My weight loss story: How I used the spiralizer to get healthy and lose 25 pounds

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

You might want to bookmark this post, print it out, or save it for a weekend morning when you have time to waste. Or, grab a bowl of popcorn, lean back and get to scrollin’.


I’ve never been a short-winded person. I’m terrible at keeping this “short and sweet.” I love to talk, write and explain. And today, of all days, I’m especially verbose, because I’m pouring my heart out about my personal weight loss journey.

Journey? Yes, a journey, because it’s ever-evolving and it has taken me quite a while to get the point I am at today. I’m sharing my story in hopes that I’ll inspire others. After posting up my gym selfies on my Inspiralized and GetInspiralized Instagram, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my diet and exercise, so, I figured what better way than to share that on the blog? Besides, I don’t think IG can handle this many words – and it’s too tough to type this all out on an iPhone!

Hmm. Where to start? It was a cold and rainy— ha, just kidding! I’m going to start by talking about my general weight journey and then get into the nitty gritty of how I lost weight, how I stayed on track and what my goals are now.

If you want to skip the background story, scroll to the section on “Taking Control.”

Let me preface this entire post by saying that there is no printable on “how to lose weight.” Losing weight isn’t short term, it’s forever – it’s a lifestyle. Once you lose the weight, you have to maintain. I’m not going to say “do X, Y and Z, and you’ll be skinny!”

I’ve never believed in Britney Spear’s “Work Bitch” song more than now, after truly committing to losing weight. There are absolutely no short cuts. I work my butt off at every work out to the point where I’m dripping sweat everywhere AND I have to give up some of the yummier things in life, at least on a daily basis (as you’ll learn, I definitely indulge.)

Disclaimer: Of course, I’m not a certified nutritionist, I’m certainly not a doctor (I got a C in Chemistry) and I don’t have any training to offer medical advice. This post is intended to share my own personal journey and meant to inspire and incite motivation in others. Please consult your doctor before making any massive changes in your lifestyle.


Once I quit my corporate job on June 25, 2013 to pursue my dreams with Inspiralized, my life was turned upside down. No longer did I have a schedule where I had to be certain places at certain times. No longer did I have to eat at certain hours, around a work schedule. No longer was I walking a couple of miles to work and back every day. No longer was I making a steady income, so I couldn’t meet friends out as much as before. When I sat down at the coffee shop on June 26, 2013 and started (the day after I quit my job!), I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen with my life – there were a lot of things up in the air. My adrenaline was pumping and I was full steam ahead.

Unfortunately, I neglected my self in the process. While I was immensely proud about my blog, I wasn’t proud of my body. It was hard for me to get motivated to go to the gym, when I had sat down the whole day blogging or if I had stood up the whole day cooking. I told myself that it was more important to work on the blog than my body – that my body will always be there, but my blog only has one shot to be as successful as I want it to be.

Often times, since I was in my kitchen the whole day, I was haunted by the pantry. No one was around and no one could see what I was eating or doing. While I was eating healthy things, I wasn’t practicing portion control. I would snack all day long, housing peanut butter and banana sandwiches, bags of pistachios and tubs of hummus with pita. By the time Lu got home, I was so bloated and upset with myself, I had no motivation to go to the gym. Instead, again, I turned to food and would eat an entire bag of popcorn.

I would buy a size 6, hoping I’d fit into it if I “just eat healthy for two weeks, I’ll lose 15 pounds.” It was ludicrous. I was tipping the scale at 177 in November of 2013 and my uniform was Lululemon spandex and a baggy t-shirt. Even when I did go out, I had to wear spandex and chunky sweaters out, because that’s all I had, since I refused to buy the proper clothes for my heavy self. I went to the gym very sporadically and never consistently – I’d go for 4 days straight, then skip two weeks. I wanted a quick fix, like we all do.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[The above picture was taken at a 5k race that I could barely finish, in June 2013, probably around 167]

Prior to starting this journey, I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I let it control my life and I upset many friends. I would cancel plans if I had eaten poorly that day, because I didn’t want to show my bloated self to people. I would cancel plans if I had eaten healthy that day, because I didn’t want to “ruin” my “good day.” It was not only selfish, but it was foolish – there’s more to life than being skinny. Having said that, there’s a way you can have it all (my point is coming soon, I promise!)


The worst part about my struggles with my weight is that I was running a healthy food blog! I was telling my readers that eating Inspiralized was healthy (it is!) and it promotes weight loss (it does!) yet I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching – I was closet binge eating on top of eating these delicious Inspiralized meals. I was absolutely out of control, because I was in denial – “Oh, it’s tough working from home, I’m so busy with the blog I rather work on it than go to the gym.

Then, 6 months into Inspiralized, in January 2014 hit, I wrote this post about going on a weight loss journey. I started the journey at 168.5 pounds. My goal? 135/140.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture is me in January 2014]

By June, I had lost about 12 pounds in 5 months, just by starting to exercise more frequently. I still wasn’t eating as healthy nor exercising as consistently as I could have been – there would be three days straight where I didn’t work out and housed a loaf of bread while sitting at my desk working. I actually wrote a post then about how I was living a healthier lifestyle, as I was – but I still wasn’t making the total change I needed to be at my healthiest.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

 [Above picture was at about 155 pounds in May 2014]

I ended this part of my journey at about 156 pounds. I was feeling much better than where I had started at 168, but I still hadn’t hit my goal and I just wanted sustainable balance, and I wanted to feel comfortable with my body once and for all. It was the same yo-yo dieting I had done in previous years – nothing had truly changed. I could feel myself climbing back up to 168, some days waking up at 162 after a “bad” weekend.

Enter June 2014. I was starting to make arrangements for my cookbook photoshoot, where I personally would be photographed, in a kitchen, eating my healthy recipes. I had worked so hard on building Inspiralized and creating a community where people looked forward to my healthy, satisfyingly delicious recipes. I worked hours and hours, sacrificed so much to get to the point where I was living my dream, writing my own cookbook and had a professional photographer to photograph my recipes and me.

I wasn’t going to throw that all away for a bag of Stacy’s pita chips or a pint of Talenti. I wasn’t going to let my lazy, selfish behavior get in the way of my one shot at my dreams. How could I feel bloated and uncomfortable while photographing a cookbook that’s promoting healthy eating? It made absolutely no sense and I was ashamed that I had let myself get to this point. Luckily, I had all these healthy recipes at my fingertips – I just needed to stop all the other nonsense!

So, the cookbook shoot date was set for the last week of August, right before Labor Day. That gave me about 3 months to take control.


Enter June 4, 2014. I opened up my Instagram account @GetInspiralized. I was nervous, embarrassed and afraid, but I knew I had to hold myself accountable. I told myself that I would take a workout selfie every time I worked out (very few times I forgot) and I would talk about what I did and how I felt. I would try to take similar poses, so I could visually see my progress, as I lost weight. I also told myself I’d periodically check in on the scale and take a picture.

So, I set a weight loss goal: I wanted to weigh 140/145 pounds. Maybe I’d lose weight beyond that, but I knew myself and the type of figure I wanted to maintain and 140/145 seemed like an attainable and healthy weight for my curvy, 5’8” frame. I figured I’d start there and reassess once I hit that goal, based on how I felt and how my clothes fit. Keep in mind I started at 168, so this would be a total of almost 30 pounds lost.

My plan?
– Start exercising consistently
– Take control of my eating


Aside from that, I decided to take control of my workout behavior. I resolved to work out at least 5 days a week and be consistent. To me, 5 days in a row consistently seemed daunting, but after I posted up my first picture on @GetInspiralized, I knew there was no turning back – I was blessed with the chance to make something of Inspiralized, I wasn’t going to ruin it and I was going to enlist my loyal, supportive followers to inspire me and keep me accountable.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture taken on June 4, 2014, day 1 of @GetInspiralized]

In this resolution, I knew I needed a workout plan that worked for me. I must have spent hours and hours researching workouts to build an Ali-friendly workout plan that I printed out and brought to the gym (and still bring to the gym!) I went to all of my favorite fitness magazines and blogs and most importantly, Tone It Up. Tone It Up’s videos and daily motivational e-mails and community kept me going – I never felt bored and if I did, I could always visit their YouTube or their blog and find a newly posted video to build into my workouts.

The key? Lifting weights. To be honest, I had never lifted weights before (I was always a cardio girl with maybe 10 minutes of lazy machine lifting.) I had never done squats or lunges – no body weight lifting. Just, cardio.

Once I started building weight lifting into my workouts (just 10-15 minutes at first), I almost immediately (as in, 3 days) saw a change in my body: I’d pass a window and see a little glimmer of a tricep muscle and I saw the tone in my calves. It was so motivating, that I WANTED to go to the gym, excited to see what my body could do next. I realized that all of these years, I had been dreading the gym because I thought that if I didn’t run a certain number of miles and spend a certain amount of minutes on cardio, I wouldn’t lose weight. Quite the contrary, I found out (and that’s my own ignorance about fitness, clearly!)

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture taken on June 11, 2014, 1 week into my @GetInspiralized account]

I started making mini goals, such as “by next week, I’ll be able to do 30 squats in a row.” Keeping these mini goals pushed me to get to the gym every day to reach those goals. I wrote them all down and made sure to build in the proper exercises into my workouts to meet those goals. Also, I changed it up every single day. My cardio generally stayed the same, but I did a different weight lifting routine each day, to keep my body guessing and to keep my interest levels up.

