Spiralized Sweet Potato Rice Breakfast Bowl with Avocado

Spiralized Sweet Potato Rice Breakfast Bowl with Avocado

Can’t stop, won’t stop with spiralized sweet potatoes! Today, I’m sharing a new quick-style cooking...

Spiralized Sweet Potato Rice Breakfast Bowl with Avocado

Can’t stop, won’t stop with spiralized sweet potatoes!

Today, I’m sharing a new quick-style cooking video of one of my go-to breakfast recipes, my Spiralized Sweet Potato Rice Breakfast Bowl with Avocado.

Click here for the original recipe, grab the ingredients, and then follow along with me in the video!

Also, I’m taking over the Forbes Snapchat today, showing a day in the life of a food blogger/culinary entrepreneur, so follow along on their Snapchat channel, username Forbes!

And in other exciting news, Inspiralized will have a new look by the end of the day! You may have already noticed the new logo, so let me know what you think!

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Hope you enjoyed today’s video – I’d love to hear your feedback. And make sure you use the hashtag #inspiralized when posting on social media so we can regram our favorites!

with love, Ali

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  • Hi Ali - just wanted to let you know the link to the original recipe doesn't work. Love the new logo!
    • Thank you for letting us know! The link should be fixed!
  • I feel like there is SO MUCH HAPPENING! Very exciting time for Inspiralized! The new logo looks great!
  • Diggin' the new logo! :-D
      • Please sign me out of the your emails about the recipe comment emails. Thank You. Harriet Kelem
  • Love the new branding! Quick question - could I "rice" the sweet potato noodles ahead of time - like in my weekly meal prep? Would they hold up for the week in the fridge? Thanks!
    • Yes, definitely! It's a great way to meal plan! More on meal planning here: https://inspiralized.com/meal-planning-with-spiralized-vegetables/
      • Thank you! I'll be adding these to next week's breakfasts!
  • Tried many times for several recipes on your link could not get many. I tried again for the Sweet Potato Rice Breakfast and Avacado Bowl no success. Thank You
  • Love the new logo! Hope you don't lose your theme colors any time soon, they say fresh/light/comforting! I NEED to make this recipe! I love that is so few ingredients. I always see breakfast bowls with 15+ ingredients... hellooooo this is breakfast! Aint nobody got time for that :)
    • Thanks for the feedback - and yes, the colors are here to stay!
  • This is saying breakfast, lunch and tea for me... when I'm on my own (Adult son doesn't like sweet potato like I do!) He loves cauli rice and zuccini noodles though! Woohoo! Amazing conversion because he didn't like them till Inspiralizer! Two out of three is pretty good!!! Thanks dear Ali, for all your amazing inspiration! (Think you say supper there... we say tea, or dinner if it is fancy with guests? I'm Aussie!)
    • Thank you so much fun, I'm so glad you're inspired by the recipe!
  • we tried this recipe this am and we loved it, even my 9 yr old son. I am definitely going to add it to my breakfast repertoire