My Favorite Way to Cook Spiralized Carrots (Video!)

My Favorite Way to Cook Spiralized Carrots (Video!)

If you find a carrot large enough to spiralize, that’s a victory in itself! Then,...

My Favorite Way to Cook Spiralized Carrots (Video!)

If you find a carrot large enough to spiralize, that’s a victory in itself!

Then, once you have a bowl of spiralized carrots, what do you do with them? The easy answer would be to toss with a vinaigrette and whip up a carrot salad or raw pasta.

After cooking a lot with carrot noodles, I’ve found my favorite way to cook them and of course, wanted to share that with you!

I mean, can’t you tell by the big smile on my face?

Your best options for preparing carrots are as such:

  • Roast at 425 degrees for 5-10 minutes
  • Saute for 5-10 minutes
  • Boil, 2-3 minutes
  • Serve raw

You’d be surprised by how resilient carrots are! They serve well raw, but their maximum potential is reached when you boil them and use them in a pasta or noodle-based dish!

Boiling carrot noodles causes them to fluff up nicely as they absorb the water and take on an almost velvety texture that’s soft on the outside, but al dente. They take on the consistency of a whole-wheat bucatini.

My Favorite Way to Cook Spiralized Carrots (Video!)

Plus, boiling carrot noodles are easy – you just have to boil water! Once you have your drained noodles, they can be tossed with a pasta sauce. The hot carrots will help the sauce melt into the noodles, creating a very pasta-like experience.

Who knew you could have a bowl of piping hot noodles, from carrots!

I love spiralizing carrots, because it shows the true power of Inspiralizing your food – taking an ordinary vegetable and transforming it into something fabulous and healthy.

Okay, you’ve heard enough. Now, watch the video:

Have you ever boiled carrots before? What’s your favorite way to cook carrot noodles?

with love, Ali

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  • at the beginning of the week cut up fruits and veggies to eat during the entire week
  • I try to do a lot of planning, prep, and cooking for the coming work week on Sundays.
  • Can't live without my spiralizer! Veggies take on a new meaning.
  • I spirilize!!! What else!
  • Have a plan!
  • If anyone can give tips, I'd appreciate! My weekends are just as busy as weekdays!
  • Love the spiralizer, it's such a fun way to prepare my fruits and veggies to have on hand for snacking.
  • I try to plan meals before shopping and getting foods cut up before I need to cook them.
  • Loved this video. I sent it along to my friends that like carrots too. Great way to make carrot pasta. Thanks!
  • Planning ahead and making sure I have everything on hand. I also make sure healthy snacks are prepared and visible so they are the first thing anyone grabs.
  • I shop the sales, plan for the week and cook extra on sunday.
  • I agree that boiling spiralized carrots closely resembles pasta in texture. I love your new videos, Ali...Keep the coming....Just pre-ordered your cookbook today and downloaded the preorder pack. Can't wait to try the shopping lists/weekly meal plans. I predict your book will be a big success!!!
  • Planning meals and snacks for the week definitely helps - both with the budget and healthy eating!
  • I usually have a weekly plan for our meals so I make sure that everyone has its share of veggies and fruit, but I am very lucky because we are really a healthy family and have always liked eating well :)
  • I am Paleo and prep a lot of vegetables ahead so I am sure to eat some at every meal
  • ALWAYS prep! Even if it's just cut veggies or portioned protein or even just grab and go snacks! I can't afford to not have food options if my schedule has a blip since I'm paleo- always be prepared! I also spiralize all my veggies for the week at once. It can be time consuming but I love being able to just grab a tupperware full of noodles and quickly make a meal instead of having to peel and chop everything on the spot...
  • Meal planning and prepping as much before hand as possible saves me time.
  • New to spiralizing. Loved the zucchini (Pomodoro?). Preparing foods a ahead of time cuts time in kitchen and lowers temptation to eat unhealthy.
  • Endless creativity! Thank you!
  • Planning and prepping on weekends saves tons of time! I meal plan and prep everything I can each weekend.
  • I make sure that my lunch is always packed and ready to go the night before. Completely packed. If I so much as have to put a portion in a to-go container, I can't manage it in the morning, and it's cafe food for me that day!
  • Planning is always good, I also cook brown rice and freeze it one cup containers to have with flavoured tuna when running late and the hunger pangs are kicking in lol... :)
  • keep a lot of healthy marinades and spices available that can be used for multiple dishes!
  • Just got my spirializer this weekend and have made some fantastic dishes this week...thanks to you! My family loved the Easy Bacon Shrimp "Zucchini Noodle" Scampi! Will double up on the Bacon next time! Keep the recipes coming! Wish they had nutrition info/calories etc with them though. Posted it on FB and everyone loved it and wants to make it. Wish I could post a photo of it here.
  • On Sundays, I prepare a week's worth of "stuff" to add to greens for salads throughout the week - quinoa, couscous, chicken breast, chopped veggies, currants, etc. Easy peasy!
  • I'll soon be a first-timer to boiling carrots after reading this post, as I think it will be the perfect compromise between the hubby and I! He likes zucchini noodles small but I like them larger with more texture - carrots seem like they could easily fit both perspectives! Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Ali, how can I view the giveaway? The icon just sits & spins. I tried clicking on it & nothing happens. I really enjoy your videos.
  • My inspiralizer and cookbook will be delivered tomorrow. Don't know where to start! Grocery shopping in the morning. First items I guess are carrots and zucchini? :) Looking forward to it!
  • thank you!!!
    • You're so welcome! We're glad you found this helpful!