Here’s a sample workout, which took me about 45 minutes – 1 hour at the gym, depending on how hard I pushed myself and if I added a few extras or stopped early for whatever reason:

30 minutes cardio
– usually running or intense HIIT training

Repeat 2-3 times
15 reps – squats with 15 pound dumbbells
30 seconds – jumping alternating lunges
20 reps – deadlifts with 20 pound deadlifts

Repeat 2-3 times
15 reps – bicep curls with 10-15 pound weights
15 reps – tricep dips
10 reps – pushups

Repeat 2-3 times
1 minute – treadmill lunges
45 seconds – plank
30 seconds – kettlebell swings

Repeat 2-3 times
15 reps – chest press with 10 pounds
15 reps – Russian situps with kettlebell
15 reps – shoulder press with 10 pounds

In the middle of June, this amazing woman from Under Armour noticed my fit journey and she kindly sent me some amazing workout gear to use while I worked towards my goals. Wearing their gear empowered me – I felt like an athlete, I looked like one and most importantly, I was excited to get to the gym and show off my cool outfits. I was also comfortable working out – their spandex are incredible and their ribbed tank tops (wearing one in the picture below) are amazingly flattering. I loved wearing these to the gym, showing off my arms that were slowly becoming stronger and stronger.

My weight loss story: How I used the spiralizer to get healthy and lose 25 pounds

[Left – June 21, 2014 and Right – October 22, 2014]

Then, towards the end of June, my building’s gym got two Peloton bikes. For those of you who don’t know, Peloton is a company that sells spinning bikes but also has a NYC studio. On each bike, there’s this beautiful, high-def flat TV screen where you can live-stream classes from the NYC studio OR you can watch prerecorded classes.

I had always been a huge fan of Soul Cycle and spinning in general. On a blogger budget, though, it’s sometimes tough to make it to those classes, since they can run upwards of $40 all-in. I was so excited to see spin bikes in my gym, so I hopped on.

Immediately, I became hooked. This accelerated my weight loss, because I started spinning 4/5 of those workout days – each class burns about 600-700 calories! Also, I discovered Robin Arzon, who is an incredible inspiration – she quit her job as a successful corporate lawyer to pursue her dream of breaking limits in the fitness world. She’s also diabetic (like my mom!), Puerto Rican (like Lu!) and of course, she’s going for it (like me!) Check out her Instagram. Seriously, having her inspirational pictures pop up on my feed kept me going on days when I thought I couldn’t.

Once I’m at my goal (140 lbs!), I’m going to treat myself to a spin class in their NYC studio. One of Robin’s classes, of course.


You can work out all you want, but if your diet isn’t there, you’re not going to see the results you want. You are what you eat. What you eat in private, you wear in public. These sayings are 100% true.

I knew I had to nourish myself in order to keep consistent with those 5 days of working out. In the past, as you read, I would workout and not eat enough, leading to binge eating and lack of motivation or energy for future workouts.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture was taken on August 6, 2014 to show the progress in my leg muscles]

I’m a little different, because I have to taste multiple things on the days that I cook for the blog. On those days, I’d try to eat one less snack during the day, to compensate for those extra calories.

So, I started eating Inspiralized, since that was what I knew best. I’d eat something spiralized for both lunch and dinner, since I knew I’d feel full, nourished and energized after those meals thanks to the fiber in the vegetables. For breakfast, I always had a protein green smoothie. For snacks, I alternated depending on what I had bought that week to keep me prepared. Instead of explaining, let me show you a sample meal plan on an average day:

Breakfast (8:30 – 10am)
– 2 cups of coffee with almond milk
– Green protein smoothie: almond milk, ice, water, ½ frozen banana, handful of frozen blueberries, about a cup of fresh spinach, 1 scoop of vanilla plant protein powder

Snack (11-11:30am)
– a piece of fruit (1 apple, 1 peach, etc)

Lunch (12:30-1pm)
– Collard green wrap with turkey, mustard, spiralized zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, onions, alfalfa sprouts OR a bowl of beet noodles with tomatoes, feta and chickpeas OR this detox recipe.

Snack (3pm)
– 100 calorie pack of pistachios or hummus and carrots or almonds and raisin mixture
– Coffee with almond milk

Pre workout snack (4:30/5pm)
– One of the following: Spoonful of almond butter (straight from the tub!) OR Slice of whole wheat bread with a mashed half banana OR Hard boiled egg OR ¼ cup of Greek yogurt with a couple tablespoons of granola

Dinner (7:30pm)
– Something Inspiralized! A favorite mid-week go to is my Bikini Bolognese which I usually eat alongside a piece of bread for dunking or some extra grated Parmesan cheese.
– Side or starter salad – simple with arugula and an olive oil/Dijon/lemon juice vinaigrette, maybe with some sliced red radishes

Dessert (8:30/9pm)
– A sizeable bowl of popcorn, a serving of dark chocolate covered pomegranates or a cup of frozen grapes

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture is one of my collard green turkey and zucchini noodle lunch wraps]

Not mentioned above: LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of water. I have a reusable water bottle that I constantly fill throughout the day. I feel much more energized and even full when I drink water. It helps with digestion and makes your skin glow. It’s such an easy diet trick, don’t forget it.

That’s pretty much it! Simple, fresh, whole and of course, satisfying! The most important thing about this meal plan? Don’t stress if it’s 2pm and you’re absolutely ravenous – give yourself a snack that’s clean and whole. It’s better than ignoring your hunger and then bingeing on a bag of potato chips later. Truuust me, I’ve been there.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture was taken on October 10, 2014 showing off my guns that I’ve so-so proud of]

Oh and of course, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without meal planning. Every Sunday, I would decide not only what my blog post schedule was but also, what I was going to eat for dinners that week (which 95% of the time revolved around my blog post schedule – so I was eating what I was blogging, or, practicing what I was preaching!) I sat down on Sunday, made a detailed list, shopped and did any meal prep beforehand that I could – spiralizing all of my vegetables for the week and cooking meats or rinsing cans of beans, things like that. You can learn more about my meal planning tips in this post.

If you’d like more meal plan ideas, leave a note in the comments and if I get enough interest, I’ll build a real meal plan in a future post!

The recipes I most often made for dinner from the blog:


All of the healthy eating and exercise paid off – I am at about 145 pounds (fluctuating up and down a couple pounds depending on the day) and I feel fan-freaking-tastic. I’m about a size 4/6 and 27/28 down from a 10/12 and 31/32 (which in reality, isn’t important, but sometimes it’s helpful to compare from your previous sizes to keep yourself on track.)

I’ve only got 5 pounds to lose and it’s definitely tough to keep motivated when it’s “only” 5 pounds. They always say this is the hardest! To be honest, I’m enjoying this stage in my weight loss and where I am and how my body moves. I feel so strong at the gym and I feel confident when I go out and dress up.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture was taken on October 21, 2014 outside my building]

I’ve set a new goal today, which I hope you’ll help keep me accountable for on @GetInspiralized. The goal is to get down to 140 pounds by Thanksgiving! Now listen, these scale numbers are just to keep motivated and on track. It’s easier to track weight loss and toning up by numbers – I’m lifting 15 pound weights now instead of 10s and I’m down to 145 from 168.

This may seem cheesy, but, honestly, I could have never done it without all of my followers on Instagram. Every time I posted a photo, I’d see a drop in followers – maybe 10 people would stop following me. It would upset me and I thought, “Is it because I don’t have the right posting gym selfies, because I’m out of shape?” Then, I’d see my true followers (who I love to death) comment with things like “you go girl!” and “you’ve got this!”

Finally, when I really started to shed the weight off, the best part was seeing your comments like “Wow! You look amazing!” and “This is so inspiring, I want those arms!” When I wasn’t in the mood for the gym, I’d reread old comments on my photos and it would literally light a fire under my butt and I’d rush to the gym, determined to work hard and post up a new gym selfie, encouraging others to push through their limits.

It’s all about finding a system that works for you – don’t let someone tell you “oh, you shouldn’t weigh yourself!” If that’s what helps you keep fit, keep doing it!

My biggest piece of advice for people that want to lose weight and get fit? Find what works best for you and what’s manageable and DO IT. Make your own plan that is tailored to you. Would you dress the way someone else would want you to dress? No! Then why would you follow someone else’s workout plan? You are the one that is going to be doing it – not that other person!

Now, aside from that, here are the 3 key things I kept in mind while on this weight loss journey (that I started with @GetInspiralized on June 4, 2014):

1. Don’t let a “bad” day set you off track: I’ll be the first to admit, there are nights when I just give in to my cravings and eat a chocolate bar or two. Or, there are simply nights when I have that extra serving of popcorn. But what I do now, instead of what I used to do, is get over it. I drink loads of water, wake up and take command of that day and I do NOT let myself get off track that day. Then, you’ll wake up the following day and feel so much better that you’ll be encouraged to keep going. Don’t let the vicious cycle start. Take control.

2. Enjoy your life: As I said earlier, I used to let my weight loss goals rule my life – I wouldn’t go out with friends, afraid I’d drink and eat too many calories and “ruin” the day. How is spending time with those who make you happy “ruining” your day?! Once I stopped canceling plans with friends and started honoring my plans, I was immediately happier and when I was out, I told my friends about my goals (hey, let’s not get dessert, I’m really trying to lose weight.) My friends were so happy, because they too didn’t want to eat dessert but didn’t want to be “that friend.” It’s so silly, but communication is incredibly important – tell everyone around you your goals. You might inspire someone else to follow a healthier lifestyle! Also, the happier you are, the more you want to be social and therefore, feel good about yourself.

