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Video: How to Pick Kohlrabi for Spiralizing

Another Thursday, a new video is posted on my YouTube channel. Kohlrabi is such a deliciously...

Another Thursday, a new video is posted on my YouTube channel.

Kohlrabi is such a deliciously versatile vegetable that is especially ripe and flavorful in the wintertime. For all of my kohlrabi recipes, click here.

Enjoy the video (and please excuse the giant maroon bag I’m essentially wearing. I really need to go shopping!)

Are there any videos you’d like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments!

with love, Ali

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  • I'm pretty sure I'm getting a Spiralizer for Christmas! I find these videos very helpful. For example, I would have gone for the biggest Kohlrabi I could find. Now I know better. Thanks!
  • I love your website.I wish you included calorie information with each of the recipes. I count calories and sometimes it's hard to figure out which recipes I would like to try without having to calculate all the calorie counts first.
    • I have been doing that for all of my recipes for about 4 months now. Eventually, I will retroactively do nutritional information! Thanks for the feedback.
  • Thanks for the info on choosing kohlrabi. I spiralized some a couple of weeks ago since I couldn't get broccoli stems. The ones they had in the store were okay size for spiralizing, but not as big as I would like. Wish we had good farmers markets around here - they unfortunately are few and far between here in the desert.
  • Hi Ali, I just thought if your shirt being so wide bothers you, you could consider pinching it at the back with a clothes pin to tighten it a little. You won't be able to tell from the front ;) - Johanna CXIII