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I love making cooking videos, because I feel like that’s the best way to share a recipe – by showing how to make it. Sometimes, words get lost in translation and it’s easiest just to show you.

This recipe is a spin on my Easy Bacon Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles. I actually ran out of zucchinis (oh, the horror!) and had to improvise, so I spiralized a couple carrots and voila – a whole new recipe, which I like even more than the original.

For this recipe, just substitute in carrot noodles for the zucchini noodles and make sure to add in a 1/4 cup of vegetable broth in before crumbling in the bacon. That’s the only change, and now the recipe’s totally transformed into a delicious sweet, savory and tangy dish.

The one downfall of carrots? They can stain your spiralizer, if you’re not careful! As I’ve said in this video, use a round brush (I prefer OXO’s Round Palm Brush) with soap and water immediately after spiralizing your vegetable, to avoid stains.

How to Clean the Spiralizer by

This brush is my absolute favorite – it’s easy to grip and keeps your fingers safe from the sharp blades of the spiralizer. All you do is fill it up with soap and use the button on the top to let the soap release as you run it under water. I’ve had mine for over a year and I’ve never needed to replace it. Just keep this OXO brush separate from the rest of your sponges and brushes and dedicate it solely to the spiralizer. If you do this, your spiralizer will stay shiny and white – even with beets!

How to Clean the Spiralizer by

Best part? The brush comes with its own storage set, so its bristles won’t get grimy. Speaking of, if you ever do need to replace the bristles, it’s easy to do so – just twist the bottom off and load in the new bristles (purchasable in packs via OXO.)

If you try to use a regular sponge to clean your spiralizer, it will rip the sponge and little pieces will get jammed in the spiralizer’s blades. Not fun.

When some bits of vegetable get really stuck in the blades, I also use OXO’s Deep Clean Brush Set which are basically just sturdy toothbrushes with great grips for really getting in the knooks and crannies of the blades.

How to Clean the Spiralizer -

Plus, on one end of the smaller bristled brush is a rubber pick, which is especially helpful when getting tough foods out of the center coring blade (like sweet potatoes.)

How to Clean the Spiralizer -


OXO and Inspiralized

Note: Although OXO provided complimentary products for this post, the opinions expressed are my own.

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court says:
I use a toothbrush to scrub it
Carolsue says:
I use a baby bottle brush
Lynne says:
Just bought a a spiralizer and started following your blog. Would love to win the OXO cleaning brushes so I can safely keep it really clean!
Anonymous says:
I definitely need these to clean my spiralizer. These look awesome. Would love to win.
Becca F says:
I use a clean, unused toothbrush
Karen says:
What an awesome way to clean the spiralizer.
Michelle says:
These brushes would help with cleaning!
Ellen says:
I try to rinse the blades as soon as I'm done spiralizing, but it would be great to have these brushes!
Jenny says:
I have bought a spiralizer finally. I have been saving your recipes for a while now and finally jumped in! I am a bit scared of it. I think I am scared of giving up pasta. But I am sure I will soon be hooked.
serena says:
rinse, oxo handle brush and then a toothbrush to get rid of the residue
Stephanie says:
I use a scrubby brush on a long handle, but it doesn't REALLY do the job. And then I just dishwash it, but that doesn't always do the trick either...would LOVE to win one of these products for my kitchen!!
Roxanne Andrews says:
I would love to have this OXO set to keep my spiralizer clean!!
Sandy says:
What do you do with the "cores", that part in the middle that doesn't spiralize? I froze some in with the odds and ends I use to make broth, but do you have other ideas?
I'll chop them up and save them for omelettes on the weekends!
Sandy says:
This was wonderful! We loved it. I had to switch to zucchini noodles though. Where in the world do you find carrots big enough to spiralize? Another question.......have you ever tried to spiralize fennel?
You can spiralize fennel, but it really just shreds the fennel, less makes noodles. As for large carrots - I always find them at farmer's markets!

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