3. Be consistent: while you may not notice changes right away, all of a sudden, you’ll be down a size out of nowhere. From what? Consistency. There are no shortcuts: you need to eat healthy and exercise for the majority of the time. I follow a pretty solid 80/20 rule (80% healthy, 20% indulge.) Pretty much, I give myself the weekends to relax and I commit to pushing myself during the weekdays.

Truthfully, I think the reason why I feel “different” this time around is because I’m never hungry. In the past, I was never satisfied and had constant cravings. Eating salads for dinner and running miles on a treadmill will leave you feeling unfulfilled and lead to those binges.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture was from Lu and I’s engagement shoot, taken August 23 – I was about 150 here and clearly happy <3]

Most importantly, eating Inspiralized is essential in my fit journey. Without those Inspiralized dinners, I would have been left eating salads or boring plates of veggies and protein. Now, I look forward to a giant bowl of zucchini noodles (or whatever spiralized veggie it may be) for dinner and I don’t dread “having” to eat a quinoa salad.

I’m often eating less than 300 calories for dinner, but I get to have a dessert and not feel guilty – and I feel like I’m eating an indulgent plate of pasta, instead of something that tastes like a diet. I get to snack during the day and frontload my calories and then have that big satisfying dinner, without the high calorie count. I feel like I’m cheating, but my waistline knows I’m not!

I’m Inspiralized all over again.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Above picture is my most recent weigh-in as of 10/22 when I wrote this post, on October 2 at 146!]

Thank you so much for being with me every step of the way. I hope this post inspires you to start your own journey. It’s a journey, it really is – there will be times when you feel discouraged. Just know that it’s not going to happen in 3 weeks. It’s taken me almost 4 months to get where I am, because I’ve fallen off the wagon here and there, but I’ve gotten immediately back up instead of giving up.


I asked you on social media what you’d like to know about my weight loss journey. I tried to answer everything in my post, but here are some particular questions I wanted to explicitly answer:

“When is the best day to start a diet?”
June 4 was when I started mine. It was a Wednesday. Clearly, there’s no better time than the present! Don’t push it off – just stop what you’re doing, make a plan and go for it!

“What do you eat when dining out? Also, what about alcoholic drinks?”
I always check out the menu ahead of time and take the time to decide what’s the healthiest item on the menu and I resolve to order it. That way, if I have a couple glasses of wine and start feeling “loose,” I won’t need to make any game time decisions that might not be the best. Also, I never have the bread basket – I’d rather order an appetizer that’s healthier and have my calories that way and get some nutrients in while satisfying my hunger. If I’m out for a birthday and the table wants to order dessert, I’ll have a spoonful and stop myself. It’s a rule I made a while ago in this fit journey and it has worked very well. You’ll also see in this post I talk about communicating with my friends about my goals – I’ll let a friend know I’m trying to stay on track, so I won’t split the fried calamari if they order it – it’s tough to stand up for yourself, but you’ll often times find yourself inspiring others to skip it. As for the alcohol, I really only drink when I’m out and I don’t limit myself, since I’m usually out celebrating or hanging out with friends and that time is precious to me. I never drink during the week at home with dinner.

How did you get your boyfriend to eat healthy with you?
I’m a lucky girl – Lu used to live with a nutritionist who taught him to love healthy food. On nights when I don’t feel like cooking, Lu tells me which Inspiralized dish he wants, which helps when I’m just not in the mood to be creative. Also, Lu knows about my weight loss goals and he supports me when I tell him I don’t want to order that extra appetizer or cheese plate. Tell your partner how important it is to you and he/she will of course be there for you.

What change had the biggest impact on your weight loss?
Not letting a “bad” day ruin my chances to have a “good” week and keep on track and consistent with my goals. I talked about that in this post!

How did you plan for cravings?
Having healthy alternatives at my disposal! I always keep dark chocolate covered pomegranates in my cupboard and frozen green grapes – if I ever have a sweet tooth, I allow myself a serving and I keep it at a serving. Knowing that it’s there if I want it keeps me from rummaging through the pantry and eating everything or making a trip downstairs to grab that pint of Talenti.

The Inspiralized Weight Loss Journey How I used the spiralizer to take control of my health, lose 25 pounds and get totally fit!

[Left – January 2014, Right – September 30, 2014, wearing the same shirt in both pictures – with totally different bodies!]

What gets you off track and how do you deal with that?
Ahhhh. I’m actually healthy nearly 100% of the time when I’m not drinking alcohol. It’s my blog and I want to be completely authentic and honest in this post. When I go out and have a few glasses of wine, I lose most of my healthy judgment and I will come home and binge eat. I’m a big drunk binger! It started in college and never left me! Even if I have a glass of wine, I tend to indulge. Most recently, I’ve asked Lu to stop me or I’ll just tell myself I can eat as much fruit as I want – OR, I’ll fill up a water bottle and drink that, sometimes that works. I’m bad, but I just wake up the next day and resolve to having a healthy day and I forget about it. Life goes on!

How do you deal with plateauing?
I’ve been lucky enough that I haven’t really plateaued yet. Since I switch my workouts up constantly, I’m always finding new muscles popping up or I’m sore in different places. While the scale doesn’t budge, the inches change and I’m toning. Sometimes, if I really want to push myself, I’ll eat one less snack or skip dessert for a week to kickstart things, but generally, I keep things interesting and that helps with the plateau issue.

How do you stay motivated?
I look at “before” pictures of myself, read inspirational quotes, look at my favorite fitness Instagrams and make up a new workout that will fit my motivation and energy level. For instance, if I just can’t do cardio that day, I’ll do a 25 minute HIIT workout and then do some arms and abs for 10 or 15 minutes.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as they come in over the next few days. Thank you again for listening. Also, please let me know if you would like me to continue to track my healthy journey on this blog – I might start a Friday series if there’s enough interest!


In support of my fit journey, Under Armour is giving away one lucky Inspiralized reader a Women’s StudioLux Duffle bag, valued at $134.99. Open to US addresses only, giveaway will end Thursday, October 30, 2014. Good luck and thanks to Under Armour for making me look good while I sweat!

