Spicy Spiralized Shoe String Jicama Fries

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Spicy Spiralized Shoe String Jicama Fries

Whenever I spiralize a new vegetable, I want to scream on top of the rooftops and let everyone know how exciting it is. Spiralizing just really revolutionizes the way we consume vegetables.

Now enter jicama, as a perfect example of how spiralizing a vegetable changes not only its shape and texture, but it’s flavor. Typically, jicama (pronounced HEE-kah-ma) is pretty bland and uneventful: Cooking Light refers to it as a “cross between a water chestnut and a pear.” Not terribly exciting.

Spicy Spiralized Shoe String Jicama Fries

However, when you spiralize a jicama, season it and cook it: it’s tasty and a fun way to add a new veggie into your routine. Jicama is a vegetable that’s native to Mexico and is most frequently seen as a slaw or served crunchy and raw in a salad. It’s also a perennial vegetable, which makes it available year-round!

To spiralize the vegetable, you simply need to peel it (it can be peeled using a peeler or just by cutting off the ends and peeling off the skin with your fingers) and load it into the spiralizer (chop it in half first, if it’s too large).

Jicama spiralizes very easily, neatly and quickly.

But now that you have these crunchy new spiralized jicama noodles, what do you do with them? Honestly, today’s post was going to be “10 Recipes for Spiralized Jicama,” but I had to stop myself. There will be plenty of posts made with jicama in the future, it’s just that yummy.

Spicy Spiralized Shoe String Jicama Fries

For now? Since we’re on a healthy kick (on account of the New Year), I’ve made a healthier, low-cal, low-carb, Paleo and gluten-free version of shoe string French fries! You’re welcome, because these are spicy, salty, savory and, well, just plain addictive.

What sort of health benefits do you get from jicama? Well, it’s packed with dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C and, of course, it’s only 35 calories per 100g!

Spicy Spiralized Shoe String Jicama Fries

Next time you’re making burgers or chicken and want a healthy yet satisfying and indulgent side dish, make these spicy shoestring jicama fries – you won’t believe they’re not real potatoes! Dip them in a chipotle aioli or even some ketchup and you’ll fall off your chair they’re so dang good.

And totally Superbowl friendly! Make a big batch of these and serve them in cute little mini-portion colored bowls or classy white ramekins. Your friends will be thanking you for making such a healthy but yummy snack for watching the big game.

Spicy Spiralized Shoe String Jicama Fries

I can’t wait to share with you my other jicama dishes. Think cilantro dressed jicama noodles, chorizo, corn, lime, avocado and tacos. Yes, I’ll leave you with all that.

Who likes jicama? 

Spicy Spiralized Shoe String Jicama Fries

Yields 5

10 minPrep Time

25 minCook Time

35 minTotal Time

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  • 1 large jicama
  • olive oil, to drizzle (about 2 tbsp)
  • salt, to taste
  • 1 tbsp onion powder
  • 2 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 2 tsp chili powder


  1. Preheat the oven to 405 degrees.
  2. Lay out your jicama noodles and snip them with a scissor to divide into smaller sized noodles, similar to shoestring fries.
  3. When done, lay your noodles onto two large baking trays, drizzle with olive oil and toss together to combine and coat noodles.
  4. Season with a generous amount of salt and then evenly season with onion powder, cayenne pepper and chili powder. Toss again to combine and then lay them out, trying hard not to crowd them.
  5. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, turn over and bake another 10-15 minutes or until they reach your doneness preference. Divide onto plates and enjoy as a snack or a side dish!

