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I love making cooking videos, because I feel like that’s the best way to share a recipe – by showing how to make it. Sometimes, words get lost in translation and it’s easiest just to show you.

This recipe is a spin on my Easy Bacon Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles. I actually ran out of zucchinis (oh, the horror!) and had to improvise, so I spiralized a couple carrots and voila – a whole new recipe, which I like even more than the original.

For this recipe, just substitute in carrot noodles for the zucchini noodles and make sure to add in a 1/4 cup of vegetable broth in before crumbling in the bacon. That’s the only change, and now the recipe’s totally transformed into a delicious sweet, savory and tangy dish.

The one downfall of carrots? They can stain your spiralizer, if you’re not careful! As I’ve said in this video, use a round brush (I prefer OXO’s Round Palm Brush) with soap and water immediately after spiralizing your vegetable, to avoid stains.

How to Clean the Spiralizer by

This brush is my absolute favorite – it’s easy to grip and keeps your fingers safe from the sharp blades of the spiralizer. All you do is fill it up with soap and use the button on the top to let the soap release as you run it under water. I’ve had mine for over a year and I’ve never needed to replace it. Just keep this OXO brush separate from the rest of your sponges and brushes and dedicate it solely to the spiralizer. If you do this, your spiralizer will stay shiny and white – even with beets!

How to Clean the Spiralizer by

Best part? The brush comes with its own storage set, so its bristles won’t get grimy. Speaking of, if you ever do need to replace the bristles, it’s easy to do so – just twist the bottom off and load in the new bristles (purchasable in packs via OXO.)

If you try to use a regular sponge to clean your spiralizer, it will rip the sponge and little pieces will get jammed in the spiralizer’s blades. Not fun.

When some bits of vegetable get really stuck in the blades, I also use OXO’s Deep Clean Brush Set which are basically just sturdy toothbrushes with great grips for really getting in the knooks and crannies of the blades.

How to Clean the Spiralizer -

Plus, on one end of the smaller bristled brush is a rubber pick, which is especially helpful when getting tough foods out of the center coring blade (like sweet potatoes.)

How to Clean the Spiralizer -


OXO and Inspiralized

Note: Although OXO provided complimentary products for this post, the opinions expressed are my own.