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  12. I bought a spiralizer a couple of months ago. So far, all I've done is zucchini noodles. Thanks for your words of inspiration (or is that inspiralization) and ideas!
  13. You're story is really inspiring! Definitely going to have to spiralize something for dinner tonight! You go girl!
  14. I don't know if I could love you anymore haha! Your weight loss journey is so relatable because as women many us have the same struggles and it's nice know we're not alone! We all know what we have to do, it's just a matter of making the decision to commit to putting the work in (how bad do you want it!). Like you said, it's 100% a lifestyle change, there is no such thing as a quick fix that can be maintained over time (trust me I've tried them!). I have struggled with yo-yo weight loss over the years and I feel like recently I have finally found something that works (eating clean, whole foods and consistent workouts), I'm down 60 lbs so far! Your blog is a HUGE part of my success, your recipes are so inspired that it gets me excited to make (and eat) them (I've also shared your blog with many of my family and friends and so many have purchased's my way of paying it forward!) I completely agree that weight training has been a major factor in my success this round, my body has COMPLETELY changed! I've weighed less that I do today, but adding strength training actually has me in a smaller size! It's the best when you start to see the definition popping out, it empowers me to keep up with it because there is such satisfaction in seeing the results appear right before your eyes! Keep doing what you're doing, you look fantastic and you can actually see from your pictures that you have a glow about you, you're happiness is really shining through. Can't thank you enough for how you've inspired me!
    • Keep your good work up - 60 pounds, that's incredible! Definitely rejoice in that, you deserve it - that's not an easy feat. It's great to hear such positive energy from a reader, thanks for sharing your story (I'm sure others reading this will be inspired by you too!) We rock... just sayin'. :)
  15. Thank you for the inspiralized inspiration! I seem to have been on the same journey as you but started a year before, still going up and down on those last 5 pounds but proud I made it this far!
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  17. Great post. The Spiralizer has helped me eat more veggies so I hope I'll be seeing similar results.
  18. Ali, as always, this is very inspiring!! As someone studying nutrition in grad school, your approach and attitude towards weight loss is refreshing! Keep up the amazing'll all be worth it!
  19. Fantastic post! Congrats! I've only been following since June-ish, and only recently found the @getinspiralized Instagram account, and you are definitely inspiring. We're all human, we all make mistakes, we all want an easy fix and yet ... we're all so similar! Great read this morning :)
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  23. Thanks for sharing your journey! You look fantastic, and also happy. :)
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  25. Thank you so much for posting this... I've been in a funk with my weight loss goals lately and my workout routine, so this is a great kick in the rear to get going again! I know that I for one would really appreciate a meal plan, if you have the time to put one together in all your crazy busy life! :) In any case, I'm definitely pinning this post to go back and reread when I get in a funk again. Thank you for being so inspiring!
  26. Great blog post! I love your recipes and just started weight training after years of cardio 5 weeks ago.
  27. Weight loss journeys are always inspiring. I took control of my health about 8 yrs ago and never looked back. For plateauing: I set a new goal, such as increasing strength training+ increasing protein intake and try that out for at least 8 wks, etc.
  28. Thank you!
  29. Thanks for your honesty. Wonderful post!
  30. If I get off track the biggest things is not being guilty and enjoying whatever activity or food or drink I'm having. Eat healthy the rest of the day if you know you're going out for an indulgent meal at night. One day won't undo a whole week of good eating and sweating!
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  40. Very inspiring! You sound very normal, and you've figured out what works for you and have slip ups and move on. Although reading this is inspiring, I still need to get my spark to get my head back in the 'get in shape' game. It's a constant battle! Too many temptations out there and life gets in the way. I might need to re-read this a few times :)
  41. I love your blog and your weight loss story. You have a wonderful down to earth approach and a lovely way of telling your journey. An inspiration to us all! AND... you look fabulous! Thank you for sharing.
  42. Avatar Joy @ :
    Wow. I am SO inspired by this. Specifically, I'm inspired to get serious about weight training. I also started my weight loss journey at 168 with a goal of being 145 so I really relate to your story. Thanks so much for sharing. I just followed you on Instagram :)
  43. You have done some amazing work! I love the photos of you making a muscle - you look so strong and proud, which is what it's all about. One note of caution is around spinning and other cardio. There is a lot of new research showing that "chronic cardio" can have detrimental impacts on weight loss and can cause permanent damage to metabolism as the body will slow its metabolism to combat the calories lost while exercise. It may be good to taper off more and more on the cardio and focus on lifting and occasionally sprinting exercises outside or on the bike. I'm no expert either but a student of life and I used to do a TON of cardio. I now only do cardio maybe 2 or at most 3 days a week in brief spurts (lasting for less than 30 mins total but often closer to 15 or 20) and lift as heavy as possible a few days a week outside of that. I take long walks with my husband and dog a few days a week and occasional hikes on the weekend. I also practice yoga whenever I can. After a few months of this, I have never looked leaner. I have more energy than ever before and the reduced stress on my body has had a big impact on my overall stress levels, skin, sleep and mood. Keep up the great work and keep sharing my your success. You are, indeed, an inspiration!
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  51. Something that has really motivated me, and I assume you as well, is MY WEDDING! I use my wedding as a goal to be sure I feel (and look) as good as I know I can. I have been on a weight loss journey for over a year, and it all started with Tone It Up as well. Now, my wedding motivates me to stick to the healthy eating and daily workouts, even if it's a morning where all I can do is yoga :) June 20, 2015 is circled with a heart to keep me going before I say "I Do" that afternoon. Being inspiralized is one of the reasons I've been keeping up with my goals, thanks to your blog! Keep it up girl, we're in this together!!
  52. Thank you for sharing your journey. So honest and inspiring! Can you share where you get or brand of chocolate covered pomegranates? They sound amazing.
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  55. I totally enjoyed your post. I have been intermittently exercising and I can see that I need to lay down a workable program for myself. It is nice to know that consistency and planning works. I am going to use your idea of sitting down on Sunday for planning food for the next week. That will do two things; better eating habits and budgeting. BTW, I have shared your link for this story with three people who are so important to me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. You looked great before, but clearly more fit now.
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  63. Keep in mind that when you're weight-lifting, having your goal be a specific weight may not be realistic, because you're laying down so much muscle which weighs more than fat. You could potentially gain weight at this point but be slimmer.
  64. Your journey is incredible! Keep up the good work! I would also love if you share some of your resources for weight training...I lift weights but have trouble developing an effective regimen!
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  74. I love your blog because you are so incredibly relatable, I feel like you are my bud! It's fun to follow you because you are inspired but normal, does that make sense?! Ha. I love all the recipes and they are easy to make. Since I started following you I've bought spiralizers for 4 of my friends and we all share our thoughts on the recipes. Keep it up, Ali, you are doing great! I too love the beach babes but enjoy your recipes more :-)
  75. Thank you for the insight into your process! I have recommitted myself to getting healthier, which includes working out at least 5 days a week, cooking at home, practicing portion control, and recording my food in a log. It has only been 4 days and already I feel like a million bucks! I love my spiralizer, so thank you for the recipes and the inspiration! I would love to hear more about your journey on the blog!
  76. Thanks for sharing your journey- sometimes we know what to do and still can't do it. I find your common sense, don't beat yourself approach both refreshing. and doable. Thanks
  77. You are such an inspiration! I have just started my weight loss journey and have started it all by training for a 5k. I haven't done my best at the nutrition side of things, but I'm working on meal planning on Sundays now and prepping my lunches for the work week. Thank you for continuing to inspire a healthy lifestyle and being so real and honest on your blog!
  78. This was just what I needed to see today. Since January 2014 I've lost about 40 pounds and have recently become too comfortable to get motivated and push myself the way I used to. I still have about 20 pounds to go and I've really been slacking. Every point you made about not letting one bad day get you off track is exactly what I need to practice, and this post has inspired me to get back ON track. I love all of your recipes and when I found your blog and bought a spiralizer about 4 months ago, it really changed my view on eating healthy (which definitely accounts for several of the pounds I've shed.) Please continue to post updates on your journey, as I'm sure they inspire others just as much as they inspire me.
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  85. WHAT KEEPS ME MOTIVATED? My Ah-ha moment, keeps me motivated. I vowed on May 2, 2014 that I was NEVER going to have another 'FAT BIRTHDAY'. I decided what my weight loss plan would be (LCHF), made a list of a few week's meals, and got the ingredients when my monthly check arrived on May 8th, and began my Journey. I'm down from 189 to 176 so far. My goal is to reach 145. I repeat this goal over and over to myself several times a day: I will NEVER have another FAT BIRTHDAY!
  86. A good gym bag and a few well-fitting clothes makes everyone motivated to work out! I've gotten out of the habit of going to the gym (Why is it so easy to let the most important things go when you're busy?) - too much gardening and preserving to do! But I've had lots of fresh vegetables for spiralizing, so that's one plus! I like that you changed your goals during your journey for weight loss. Sometimes we need to take our plan and section it out. Instead of a goal so far out that it seems impossible, we can make smaller, more attainable goals. When we get there, we feel so accomplished! Then we can re-evaluate and plan again. You did that and you look terrific! I have 20 pounds to go. At 5'1" that's the extra "chub" in my photos!
  87. Thank you for sharing your story! You've inspired me!
  88. Avatar Sherri Wilkie :
    Ali, you are a delightful inspiration to me and so many others. Your joy and enthusiasm has always been apparent in your writings, your recipes and on your face especially. Thank you for your unselfish and courageous story as well as your wonderful inspiralized website. I enjoy reading everything in your newsletters and preparing dishes according to your recipes. I wish you continued success. Thank you for your efforts! Your Fan, Sherri
  89. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I'm especially glad you shared a typical workout. You're right, weight lifting or doing body weight workouts is so important when working out.
  90. I am so glad my search for great recipes lead me to your blog! You were just the inspiration I needed to make today the day to get back into a healthy routine!