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i've never done anything with jicama!! i like the idea of this though!!
VickyC says:
Love Jicama! Favorite salad is jicama, red grapefruit and avocado with honey/mint dressing. Will try it spiralized this spring.
emilyhein727 says:
I've never cooked with jicama before! These sound amazing. We love fries at my house so this would be an awesome substitute.
Anonymous says:
After trying your awesome butternut squash "rice" - I am very interested in a non-sweet veggie that could be used in a fried rice situation. Do you think the Jicama could be that veggie?
Jicama could definitely be used - or regular potato, beet, carrots. I have a post about rice on Friday, stay tuned!
I love Jicama and mostly eat it raw in some form. This is a great idea - do they come out crunchy and crispy?
Both, depending on how long you cook them for- these are a bit soft, but that's how I like my french fries !:)
Carrie says:
"today’s post was going to be “10 Recipes for Spiralized Jicama,”" LOL This looks great. I'll definitely try this!
Let me know how it comes out! Thanks :)
This looks really yummy! I've never even heard about a spiralizer though I need to look into one.
Joanne says:
See I've always heard jicama described as being a cross between a potato and an apple...and so actually it's super fitting that you turned them into shoestrings!
Joanne says:
I've always heard of jicama described as being a cross between a potato and an apple...so turning it into shoestrings is pretty perfect!
Tina Muir says:
Whoa! I have never seen a spirilizer before, it is amazing! I know what is next on my cooking equipment want list....is it too early to start a christmas list? :) Thanks for the recipe! Think it would work if I used my julienne peeler?
Thank you so much!! You definitely need to get one, it's such a game changer. Yes, some of my recipes work with a julienne peeler, but you just don't get that "noodle" feel and it's tough to do (takes a lot more time than with the spiralizer!)
Amanda says:
Hi Ali! Found your website through Pinterest, bought a spiralizer, on my way to buy some veggies... I haven't even started, but your website has me hooked. Im a vegetarian and my food is rarely fun, not anymore :) Big congratulations to you, I think you're starting the next hotest healthy diet trend. For many it will probably be for life rather than a trend since it is so easy, yummy, and healthy.
Amanda, thanks so much - this totally made my day! I'm so glad you bought a spiralizer! It's changed my life!
Emelyn Morris-Sayre says:
I was introduced to jicama years ago and love it. I bought a spiralizer a few weeks ago and amazed at how it opens up the world of vegetables! Can't wait to use it with jicama (sitting on my kitchen counter!).
blahnikbaker says:
I have tried jicama a few times but nothing as exciting as this! I love that you made the fries spicy and healthy ;)
RES says:
I love jicama! So, I was so excited to try this recipe I went out and bought jicama so I could try it today. My jicama didn't come out as shoestrings, though. It came out more like little chunks, similar to the butternut squash "rice." Which blade did you use?
Oh no - I used Blade C - for information on the blades, go to Inspiralized.com/howto! Hope that helps.
Mary says:
Is it really a tablespoon of cayenne pepper? It seems like a whole lot. Maybe 1 teaspoon and a tablespoon of chili powder? Thanks. Love your blog.
Scott Ansley says:
Can't wait to try these looks awesome. Was just checking out your how-to on storing various veggies. How does the Jicama hold up?
It's similar to butternut squash, actually - it has a great fridge life. It lasted for me up to 4 days!
Jessica says:
How do you think the jicama would work in a spiralized bun?
Susan says:
Holy mother of all things "not real potatoes but taste like them!" I made these last night, as I am rounding to the finish line of my 21DSD. Served with an almond crusted whitefish and broccoli. They would also make a great garnish (think: cripsy onion replacement) on salads, burgers, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I am lucky that I have a hispanic market within walking distance!
Haha probably my funniest comment yet - thank you so much!
My Jicama came out very soggy and I used the right amount of oil. They came out to be hash brown like so they werent too bad but I was hoping for more of a fry texture.
Tiffany - sometimes, different ovens can be testy. Try knocking the heat up 5-10 degrees and cooking 5 minutes longer. Just make sure to check them!
renae says:
Wow! Just made this and am blown away by how much they taste like shoestring fries!! Spicy and savory and tastes like I should feel very guilty right about now!
Yay, I'm so glad you tried them! They're definitely one of my favorites!
Kerri Trom says:
Would this spiralizer(or whatever it is called) work with russet potatoes?
Jay Oldridge says:
Spiralizers are great with jicama, potatoes sweet or white or purple, carrots, celery (!), radishes, squash, cukes (Yum), beets, and any other fruit or veggie you can mention. It particularly helps when company comes and you only had enough pears for 5 folks and now you have 8! Simply spiralize the pears and cheese, too, then mix and serve a great looking dessert with a Washington Cherry in the center.... Would not trade mine for anything!!! Comes with different blades so you can get a different look. Bonus* This device leaves a tiny 1/4 inch core of the fruit or veggie that can be used as little "sticks" in your lunch next day......
