Zucchini Noodles From a Round Zucchini

Writing a food blog is a total learning experience. Whether it’s Googling “what would taste...

spiralizing a zucchini

Writing a food blog is a total learning experience. Whether it’s Googling “what would taste best with [insert food here]?” or finding out that an extra 15 skillet seconds can burn garlic, I’m loving this trial and error journey. One of the best parts of food blogging is discovering new types of foods and… sizes!

While I was at the Farmers’ Market last weekend, I discovered a large and round zucchini. I knew that zucchinis came in a small round form, but I had never seen one this large. Quickly, I snatched up a few and decided to experiment. Here were my scientific findings:

Zucchini Noodles from a Round Zucchini

1. When using Blade A, the noodles come out longer but flatter. The noodles are not as “curly” as those from a regular cylindrical zucchini.

spiralizing a zucchini

2. When using Blade B, the noodles come out much better than they do when using a regular sized zucchini with this blade. The noodles are thick and rounded. If you want thicker noodles (like a bucatini), I highly suggest spiralizing round zucchinis on Blade B.

spiralizing a zucchini

3. When using Blade C, the ribbons are very large and would work well if making a lasagna or layered-pasta dish.

spiralizing a zucchini

4. You get more bang-for-your-buck out of the round zucchini, because there is more zucchini “meat” and therefore more noodles to be made.


The verdict? Round zucchinis are great for making a larger bowl of zucchini pasta, because you get more noodles than you would with a regular zucchini. However, the noodles tend to be flatter and longer.

Visit your local farmers’ market and try it out for yourself….

with love, Ali

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  • Round zucchinis! I miss them so much!! In Argentina are very common, but not here in South Florida. Sometimes I play with the idea of growing them in my garden but I'm afraid they will take over.. :) Love your website, can't wait to hae my own slicer..Does Santa comes in September?
    • Andrea - thank you so much for the note! My dream is to have my own garden some day - and round zucchinis will definitely be grown! Stay tuned for a spiralizer giveaway soon.... and hopefully Santa will come sooner :)