  91. Reading this today has really remotivated me to start back on my weight loss goals. I got married in August and I was working so hard until then that it's been hard to get back on the horse. I just set myself a running goal of 3x a week just to get back in the habit, but I really need to be aware of what and how much I'm eating again. Thank you for remotivating me!
  92. Your blog has inspired me to start my weight loss journey. At 147, its time to get back to a healthy weight.
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  97. Great autobio of a weight-loss journey. You have a lot of friends whom you have inspired. What a creative thing to have done. I do have a question now that my sincere compliments have been delivered. Do you have any workable advice on how to gain weight? I am 5'10" and used to weigh 185 in the bathroom. About a year and a half ago I started losing pounds pretty rapidly for no reason at all. I am perfectly healthy---no health reasons for the loss. My age may play a part in this, as I am 87 and now weigh 135, just what I weighed when I was 17. I eat like a horse, and especially like all the new and different flavors that come with Spiralized food. On the other hand nothing I have done has pried my weight off that low figure. Thanks in advance. Malcolm.
  98. Amazing story and great motivation! I have 16 more lbs to go on my weight loss journey and it is getting really difficult. I've plateaued after losing 30 lbs already. Inspiralized has definely helped get me back on track. Reading your story helped too. I'm learning how to move on after a "bad" day. Refreshing to know that it happens to the best of us. Thank you and good luck! Look forward to reading more about your journey!
  99. This is a really great post. Like most people I struggle with weight and crash diets. I basically starved myself for my wedding and put on about 15 pounds in the three months after my wedding. I have loved your recipes, but really like that you approach weight loss as a life style and making changes that can be sustained. Your post has inspired me to start slow and start taking steps towards healthier habits. Also your arms look incredible!
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  101. I would love a Friday feature! Watching someone else stay motivated helps me stay motivated too!
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  103. Thank you for sharing your story! I struggle with this same problem and will get jumpstarted and then lose my fire. Ever since I found your blog, I have started to make healthier dinner you have inspired me to do more than that. I will now incorporate exercise because everything you said is right! I will continue to look to you for inspiration! I am DEFINITLY interested in a meal plan post!!!!! Thank you Ali!
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  108. I'm new to your blog and I loved reading this post! We have so much in common. I've been on a journey for a while and have lost weight but just started incorporating heavier weights and see a difference already (two weeks in!!). It's so motivating to see changes. Lifting heavier weights makes you feel strong too which I love. Thanks for the inspiration and great reads!
  109. I"ve been a follower before your @getinspiralized account. The food & exercise goes hand in hand definitely. Keep up the great work. I look forward to food and exercise posts for motivation
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  112. Can you please give us more ideas of the most comon things you ate for every meal of the day? It would be a great help/reference taking your ideas for every meal and create our own week plan. :-)
  113. Thanks so much for the inspiring Inspiralized post!! I have gained and lost the same 40 pounds several times and at 50 years old it now is even more difficult to lose it yet again! Now that I have the Spiralizer and some awesome recipes I am confident that I can lose it and not find it again! I am looking forward to a slimmer more fit body and your inspiring Friday posts!
  114. Avatar Tara Sarrazin :
    Congrats on your weight loss! That is awesome!
  115. Since finding your site and spiralizing, I have lost nearly 15 pounds! Now reading this, I am even more motivated to continue my own journey! Feeling terrific is the main goal--more energy, more stamina! I have joined a gym and go 4 times a week now...thank you for sharing--I just printed out more recipes to keep on going!
  116. I would definitely be interested in seeing a Friday series about this! I've been following your journey through Instagram, and it's so nice to follow along with someone else in the same boat. I lost almost 30 lbs before my wedding, lost motivation when all the craziness was over, and gained back about 15 lbs. I'm not allowing myself to go back to where I started, so I'm back on it and starting to lose weight again, slowly but surely! You've got this, girl! Keep it up! :)
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  120. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Keep up the great work and you can definitely meet your goal by Thanksgiving!!
  121. thanks for sharing!! you wrote about a lot of things that i go through and feel (weight loss struggles) and have inspired me to start my journey too. :)
  122. It show great strength to share such a personal journey. Congratulations on your triumphs!
  123. Would LOVE a Friday feature! We can all use the motivation to stay healthy and fit!
  124. I'm one of your @GetInspiralized dropouts. Sorry! The fault was mine in that it was more stressful to me to see your success when I wasn't doing as well at that time! Thanks for this post and you ARE inspiring. I've found the lolo apps to be very helpful to keep me motivated. I love them all. BeatBurn Elliptical and BeatBurn treadmill are my favorites. Easy Legs. Easy abs. Easy arms. They're all great and keep things changing so I don't get bored.
  125. A friday feature would be awesome. love the story, love the recipes!
  126. Awesome work, you look great! I would love to see an inspiralized meal plan for a week! That would be great
  127. Very Inspirational! I have lived most of my life yo-yo dieting and binging. After reading this, I have inspiration to take control and make this weight-loss journey a LIFESTYLE not a "diet". Thank you for inspiring myself and others! Question... Do you worry about counting calories? Or just focus on portion control? I would use my fitness pal to track calories and it works great, however, it eventually becomes obsessive and then I get tired of always logging everything. I don't think I can see myself tracking calories for the rest of my life!
  128. Thank you for writing this!!!!! I am 26, just quit my full time job for grad school. We are super similar in body type, and I actually also started at 168.2! I started my journey the first week of August 2014, and am down to 155 (this morning!). You've inspired me to try my hand at weights! So much of this journey is mental. I know this could not have been easy to write, but seriously, thank you.
  129. You've made amazing progress and are truly an "inspiralization"! I've been injured for about three weeks and I can tell that I haven't been working out, but I'm trying really hard not to let it get me down and trying to keep my eating in check. This article was extremely helpful and I'm going to get back on track right now. :)
  130. I'd love to see some meal plans!
  131. Ali this was an awesome post. I love your honesty. I'm actually struggling with this right now. I snack on sweets too much and it's a snowball effect. I have 1-2 cookies then I'm like well might as well have one more..etc. and then I feel awful, bloated, etc. and then its just repeated! Once I fall off the healthy eating wagon it's so hard for me to get back on. But I plan on doing so this next week! Working out for me is easy, it's the nutrition part that is SO HARD. I haven't been feeling happy with my body and I realize all that is my own fault. Thanks for the inspiration!! Very cool you get stuff sent to you from Under Armour!
  132. So inspiring! I'm currently using recipes from your blog 3-4 times a week minimum and have turned to the weights at the gym. Hope I have a similarly awesome experience to you. This blog is changing my life! X
  133. I would love to see the Friday feature!
  134. i would love to see more information from Inspiralized! it's definitely inspiring me!\
  135. I want to congratulate you on your journey and hitting your attainable goals! I also think it took a lot of chutzpah to lay it all out for us, thanks for having the courage to do so!
  136. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm at a turning point and know I need some lifestyle changes. You've inspired me. I'd love to read your meal plans!
  137. Avatar Allie Anderson :
    Very inspiring. Thank you for being so open with all of us. I actually started the same journey at the same time as you, and ironically enough, the same weight. The only struggle I have is getting myself motivated to work out. This post has helped me make the final push to re-join my gym. Thank you for that!
  138. First off - you go girl. You look amazing and it sounds like you feel that way too. Thanks for your transparency. I CANNOT wait for your cookbook to come out!
  139. I think a Friday Feature would be a lot of fun, and could give you a day to let your blog readers in to a different part of your life! I am so amazed by your journey, and love how recent everything is. You read transformation stories from a few years back, and while they are still just as inspiring, it is even more amazing seeing someone in the midst of that! I do CrossFit, and it just happens to be the 'thing' that makes me the most happy -- it honestly doesn't feel like "having to work out". For me, it is my "me" time and makes me feel amazing! Since starting my own journey to be more healthy (went a little overweight to be unsatisfied, to restrictively small...not good), my routine I'm in now just feels like life. And I love it.
  140. Avatar kristina gadbury :
    loved this post! you look great! and i love your gym selfies. can't wait for your cookbook!
  141. This post has motivated me to make a plan and to focus on consistency. I would love a Friday series - it would help me so much. Thank you for posting this - you have helped so many people.
  142. Congrats Ali! You're rockin it! Keep it up! :) I recently went through a body transformation too! I started going to a boxing class 5 days a week and it kicks my ass! Now I've got crazy guns and shoulders to show off & love it! It feels awesome to be strong :) Thanks for sharing your story! Go for the gold! That 5 lbs has nothing on you! haha
  143. This was an awesome post--thank you for being courageous to share it! I love, love, love your recipes and find that they fit perfectly in my low carb eating plan. And YES to weight lifting! Once I started weight lifting and HIIT, I became lean and fit, instead of a typical flabby 50+something year old! Thanks for all the great recipes!
  144. How do you stay motivated? I'm still on my "live healthy" journey and I probably always will be. :) My life-changing moment was deciding to start practicing yoga and aerial yoga at a local studio, and not just becoming more aware of my body and its needs, but becoming more aware of how much better I feel when I'm nourishing my body with rest, good food, and lots of water! I actually really dislike working out for the sake of working out, even if it's to have a stronger body or towards a healthy living goal. I want to find activities that I do regularly and consistently because I enjoy them and they make me feel great. Right now that's yoga, but I'm always on the lookout to try something new. I've done the gym routine before and while I can attest to its effectiveness, it's not something that is motivating enough for me on its own. TLDR; I stay motivated through love - love of being healthy and feeling healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, and loving the activities that help me get there!
  145. Yes! Definitely do the Friday series.
  146. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. I've LOVED following along on IG-- and even though I haven't yet set my mind to it, I'm more confident in the idea of weight loss having watched your progress. Thanks for being brave and letting us all journey with you. And YES to the meal plan. I'd love something like that.
  147. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, Ali! I feel like I'm right behind you. I'm 5'8 1/2 and have been hovering around 180 all summer. I don't feel like I look 180 except my belly. Since my son when back to school in August I've been on a mission hiking and running in the sand pits by my house. Each week I'm kicking up my workouts and started with weights two weeks ago. Wow, what a difference the weights make. Keep on going! I love your recipes. And I was excited to see your collard wrap, I have so much collard growing in my garden.