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juliedible says:
my favorite vegetable to turn into noodles is zucchini and sweet potato
Susan V says:
This sounds yummy- never did carrots on my spiralizer! Sure would love to win this giveaway....right now I use an old toothbrush and toothpicks to make sure my spiralizer is cleaned well!!!!
Katie says:
My favorite is butternut squash. So good!
Jeni says:
Just got my Spiralizer yesterday and made spiralized zucchini topped with ground turkey combined with onions, peppers, and marinara - it was awesome. Can't wait to try it out with sweet potatoes this weekend. Thanks for your great recipes and videos!
Mel says:
Sorry but I do not see the actual recipe. How many carrots and what size (large, medium)? Thx!
Stacy says:
Zucchinis are still my favorite veggie to spiralize!
Alyssa says:
Ah! It's so hard to pick a favorite. I love to spiralize zucchinis and butternut squash!
Anonymous says:
I am really enjoying your blog and app. So far I've only spirilized zucchini and sweet potatoes and have enjoyed everything I've tried with them. The carrots look great, but where do you find carrots big enough to spiralize? What is the diameter of the ones you are using? Thanks and keep up the good work!
Ann says:
I love spiralizing zucchini noodles. I have two kohlrabi in my fridge I'm planning to spiralize this weekend!
I love my spiralizer. I would the love the cleaning tool since I use this all the time. BTW, I had a blast at the demo at Williams & Sonoma.
Marsha A. says:
Zucchini noodles are my favorite. I use them to replace pasta in all my recipes. I love my spiralizer!
Carolyn says:
The brushes are great! My favorite vegetable to spiralize is zucchini.
Jennifer says:
Gotta be the classic...zucchini! Although I am planning on trying some of your awesome ideas soon.
Beth B says:
Zucchini is my favorite thing to spiralize although I've given some other veggies a try. Haven't done carrots yet, but plan to do so.
mumali9 says:
Great brush! And I love OXO!
Dorothy carter says:
My favorite is such in probably because it's really the only one I've done, it's so versatile. I'm looking forward to try carrots. Today's recipe looks great. Glad to see how you clean it, I've struggled with that.
Tamara says:
Would love to win these!!! Thanks!!
Gretchen says:
Love your recipes!!
Carolyn says:
Zucchini is my favorite, tried carrots, but you're right about the staining. Going to try a eggplant tonight. Love my spiralizer and love your site ;-)
Nicole says:
my fav veggie to spiralize is zucchini, it's so easy! I just found carrots big enough to spiralize so they are next on my list, and I will def be making this scampi recipe!
jessica z says:
I have never spiralized a vegetable, but I would love to try spiralizing carrots!
Laura says:
Was just complaining about cleaning my spiralizer last night! This looks great!
Allison says:
Obsessed with spiralizing! So grateful to have found your blog!
Melissa says:
I can't pick a favorite....zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes,'s all great!
Caroline says:
Would love to win these items
Kaitlyn says:
So far probably sweet potato noodles are my favorite vegetable to spiralize! Can't wait to try carrots if I can find ones that are big enough!
Sandra says:
Zucchinis are definitely my favorite vegetable to spiralize!
ncguygirl says:
I made this recipe with zucchini noodles and it was sooooo yummy! Have only spiralized zucchini and summer squash so far, so look forward to trying carrots, too!
Cathy Taylor says:
This recipe sounds delicious! What a nice set of brushes too!
Great tips and info. Thanks!
Donna Frano says:
I don't know yet, as I just bought my Spiralizer, but I suspect zucchini will be a favorite, as well as sweet potato! If I don't win, I'm going to buy the Oxo set for a birthday present for myself.
Pamela Hurley says:
Onions are my favorite! Great for healthy, fast, fresh onion rings for a snack, to top salads, sandwiches and burgers… YUM! And thank you for the new shrimp scampi recipe, fantastic timing! I was planning to make this tonight and now I'll add the carrots and broth too! <3
Kate Patterson says:
I've been doing zucchini for a while and sweet potato is great, too. Your recipes are helping me branch out.
Rebecca G says:
Zucchini! I just can't get enough of it. :)
Zucchini works so well, but I'm really into spiralizing cucumbers for salads this summer too!
Katy says:
Sweet potatoes and beets are my favorite to spiralize... so easy and so tasty. But, the beets stain... so clearly, I need a better cleaning option. :)
Alicyn says:
I love Zucchini noodles! I have just started trying things with cucumbers since it's summer
In the summer, zucchini, but in the winter, sweet potatoes!
Melissa says:
At this point, I have only used mine for making cute carrot curls for salads :) But as soon as my zucchini harvest comes in better, I plan on trying out some of it in on my family!
Ali F says:
I hate to admit that I've only experimented with zucchini & yellow squash so far, but I'm excited to try out some new stuff!
So far, I still love the basic zucchini the best. Really easy to spiralize, no mess and tastes delicious.
Jo says:
always zucchini--it's just so easy!
kelsey5280 says:
Zucchini noodles since they're healthier and so easy!!!
Colleen says:
Thanks for the brush information! I have been trying to figure out a good way to clean my spiralizer! If I don't win them ,I am ordering them!
Katie says:
I usually use a sponge to clean my spiralizer, but I do usually destroy the sponge in the process.... I love making Zucchini noodles since they are so delcious and easy, but carrot comes out great too!
Andrea says:
Awesome! Anything to make it easier to clean :)
Right now I clean mine with a potato-scrubbing brush. Seems to work good so far! This one looks much nicer than mine!
heather621 says:
I clean it with a brush and sponge. The OXO cleaners look really nice!
amanda says:
absolutely LOVE your blog- I tell everyone about it!! I need to get something better to clean my spiralizer with!
Heather Kern says:
I've been cleaning with a scrub brush but it seems the bristles are too long and get caught! The OXO scrubbers look great!
Anonymous says:
YOur blog is my go to for dinner every night!!
I've been using a scrub brush but its not the right one because there are little bits that are so hard to get out.
Amy says:
With a dish brush.
Frank says:
Use several OXO tools they are great. New to this type of cooking, doing sausage and mussels for lunch. Right now using a sponge to clean ( not the best way ). Suggestion, slow down a little bit on the videos. Thanks for all your help.
Ann Marie says:
soap, hot water and a toothbrush!
Casey says:
Now that I saw this giveway, I know what I should be cleaning my spiralizer with! Love Oxo products, especially their straw cups for kids:)
Nikki says:
Awesome! I need one of these... Thanks for sharing!
Malisa says:
I use a brush I got at the dollar store!
jesusan says:
How do I clean my spiralizer? I let my husband do it! :-) When I have to do it, I use a brush and my fingernails… These OXO brushes sound wonderful, definitely a worthwhile investment. I've learned the hard way that you have to get every bit of food off immediately if you want to get it all.
Carmen says:
With a dish sponge
Alise says:
I have a dish brush that I use but those look a lot better and more effective!
Anonymous says:
I just use my regular dish brush and plenty of soap and water.
Michele W says:
Just got my spiralizer and was wondering the best way to clean it. Thanks for the tips!
Anonymous says:
I use the dishwasher!
Lisa says:
I currently use a combination of a dishrag for the not-sharp parts and a brush from my juicer for the sharp parts.
Caroline says:
I'm new to spiralizing and the ONLY downside is the cleaning part, I always feel like I'm going to slice my finger off or leave sponge bits everywhere... and still it's not clean! These OXO tools are a no brainer!
Lauren says:
I've been using a scrub brush designed for a pan that isn't really doing the greatest job :-/
Chris says:
I clean mine with a sponge, a knife and a paper towel.
Kris Fappas says:
I don't actually have a spiralizer yet. But I plan on purchasing one very soon. Thank you for the tips on cleaning. I hadn't even thought about that aspect of having a spiralizer!
Anonymous says:
I just bought my spiralizer and I need to figure out how to use it! All I've done so far is make a stainy mess with sweet potatoes so this brush would be amazing!
Robin says:
I could use these! I love my spiralizer!
I don't have a spiralizer-yet. I plan on purchasing one soon. Now I'll know how to clean it! Thank you.
knittingrl says:
love all things oxo, this would be awesome.
Daphne says:
I use a small handled brush to clean. I agree with another person who suggested to slow down on the videos.
Mary Lou says:
I would love a dish brush!
Anonymous says:
Love my inspirlizer its now my favorite kitchen tool. Good tips for cleaning, as always! Thanks foe your blot.
Natalia says:
Regular brush, and the carrot stain seems to be lingering around the round center blade... Ill have to pick the Oxo set up when Im next in the states! Can never have too many kitchen gadgets. This will be tomorrows dinner sans the shellfish due to breastfeeding :)
Dotty says:
I love my OXO kitchen tools. They are sturdy and functional. Can't wait to try this recipe
Lorna R. says:
I purchased the oxo palm brush through your site the same time i bought my spiralizer. I couldnt justify trying something else & wasting the $$ to find out i should have listened to the expert's advice in the first place.. I didnt see the little toothbrush style brush tools though.. Definitely my next investment unless i am lucky enough to win a set. A clean spiralizer is a happy spiralizer!
Lorna R. says:
Although i could see how a few colorful set in stains could add character.. :-)
Melissa K. says:
Well, I have a spiralizer, but have not used it yet...not really cooking at the moment, sigh... This sounds like a great way to clean it!
Kristen Winne says:
I so need the OXO products! I just received my first spiralizer as a gift! :)
Jenn says:
I use a dishrag but these tools are awesome! I'm hoping I win but if not I'm buying them myself.
Janice says:
I don't have a spiralizer! It's on my much garden produce just waiting... I do have OXO brushes and palm brush. I need another brush for the upcoming Spiralizer purchase. Just cleaned the birdbaths with the palm brush! It will never make it back inside the house. There are so many uses for it. Love that I can buy replacement brushes. I go through them on a regular basis!
Beth M says:
I been following since I got my spiralizer a month ago. Such fabulous ideas! And I love OXO products. I've been slowly updating my kitchen utensils and gadgets with them!
aileen says:
I can not handle this blog and all the new fun I am having with my fruits and veggies! However, I NEED these OXO products - I am using my spiralizer so much already and want to keep it pristine and lovely as long as possible!
Dee Buckley says:
I use a toothbrush...which my Hubby thought was a Great idea until he found out I was using HIs...Men!!!
Ann Wilson says:
I don't clean mine well enough, I don't think. I use soapy water and my sponge... Or a little brush that's used for straws (also doesn't work very well).
Bake Up, Little Suzy says:
I've only used mine twice and I just rinsed it in warm water. Clearly I need a new system!
amyayers2 says:
I rinse with warm water, and then use a soapy sponge to get any food particles off.
I use a scrub brush like this but with soap in the handle.
Diana says:
I just learned what a spiralizer is, wow! I think I need one. And of course OXO would make the product that best cleans it. I love all their products.
Michelle says:
Definitely going to make this!
Deanna Presley says:
I love to Spiralized veggies into noodles. Having a set of brushes from OXO will help keep my Spiralizer clean and ready for that next batch.
Anonymous says:
Looks amazing!
Pepita says:
I love OXO products!
Jamie says:
This looks awesome. I've just been using water, soap, and a sponge but found it a lot harder to remove vegetables when I do a big spiralizing day.
Alex says:
This would be so helpful for cleaning the spiralizer and other funny kitchen tools - thanks for the chance!
Alex says:
whoops - missed the instructions. i rinse my spiralizer off immediately after using and if needed, use a cleaning brush from ikea, but it's not as thorough as i would like. thanks!
I love OXO products! I don't have the spiralizer, but I can think of many ways to use that brush set.
Mari M says:
I have a long-handled kitchen brush that works great for pots and pans, but I think I'd like having the soap reservoir like the Oxo brush.
Susan Cotten says:
I have an old OXO brush, but really need a new one! The small brushes look awesome as well!! My sprializer is the most fun kitchen gadget I have had in a LONG time, and I absolutely LOVE!! :)
I do not a spiralizer, but love OXO products!
I use a lot of caution and worry about getting cut. This would be awesome.
Lynn says:
I just bought mine. Cleaning it is a real pain. I use a toothbrush.
Tracy Moniz says:
Hi there - you should affiliate link to the brush with the holder - that's pretty cool! I ordered my brush through your link some time ago, so didn't get the holder. :) (I let mine rest in a rack in the sink.)
Pua says:
I don't have a spiralizer yet, but I'm getting one soon and this'll come in handy!
Barb miller says:
I love the carrot idea. I will try it this coming week, so excited!!! Thanks for sharing.
Margot C says:
I don't have a spirilizer - not yet!
Dani says:
I love my spiralizer, but don't love the gunk that can get in the small nooks and crannies. Besides my dish rag, I use a dedicated tooth brush and tooth pick! I would get so much use out of this set!
Kathy says:
Love my deep clean brush set but never thought to use it on my spiralizer. Thanks for the tip!
Linda R says:
How cool ! What a cool tip that you can buy brush replacements.
LenaB says:
I've been planning to purchase a spiralizer and thrilled to see how well these cleaning tools would enhance it when I have it!
Sarah G says:
I just picked up a round brush to clean mine. I think the smaller tools would be a huge help!
Georgiana says:
I use a toothbrush.
Melisa says:
I love OXO products, theta have great quality and perform as promised
Karla says:
I've never owned or used a spiralizer. No idea how to clean one.
lynn says:
I'd love to win this set!
court says:
I use a toothbrush to scrub it
Carolsue says:
I use a baby bottle brush
Lynne says:
Just bought a a spiralizer and started following your blog. Would love to win the OXO cleaning brushes so I can safely keep it really clean!
Anonymous says:
I definitely need these to clean my spiralizer. These look awesome. Would love to win.
Becca F says:
I use a clean, unused toothbrush
Karen says:
What an awesome way to clean the spiralizer.
Michelle says:
These brushes would help with cleaning!
Ellen says:
I try to rinse the blades as soon as I'm done spiralizing, but it would be great to have these brushes!
Jenny says:
I have bought a spiralizer finally. I have been saving your recipes for a while now and finally jumped in! I am a bit scared of it. I think I am scared of giving up pasta. But I am sure I will soon be hooked.
serena says:
rinse, oxo handle brush and then a toothbrush to get rid of the residue
Stephanie says:
I use a scrubby brush on a long handle, but it doesn't REALLY do the job. And then I just dishwash it, but that doesn't always do the trick either...would LOVE to win one of these products for my kitchen!!
Roxanne Andrews says:
I would love to have this OXO set to keep my spiralizer clean!!
Sandy says:
What do you do with the "cores", that part in the middle that doesn't spiralize? I froze some in with the odds and ends I use to make broth, but do you have other ideas?
I'll chop them up and save them for omelettes on the weekends!
Sandy says:
This was wonderful! We loved it. I had to switch to zucchini noodles though. Where in the world do you find carrots big enough to spiralize? Another question.......have you ever tried to spiralize fennel?
You can spiralize fennel, but it really just shreds the fennel, less makes noodles. As for large carrots - I always find them at farmer's markets!

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