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although I work for myself, I’m constantly in New York City at meetings. I meet with brands and the media all the time. it’s empowering to walk into some of these big brands’ headquarters and introduce myself. it’s times like those that make me feel like “I’ve made it.”

when I do have meetings in the city, I try to build a full schedule for the day, so I’m not just coming in for one meeting. I like to make the most out of the day! this usually ends up in me meeting friends afterwards for dinner or happy hour, so I always like to wear something that’s professional but trendy.

also, being an entrepreneur and running Inspiralized, I like to think that brands understand that I’m not the power suit type. I like to wear clothing that reflects my personality and the brand that I’ve created. so, I give myself a little wiggle room when dressing for a day of work meetings in the city. also, I feel like the whole state of “business professional” has changed dramatically with the onslaught of tech moguls whose uniforms are jeans, Chucks, tees, and a baseball cap.

this is one of my go-to outfits, because the top is reminiscent of a crisp white button down and the black denim is a more casual version of dress slacks. also, I can tie the top a little differently to show some tummy during the evening, when I want to jazz it up a bit.

oh. and this bag! it’s my favorite – I treated myself to it last year when I found out my cookbook became a NY-Times best seller! my second one just became a NY-Times best seller as well, so…. I’m currently sizing up my next gift 🙂

how do you feel about the way people dress for work these days?

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