and now I feel silly that I ever used non-curved brushes.

sipping bone broth at brodo in the west village, but don’t talk to me right after, because I get it with roasted garlic and ginger.

been using this undereye cream lately, so I’ll let you know if I see a difference in a couple of weeks.

just bought these high-waisted swim bottoms for when I’m down in Florida with my family in the holidays. what should I pair them with?

can’t stop listening to this new kid cudi beat.

if someone’s reading this and buying me a stocking stuffer, I can’t bring myself to buy this but I NEED it.

see you next week!

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