  148. I already commented but just thought of something I wish I had included - I would love to hear more about the "mini-goals" you set. I find I set goals and then get discouraged and of track when I don't attain them. How do you set realistic mini goals?
    • Great question! I actually didn't set weight mini goals, it was more of performance-related mini goals. Two examples were: 1. Squat challenges - I'd start of doing 10 squats and say "in two weeks, I want to be doing 20 squats in each set." So, for the first week, I did 3 sets of 10 squats each day. By the second week, I was doing 20! 2. Cardio goals - I would set goals based on the cardio I was doing. For running, I would go 1 extra block each week so that by the next month, I was running 1 extra mile. I stopped and maintained after I met that goal. Hope this helps!
  149. A very inspirational journey....and yes, I would love to see you continue with a Friday series.
  150. I would love a feature on weight loss/getting healthy but I think I might follow it more if it was on a Monday rather than a Friday. I tend to be checked out on Fridays and Monday is when I need the most inspiration.
  151. I would love if you would start a Friday blog post about your journey to fitness. I absolutely love your blog posts :-)
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  153. I enjoyed your story & I love that you treat yourself & live a little! Makes dieting doable for me!
  154. Amazing post. Really inspiring. Thank you for being so honest.
  155. Ali, it's amazing how alike we are. Same starting weight, same goals, same height (except I've lost two inches of mine). My journey is apparently a lot tougher than yours at this moment, because I've spent too much time on road trips. For what it's worth, I basically don't have cravings anymore because I am eating regularly and eating healthy foods. I find that I really don't want more than one glass of wine or one beer. My biggest issue is being hit by emotions when I'm tired. What you've been able to achieve is wonderful, and you inspire me. I should probably use my spiralizer more than I do, because I am happier with fewer starchy carbs. Now, if only I could get myself to work out more…
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  160. Thanks for being so honest about your journey. Some folks make it sound losing weight and maintaining their healthy weight is a breeze which is really irksome for those of us who have to work at maintaining their desired weight. I find that not having unhealthy snacks or desserts in the house really helps because you can't eat what's not there. :) I always have dark chocolate and a "healthy" desert that I've made, pre-cut and kept in the freezer so I can have a little treat at the end of the day. Also, when a few pounds have magically appeared, it's, of course, frustrating but it just means that I have to pay close attention to what I eat for a few weeks and ramp up the exercise a bit. That usually does the trick. Anyway, thanks for much for sharing.
  161. Your story is amazing!! I love people who are totally honest and hearing their stories. Once my boyfriend introduced me to weight lifting 4 years ago, I was hooked and loved seeing muscles build up. I have been lucky and have never really needed to lose weight. Maybe in high school I did, but didn't worry about it. Once I became lactose intolerant in my last years in high school and had to cut out the ice cream every night thing, I dropped weight like crazy. My biggest problem is not eating enough with my amount of exercise. Something I am constantly working on. I got a spiralizer in April though and have been following you since around that time. Love your posts. Keep up with your healthy lifestyle and sharing great recipes. Would love a friday feature or some meal plan ideas that can be on the go style or for work.
  162. YES, please do a Friday series, it makes this kind of story more than a story, but a lifestyle we can follow and aspire to in our own week. So glad I heard about you from one of your friends, Sarah/Cassidy!!!!
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  164. Ali, I loved reading the details of your journey, and would be interested in reading regular updated posts of the same. I had subscribed to your blog for 2 or 3 months and a couple of weeks ago finally purchased the new Paderno Spiralizer. I enjoy using it. I also follow Tone It Up and its changed my attitude toward exercising. Good luck with those final pounds you want to lose. You look beautiful and strong! Congratulations!
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  172. Of course I would be interested! I'm kind of in the same boat. I was down at 142 when I did my Ironman in August 2012. Over the past two years, 23 pounds crept on. I'm at 162 right now, have a goal of getting back to my racing weight of 142 by May for a 25k trail run. I'm taking Body Pump twice/week, spin class once and then running/cycling 2-3 sessions (typically weekends since it's easier to get outside to trail run, mountain bike, road bike, etc). I'm noticing I am stronger already (6 weeks of Body Pump) and one pair of my jeans are actually fitting. None of my dress pants fit right now. Sucks. I think it will be very motivating to watch your journey. I'll keep pushing myself and hopefully have good news over the coming months. Way to go and keep it up!!!!
  173. I just read this and the GetInspiralized IG post and I love it! I'm joining you in your journey. I eat healthy but overindulge and need to get back on track after a big year (bought a house & got married). My weight crept up almost 10lbs even though I work out, this has inspired me to kick it into high gear and rock it out. Congratulations on your hard work!!
  174. This was a great post! So inspiring for me as I have "fallen off the clean eating/exercising" wagon since the spring and needed the kick in the pants this gave for getting back on! Not gonna let these bad months cause the whole year to be a wash! Back at it for me! And thanks for the workout schedule you shared ~ just what I needed to arm myself with as I head back to the gym. Now I have a plan for something different vs going back to the same classes and feeling so disappointed that I have lost so much strength.
  175. I loved reading your story Ali! You're so inspiring. I love to eat healthy, exercise and indulge also. I look at your instagram posts when I'm not motivated. You're right, it's important to weight train as well as cardio. I want to get a spiralizer and try your recipes. Thanks and keep up the great work. A Friday feature would be awesome.
  176. I absolutely loved this post. It even made me cry because I too have been fooling myself. I am so inspired by your words and plan on starting my own weight loss journey. I would love it if you started a Friday blog.
  177. Yes please start a Friday post. Thanks for your inspiring story.
  178. Yes, I would you be interested in a Friday feature on the blog that tracks my healthy fit journey
  179. When you say you spiralizer your veggies for the week, how did you store them? Which ones lasted the longest? Did you have to eat some earlier in the week? Did you do a 5 or 7 day worth of spiralizing?
  180. Great post. Definately think about a Friday post serious. Good motivation for the weekend. I have been spializing since I gave birth 6 months ago, but have yet to make it to the gym. Thankfully for breasteeding, I am at pre preggo weight, but Im jelly all over. Thank you for yet another inspiring post. Time to get back to strength training, and spinning!
  181. Friday feature!
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  183. I'd love a Friday feature on your blog. And more meal plans would be excellent as that is what I struggle with most.
  184. Avatar Faye Morgan-frith :
    Wow! You have done fantastically well and have such a refreshing and healthy attitude towards food. I have been trying to shift that last '7 llbs' for about 2 years, trying various diets without a huge amount of long term success. I have to ask, do you weight out your portions at all or try to stick to any type of calorie controlled way of eating within this? One of my biggest issues is that I am greedy, I adore food and I adore eating and have no sense of how much food I should actually be consuming so will often eat the same portion as my husband who is nearly a foot taller than me! I desperately want to move away from the obsessional weighing tracking and counting of everything and eat and start enjoying food again but it is terrifying in a world where we are constantly bombarded by pressure to eat less calories, fat, carbs etc etc. It is so hard to know what is actually 'healthy' nowadays. I feel like your approach seems like a great place to start and just ‘be’. You still get to enjoy food and know that you are putting nutritional food into your body. I would love to know more about what a typical weeks diet looks like for you. As soon as I read this post I went home and make my first Inspiralized dish. I have been reading and ‘thinking’ about it for ages but have only ventured as far as some cold salads where I just spiralized the veg instead of following a recipe. I am now hooked and the husband seems to be enjoying too. Thanks so much for imaginative and inspiring posts- keep it up :)
  185. Avatar ruth detroit area :
    I am SO impressed! Besides your new/improved body I really like your haircut! Love your honesty in this post and admire your perseverance - this was very informative/entertaining ~ ruth
  186. Congratulations!! This is an amazing story, and I don't think you could've fully captured it in less than the number of words you did. :)
  187. Motivation helps everyone. Keep posting
  188. I've been following you for over a year and have changed my lifestyle by eating healthier with my inspiralizer! I have also encouraged many of my friends to purchase one as well! Thank you!
  189. What an inspiring story, Ali. Thanks for sharing!
  190. Reading about your health journey made me feel as if someone has been following me around! Your relationship with food and exercise mirrors mine. This post could not have been emailed to me at a better time than this. I have been waking up every morning for the past 2 weeks saying, "This is it. Today is the start!" Then I fail before lunch. I cancel outings and hide away when I overindulge too. It was really encouraging to read that I'm not the only one with weak moments or battle daily with my relationship toward food. My weight loss journey began at 287 pounds. Now I bounce between 155-160. I was like you and only focused solely on cardio to lose the weight. I'm having such a hard time getting these last 15-20 pounds off now. After reading your post, I'm going to incorporate strengthening and muscle-toning into my work-outs and remain consistent with it. I've come this far. No reason to quit now. Your Inspiralized blog was such a great find for me. The recipes are healthy and creative ways to feed my two daughters (which they love). My 10 year old daughter has lost weight already and she feels great. She's always doing flips and cartwheels now. She never used to be this physically active. They love to help me in the kitchen with your recipes, too! I appreciate your blog because you aren't just another genetically skinny person. You have walked this weight loss journey for yourself and can sympathize with those who fight it daily. Thank you for being genuine and sharing. Sometimes we think people don't want to hear our testimonies so we don't share. I find it to be the most organic way to encourage one another. I hope you continue to update us on your Friday posts. May God continue to bless you abundantly. -Crystal Kelly
  191. This post came at such a perfect time for me. I am just starting to work towards my "happy" weight again after gaining back most of what I lost pre-wedding a few years ago and this was great motivation to remind me that I can do it with a little determination :)
  192. This is exactly the post I needed to read. I find a lot of myself in your post - 160 wanting to be 140 and hitting the same roadblocks you just described. You have just given me the inspiralization to start to do something about it. It's a Friday, nothing special, but that doesn't mean I can't start my fitness goals today! Thank you!
  193. Avatar Candida Santiago Duetsch (Candy) :
