Video: How to Pick the Best Carrot for Spiralizing + 3 Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

Video: How to Pick the Best Carrot for Spiralizing + Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

Video: How to Pick the Best Carrot for Spiralizing + Healthy Thanksgiving Tips
Yes, I’m biting into a baby carrot in the picture above. You’ll just have to watch the video to see why!

All jokes aside, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and hopefully everyone’s focusing on getting ready to spend time with their loved ones, I figured I wouldn’t post a recipe today.

Instead, I’m sharing some of my best tips on how to stay (somewhat) on track during Thanksgiving feasting and also posting a new video from the Inspiralized YouTube channel on How to Pick the Best Carrots for Spiralizing.

First, about that baby carrot:

My Top 3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

First off, my most important “how to stay healthy during Thanksgiving” tip:

It’s Thanksgiving – instead of focusing on how many slices of cheese on your plate, focus on what you’re thankful for, enjoy the precious time you have with your family and friends and be grateful for your health. Thanksgiving isn’t a day to start a diet, it’s a day to forget about all the noise and spend time with those who make you happy.

You should never feel guilty for having fun and eating or drinking too much on Thanksgiving. It’s one of those sacred days of the year, where we’re celebrating life and togetherness.

Having said that, if you want to feel your best without having to obsess over your plate and portions, try these few tips out:

1. Hydrate the day before (Wednesday), all day on Thanksgiving (Thurdsay), and on the day after (Friday.) Hydration is crucial for your body to digest everything you’re eating and flush away toxins and other things that may weigh you down even more than the extra slice of pecan pie.

2. Workout early Thanksgiving morning- and work harder than usual. An extra 30 minutes of HIIT will burn off calories so that you won’t have to think twice about seconds. Plus, the earlier you wake up, the less time you take away from family festivities – and you start your metabolism working even earlier (again, more calories burned in the day!) Extra bonus tips if you get the whole family in on the workout – it’s such a fun way to bond.

3. Help the host/hostess out – the more you stand, the more you digest and the more calories you burn. If you’re sitting down the whole time, hoarding all the nuts, you won’t even realize you’re eating them! By helping the host out with clearing dishes, cooking, serving, decorating and other friendly tasks, you’re inadvertently burning off some of those treats while taking some of the stress off the host – she/he will be extremely grateful and impressed with your generosity! Plus, the more you move, the less likely you are to sit and pick.

And remember – recovery is key! Once your family festivities are done and you’re back to normal life, focus on committing to a clean diet and consistent workouts. Within a couple days, you’ll be back to your normal self!

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Sue says:
I'd go right for the stationery on Minted.
MaryAnn says:
Great tips. Happy Thanksgiving.
vickykoen says:
Nothing is more fun than a photo calendar. :) Also, My son and his girlfriend are pro photographers so I would definitely love to use the art and other mediums on Minted.
jesusan says:
Great tips. I finally have found a grocery store that sells bulk carrots, but unfortunately they are not the really big ones (I miss the store I shopped at back in the 70s & 80s that had huge carrots!). Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Lexa says:
I would get the gold foil art.
Magda says:
I love the art gift section on Minted so I'd go for it! Thanks for the tips Ali :-) Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you for the reminder that the more you stand, the more you digest and the more calories you burn! I'll be extra helpful this holiday season for that reason (and also because that's the nice thing to do!) Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Heather says:
I've been dragging my feet on my holiday cards this year so the Minted gift card would be a huge help!
Krista says:
Definitely the stationary or holiday cards!
Karen says:
After the meal when everyone sits around visiting and picking at things, I've learned to go to the living room (adjacent and open so I'm still able to visit and participate) and pick up a crochet or knitting project. It keeps my hands busy and I need to keep them clean so no picking for me! Plus, I get work done on something I'll be gifting for Christmas. And I get to be part of the party and not feel bloated when I leave. Minted has too many lovely things.....I'll just have to wait to decide on what to do with the gift card after I win. :)

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