Trudy says:
This "free sharing" of inmtafroion seems too good to be true. Like communism.
Donna this is just so beautiful I adore the image she is coloured so perfectly and the papers and detail spot on! Happy New Year to you and your family Chanelle xxx
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Dana says:
I made these last night and the taste was delicious but they weren't the "fries" consistency. They were limp, even after I cooked them for longer and broiled them at the end. What did I do wrong? I just got this product and maybe I used too big of blade? I want to like the Spiralizer but I haven't had great success as of yet...
redmagiq says:
i am a recent fan of jicama, AND spiralizing... i had my jicama fries raw today... i used blade c, cut the strands into more manageable pieces, and tossed with dry spices ~ slap ya' mama with a bit of brown sugar ~ yum!! love your blog <3
Sounds delicious! So glad you liked it!
Alice says:
Hello :) I love your website and your recipes! You have wonderful ideas to switch things up and they are simple to follow. I purchased my first spiralizer a few weeks ago and I want to spiralize everything! I don't think that I have the Paderno one though. Mine looks exactly the same but by a different manufacture I think. Anyways, I am having a hard time spiralizing the root vegetables. I some how made it through a beet, but I tried the jicama today and it was too hard. The turning end wouldn't turn the jicama at all, I was very disappointed. I attempted turning it against the blade by hand, I did my best and then ended up cutting it into "fry like" pieces. I followed the recipe and mine came out very moist. Not like a soft fry but soggy. Any tips? Thank you. Alice :)
Mary Jo says:
Could you please post a shot of a fresh, untouched jicama so I can identify it at the grocery store? Thanks!
Mary Jo - you can find it through a Google search!
JJ Ohio says:
I would love a few more jicama recipes please! I think they're a super underrated vegetable and I've been anxiously waiting for a few more since you first posted this.
I will definitely be posting more and there will be many in my cookbook, coming out in 2015!
Paige says:
Hi there! Have you ever used yucca in your Spiralizer? I am a big fan of yucca fries, and I wonder if I could try this recipe with yucca instead of jicama. Thoughts? :)
Js says:
My shred was too fine, so I burned a bunch. Very tasty though. Next time I'll make thicker noodles. Thanks, I love jicama any way I can get it.
chrysanne hedberg says:
I love my spiralizer! Did you use the smallest attachement or the middle size?
MaryAnn says:
These were amazing!!! I'm a big fan of jicama but this brought my love to a whole new level. I did bump up the oven temp to get a crispier fry but other than that, it's a perfect recipe! :-)
Thanks!! I'm glad you liked them as I did.
Anonymous says:
looks great can't wait to try it
Love the jicama fries idea, but do you have any spice suggestions for those of us who don't eat cayenne or any of the Mexican or Indian spices?
I'm so glad I found this recipe! I've been eating jicama since I was a kid. My grandma would pick it up at the market and we'd snack on it. I just bought a spiralizer last week so I was on the hunt for recipes and this is going on the menu this week!
Mom In Nevada says:
Can we get the nutritional values for this recipe? YUM!
Brenda says:
I have recently made a jicama, habanero Pico de Gallo. It was awesome!!
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Debbiek says:
Love your recipes my favorite flavor is salt and vinegar chips, can you recommend any recipes for fries using vinegar or lime?
bevy says:
I tried the jicama fries but they turned black when in the oven? do you know why this would happen? thanks
bevy says:
I tried the jicama fries baked in the oven and they turned black/green..do you know why they did this? thanks bev
carol says:
These were great. I used less seasoning but they were still too hot. Adjust for your own tastes. I burned part of mine. My own fault. Instead of using the smallest blade, next time I will go one up. Never used this veg before, but will now add it as a regular.
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Ashley says:
This looks super interesting and appealing, but I have a couple questions on this one. 1. Do the fries get crispy? 2. I do a lot of meal prep. Are these good leftover and reheated? Or are they similar to potato fries that are mostly good fresh?
MPaula says:
405F is a strange temperature. I wonder if it should be 450F?
Mardy says:
I'm wondering the same thing!
Ashwini says:
Looks Yum! Seems like this wil go well with TOMATO SOUP
Karen says:
I love spicy, Thanks for share a nice recipe.
Meaghan says:
You're so welcome!
Godhuly says:
Really awesome recipe. I did not know how to cook this Today I will try this recipe at home even though I can't cook as well as you..... Thanks for sharing the testy recipe.
Meaghan says:
You're going to do great! Please share a photo with us if you can! We'd love to see.
godhuly says:
I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the information.
Meaghan says:
That's great to hear!! Thank you!

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