    Love your blog and have tried several of your inspiralized recipes with several waiting in the wings. I am much older than you, closer to seventy(ouch) than sixty but still a female with many of the same emotional and physical issues. Thank you for your honesty, that "inspires" us all, and most of all your commitment to your new way of life! I'm an "on-again-off-again" healthy eater/exerciser, started the road to healthier food choices back in the 90's and in retrospect have changed quite a bit. The biggest problem for me is consistency, especially with exercise so I was very happy to read today's post for a little extra inspiration! I am a curvy Puerto Rican married to a genetically slender German, he's very supportive but his issues are so different, so thanks for the support!!
  194. Reading about journeys like this one is what keeps me motivated. I fall off track so often. Would definitely love to see regular updates about your journey.
  195. Congrats on that bangin bod and complete lifestyle change!!! I really appreciate your honesty here, thank you! Inspirational in a real way, and what I needed. Love that you talk about drinking and worrying a little less on weekends - I always find that to be something I need for my own social happiness in NYC but is usually judged by the fitness blogs and Instagram accounts I follow. Especially tough when working from home. ALSO, I showed my mom your blog last week and 4 ladies in her weight watchers meeting have already bought spiralizers because of you! (She moved to California and gets such good veggie access) but they're all totally into it and she's consistently texting me their conversations about you and spiralizing. Something else to be proud of girl! Changing some food obsessed old lady lives. :)
  196. PS yes to Fitness Fridays! PPS I do love your more "indulgent" recipes as well, they're always whole food and delicious, much less guilt inducing.
  197. This post has been the most inspiring yet! I am so ready to get back on track and take a hold of my life. Question. Do you think I should track my journey on Instagram? Did it help you stay accountable? Thank you for all if your inspiring words!
    • Rebecca- thank you so much! Yes, I think you should track your journey. It helps keep you accountable and if you start hashtagging applicable phrases like "fitness" "fitspo" "getfit", you'll find a whole community pop up around you to support, follow and comment! Tag me and I'll be right there with you! Instagram is what made me stick to my goals and go to the gym even when I didn't want to - I wanted to post up a gym selfie so that I could wait for the praise to roll in - seems silly, but it's nice to hear you're on track!
  198. Thank you for sharing! The line that resonated with me most: "The key? Lifting weights." My journey started with Crossfit and I learned that lifting weights is (aside from diet) the most effective tool for changing your body composition. Love your recipes! Can't wait to read more.
  199. I also loooovveee that reaching your weight-loss goal means celebrating by "treating" yourself to a soul cycle class. Awesome awesome!
  200. What a good post! It is definitely true that diet plays a bigger role than exercise. I used to be one of those people that only did cardio, but then I found CrossFit and working out is 100x better! Keep up the good work!
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  203. I loved reading about your journey. Thank you for sharing to close and personal with all of us. Keep it up - you look great! Oh and I'm a huge HUGE believer in lifting weights. I did two Power classes (weight lifting gym class) but I wanted more definition. I added one more weight day and WOW! It worked. I'm happy it worked for you too.
  204. Wow, Ali, what a great story. You were so honest and earnest in your approach. You look absolutely fantastic and your smile says it all. I've never found it easy to go to the gym and when I see your IG photos, it is a reminder that it's doable. I recently started boxing classes and absolutely love them, and that keeps me going back (plus I'm developing some killer muscles and stamina). Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing (this story AND your recipes)! Your internet friend, Melissa.
  205. "Not letting a “bad” day ruin my chances to have a “good” week" I will always tell myself this if I have a little mistake in my food choices; I think this thought has really helped me to have a more positive relationship with food; a mistake here and there doesn't have to completely ruin my weight loss/healthy lifestyle. Thanks for such an inspiring story and congrats on your journey so far!
  206. Just so you know, you are breathtakingly beautiful at 150 too, however, I understand the push to lose weight, and applaud the healthy way you did it. it is a very interesting and helpful post. thank you!
  207. Really inspiring! Thanks for being so open and honest!
  208. I'm sure you hear this a lot now, but this is so inspiring. I am also 5'8" and curvy - pretty much exactly where you were when you decided to do something about it. It's been about 2 years since I started piling on the pounds - going from strong and body-confident to feeling uncomfortable and bloated. I've made excuses, from "maybe it's my metabolism slowing after college" to "my boyfriend is too good at cooking, I've got to have seconds" haha I think seeing your journey is a real kick in the booty. I have a pretty active job, and I do eat healthy (I bought the inspiralizer about 3 months ago after finding your blog by the way!) but my portions and snacking is out of control. I needed this motivation, and I think it's time to do something about it!!
  209. Wow, nicely done! Yes, I'd love to hear how you're doing every week.
  210. I'm so glad I spent the time to read this post. I agree that weightlifting is essential. Your journey is inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
  211. This post is so amazing for so many reasons and you look unbelievable! Amazing job!!!
  212. I already commented with my gratitude for your post - congrats again too! - but I wanted to share something that's really helped me restart my weight loss process this month and might be fun for you/other readers. There's an app called SportSetter (I swear I don't work for them I just genuinely enjoy it) that gives you cheap temporary access to interesting classes and gyms in NYC/other cities. It has really helped me to have affordable variety in my routine as I try to find something that really speaks to me like you found spinning. I'm struggling to enjoy exercise but this has made it slightly less tedious at least! Hoping I find my calling soon though. Haha. Hope that helps someone! I'm having fun with it.
  213. You look fabulous! Congratulations and thanks for sharing
  214. I would enjoy that.
  215. This post was so honest. Thank you.
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  217. Great story and very motivating. You tell it like it is. There is no magic pill or "diet". You have to eat smart and exercise.
  218. This was such a great post! I'm restarting my weight loss journey again and I love feeling inspired by others and their journeys! I just bought a spiralizer and can't wait to give it a try!
  219. Yes definitely! I saw the link to this post on 50by25 and didn't even know there was a giveaway at the end. I'd love to read more like this!
  220. Avatar Deborah Sarkas :
    Inspiring story of your commitment to better health. Congratulations!
  221. Thank you very encouraging and I would love to hear more about your healthy lifestyle!
  222. Congratulations on your success! You look so healthy and happy. You are so is a lifestyle change. Would love to see you post a sample meal plan. Thanks!
  223. Very inspiring story! Would def be interested in hearing more about your journey :) Keep it up!
  224. I'm really glad you mentioned plateauing becauseI have been feeling that way and couldn't put my finger on it. I've got a month left before a full marathon and once that's over I think I'm going to change it up with TRX and aerial yoga. As much as I love marathon training it doesn't always help me lose weight as I had imagined.
  225. I really enjoyed your post, thank you! Yes keep with the healthy updates, please!
  226. I'd love to keep up-to-date on your progress! Keep it up :)
  227. WOW, what a true inspiration! I have started using the Spiralizer , and my family loves it. I cant wait to hit my goal , by Christmas this year. I would be honored to win this bag, so I don't have to carry my 4 yr olds Thomas the Train back pack to the gym anymore !!
  228. Thanks for the motivation! It is possible, and the key is consistency!
  229. Wow, so inspired this morning! Yes, I'd love ongoing posts about what you're doing and what is or is not working!
  230. ready to start!
  231. Weight loss is so incredibly personal, thank you for sharing your experience!
  232. Congrats!
  233. Super inspiring! Good for you for keeping up with it and finding ways to keep yourself motivated!
  234. I can't thank you enough for this post. Perfect timing and fantastic tips. Thank you so much!!
  235. Love this!!! You are an inspiration!!! I started at 167lbs on February 9th, 2014 and lost 28lbs by October 9th, 2014. All by adopting a healthier lifestyle and a few inspiralized recipies... Thanks Ali!!!
  236. It took me a few days to find the time (you warned us ;) ), but I finally read it and it is inspiring! Tx Ali
  237. Your story is very inspiring and your recipes are always so creative and tasty! I am so thankful I found your blog. I bought a sprializer to live a more healthier lifestyle and found your blog!! It was perfect timing. I actually found you from Skinnytaste! I have lost around 20 pounds! It's a struggle because it's possible. Just need positive bloggers with creative recipes for some motivation :)
  238. I love spinning, too! We have Flywheel here and it's a favorite workout.
  239. I had bought a spiralizer about a year ago but couldn't find too many recipes for it. I came across your blog and made the Creamy Cajun Zucchini Pasta with Kale and Andouille Sausage for dinner for my husband and WE LOVE IT! I'm so glad that I found your blog, thank you for sharing. I was even more excited when I found you had plantain recipes since I'm a big fan of "Mofongo" which is not an ideal healthy meal due to the frying and re-frying, I'm sure your fiancé Lu can explain to you what that is if you don't know since you stated that he's Puerto Rican. Congratulation on your weight loss journey and your engagement. Once again, thank you and you're amazing. Keep up the awesome blog.
  240. I wouldn't mind a post every Friday! Thanks!
  241. I would love a Friday weekly post on your weight loss journey. It is so inspiring!! Thanks!!
  242. I appreciate reading about your journey as I'm about to set off on one myself. Reading that it is possible is motivating because I've tried for so many years with little success. This time is different because my husband wants to be my support system and wants to go on this journey with me. I'm hoping that we can finally make the change we both want to make and get healthy.
  243. I love your blog, Ali! I look forward to your posts every morning. I only recently found your blog when I was shopping for a spiralizer. (I honestly think I love zucchini noodles more than pasta. And I LOVE pasta!) I am thoroughly enjoying your delicious recipes. Your weight loss story is so inspiring! I recently gave up wheat, grains and sugar to lose 10-ish pounds I've put on over the last year and try to get my body running properly. Spiralized veggies are going to help me achieve my goals as well. Keep up the good work!
  244. Great article! I definitely agree that you need to mix up workouts to affect different areas of your body, not to mention not getting bored! Thanks for sharing your journey!
  245. Avatar Elizabeth King :
    Congratulations on your weight loss journey! I am working on losing weight through Weight Watchers. I reached my original goal weight last year of 140 but couldn't maintain it. I wasn't really following their program but i was losing weight very easily. then I found out my Thyroid was out of wack & had another issue which was why I succeeded getting to my goal. I am having some current health issues & haven't had any success much at all but also have still not embraced the program so some of it is my fault. I have picked a more realistic goal for me at the moment & I am almost there & hopefully I can maintain it this time. I still would like to loose more & reach 145 give or take a pound or two but we will see. I am a senior & i eat fairly healthily but i do love chocolate & I don't seem to have a lot of control when it is around. I am going to make up some chocolate bark or bars with cranberries & almonds using either 70 or 85% dark chocolate so I won't be tempted to eat it except in small quantities. I also have Celiac Disease so need to watch what I eat. I would love to see more meal plans & also follow along with you on your journey. Your blog was inspiring as are you!
    • Congrats on YOUR journey. I also have celiac, I know how tough it is. My chocolate trick is I keep a mix of similarly sized chopped dark chocolate and chopped nuts (I like walnuts) in the freezer. The nuts freeze and blend with the chocolate so you feel like you're eating more, I love it! Keep up the great work.
  246. Thank you so much for sharing. Your story is so inspiring. You look incredible- but even more importantly, you feel amazing. I really appreciate your honesty and openness about your struggles with binge eating and the shame that comes with it. It's really refreshing to read. I also love how you are talking about strength training and how you use the number on the scale to measure but that it comes down to how you feel. Thank you so much for your willingness to share this kind of personal information on a recipe blog- it definitely goes above and beyond. I would LOVE to hear more- a weekly post or whatever you are comfortable with sharing.
  247. Can you shared your green smoothie measurements? i.e how much ice, almond milk and water you put into it? Thanks!
  248. I just found your site today and you have inspired me soooooo much!! I am a lover of carbs and it shows in my trouble spots!! I can't wait to order my spiral slicer and begin trying out some of your recipes!! I have a 20lb weight-loss goal and you have inspired me and motivated me to get moving!! You are amazing and I thank you for sharing!! Keep going!!
  249. When I'm needing inspiration I always check your insta!! You're the only fitness inspiration I've found with the EXACT same dimensions and goals as me so it's extra inspiring! Thanks for your bravery!!! Keep on keeping on
  250. Avatar Emily Raun-Petersen :
    Congrats, Ali on your accomplishments this year! Keep pushing yourself til you reach your goal (and maybe some new goals!) :) Thanks for some awesome and healthy recipes - they were so helpful to my weight loss this year! At the start of June 2014 I started a Whole 30 challenge and continued my intense boot camp style work out routines to lose about 10 pounds. Doesn't seem like much, but it has made such a difference with my relationship with food this year. Now, I crave veggies and can't get enough of your delicious recipes!! Keep being awesome!!
  251. This is such an inspiring post! I have been on a pretty steady journey since my Freshman year of college (4 years), but after graduating from college it has been hard to get back into my fitness and healthy eating routine. I just received a Spiralizer for Christmas and have already made 2 dinners with it. Last night, I made your tuna salad with cucumber noodles and really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing this post. Now off to follow your GetInspiralized instagram!
  252. I was wondering if you might be sharing more of your workouts in the new year? I've taken a lot of your examples in your workout and started to incorporate them into my own workouts. I'd love to hear more about some of your core work or other weightlifting that you do, since I know one of the keys to a good workout is changing it up!
  253. Getting right back on the wagon when you fall off is the best way to go. If you mess up one meal, you can get right back on for the next. The other comment I would make is that when your meals/snacks are healthy and satisfying, the physical cravings tend to leave. For me, most of my 'cravings' are really emotional attitudes.
  254. Avatar Felicia Kiefer :
    This is one of the most honest, real, and relate-able posts about fitness/nutrition/weight loss that I have read (and I read a lot in my spare time haha). Great job and thanks for being so open!
  255. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! This post and your Instagram daily updates have inspired me to start my own weight loss journey. I am also excited to order your cookbook! The recipes on your blog look amazing!! Thanks again!
  256. Ali, such a great post and great story! I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your story, including all the ups and downs! As you are well aware, many (or most) women struggle with their relationship with food and their bodies, so I think the more women that can share their paths and what has helped them find a "happy place," the better! I have had a life long struggle with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, but I have made leaps and bounds by finding a healthy healthy lifestyle that works for me (with plenty of your recipes!). Thanks again for having such a great outlook and sharing such delicious recipes!
  257. loved reading this, its so refreshing and inspiring. I am a yo-yo dieter and it helps to know im not the only one. i loved reading what your workout plans were, share more! Thank you for posting your journey, it is both impressive and inspiring!
  258. Hi Ali! I just read through this whole post and "inspired" doesn't even do justice to how I feel. The timing could not be more perfect, as Amazon just email to let me know my Paderno Spiralizer will arrive on my doorstep this afternoon! I have a food blog that I update as a hobby in addition to a full-time job, so am constantly feeling too busy or tired to work out. Your advice - starting NOW, finding what works, staying consistent - has motivated me to get back to caring for my body (which in turn will definitely affect the emotions in my mind!). Thank you so, so much! I look forward to continuing to follow along in not only your fitness journey but also your blog's success! XO
  259. Good morning! I am ready to start this weight loss expedition! I've had back surgery over a year ago and feel up to challenging myself. I love to dance so I do zumba once a week. I know the missing element is my diet. It's very very important for me to get this added extra weight off. Not just for self esteem but health reasons. I am looking forward to trying your recipes. If there are any short cuts or money saving ways to make these meals? Please include your suggestions if possible with each post. I'm sure busy mom's like myself whom need to save money would enjoy this! 1 2 3 I'm ready to go!!!
  260. If you want to lose fat and stay fit, your smartphone may come handy. It will help you keep track of your calorie intakes in order to plan appropriate weight-loss workouts. Android and Apple iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems, and they both provide amazing app that will help you in staying fit and healthy.
  261. Completely inspired by your blog! I already own a spiralizer and extremely motivated to follow you and your recipes. Question: I enjoy an iced coffee every morning (a latte with only espresso and whole milk) and was wondering if you could recommend the serving size of almond milk for replacement to get me started? I like almond milk but I'm guessing two cups is too much and should substitute some with water. Or should I just follow the serving amount on carton?
  262. Linda Sabeh My weight loss story: How I used the spiralizer to get healthy and lose 25 pounds | Inspiralized
  263. Wow! Your story is so inspiring, and your recipes are delicious!!! I just recently discovered spiralizing and I'm completely addicted. I know you are good to go fitness-wise, and I'm sure you've heard the adage "muscle weighs more than fat" but as a fellow weight loss gal who discovered weight lifting, I didn't really get it until I saw this picture: She's 11 pounds HEAVIER on the left. Holy cow. (Here's the site if you want the article - Anyway, it was really hard for me to finally let go of the weight goal and switch to inches. SO I'm not trying to tell you stuff you probably already know, and on your own (awesome) blog no less. I'm going to get back to perusing your recipes, and I can't wait to see what's next! Love the blog!
  264. Hi Ali, I'm going through a similar issue where I would overeat. It would be healthy foods, but I would still find myself bingeing especially if I was home all day. Can you please talk more about how you were able to get over that?
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  267. Your journey is such an inspiration! I discovered your site and recipes via your Instagram and recently purchased a spiralizer. I've been on a 2+ year journey from 170 lbs to my current 139 (I'm 5'5). I'm mostly doing a low-carb diet now and I love that I can still feel like I'm indulging in pasta thanks to discovering the spiralizer -- I'm loving zucchini noodles and the other healthy recipes you share. I live in NYC and I'm a full time blogger as well -- so I can totally relate to putting my personal health on the backburner in favor of working on my blog. The work never ends! But I've realized that taking the time to do something for myself is better for my mental AND physical health, and therefore makes me better in my work, too. I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and sharing your successes! And if you ever want to hit up a Peloton class together, let me know! I go a few times a month thanks to my ClassPass membership :) Also, congrats on your recent marriage -- you were a *gorgeous* bride!! Best wishes! You're awesome. Look forward to seeing what's next for you!! :) xo Jessica
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  269. Thanks for doing what you do! I just discovered you and I feel I am getting the best of both the food/healthy living world. I have revisited your instagram and blog many times already to keep me inspired and motivated. Just ordered a spiralizer!!!!!!! I am also on a weight loss journey and find yours very similar to mine. 10 more pounds to go!!!! Thanks for including many paleo/lower carb friendly recipes. That is my diet plan and I am so excited to make it more exciting with your recipes! xoxo LELA
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  281. Dear Ali, I just discovered this post of yours and now so many things make sense. I stumbled upon your blog through the Inspiralized recipes and loved watching your "what I ate in a day" videos, and I was always amazed that in every video you went to the gym at night. I was thinking to myself "wow this girl is so fit, active that she craves going to the gym daily?? Wow, she must be a bit of a workout-aholic" (thought in the kindest and most envious way ;-) I had a hard time connecting with the exercise part of your daily life because I myself am a sloth. I have always been slim (though after university during my first years of working and many long nights at the office I became skinny fat (my friends still envied me that I looked so slender (at 5' 9" -5'10" even with about 149 pounds I looked womanly, with an hourglass figure and slender legs), though I knew that I had some fat around my belly and thighs and I was constantly buying clothes a bit tight, because I was always planning on losing a few pounds and then the clothes would fit well. About 2 years ago I changed my lifestyle: abandoned refined sugar and processed food (though I didn't eat much of those to begin with, but still), and also meat and dairy. And without any big effort or dieting on my part I kept losing pounds and truly achieving a slim figure (now I'm at about 127 pounds). What is still a challenge for me is making exercising part of my routine. I would be happy with a regular 2 or 3 days a week workout schedule I could keep, but so far I lacked the motivation and will to keep at it. I always decide and swear I'll workout daily but after a few days or weeks I just slack off. :-( You are right when you said "It’s all about finding a system that works for you" -> my problem is that I haven't found that system yet :-(( Any idea how to start finding it? I'd love to be fitter, have some more muscle and also general stamina. I usually prefer slower, calmer workouts like yoga and pilates. Thanks for this inspiring post, off to read your other posts about your health journey :-)
  285. I'm not sure if these notes come through to you. I just discovered your blog tonight and I'm hooked. Random question: what weight was the kettle bell you used in the above referenced exercises? Thank you!
  286. Hi Ali! I have the Inspiralized cookbook and have loved your recipes and blog for a long time. For some reason, though, I never read the workout posts...but it totally resonates with me now! Thank you for sharing your story (and I have also loved seeing how you've managed to eat healthy and stay fit during pregnancy!) One quick question, which I'm sure you've answered a million times: what's your favorite plant-based protein powder brand? Thanks!
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