11 E-Gift Ideas (For The Really, Really Last Minute)

last-minute gift ideas

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Two days before Christmas and still stumped on what to get someone?

Take the easy but thoughtful way out and get someone an e-gift!

Life happens and now you’re left scrambling to make it to the stores in time to pick up a gift for Christmas. And who wants to go to the stores this time of year? They’re packed and crazy!

Don’t get elbowed in the face over the last cashmere scarf and buy someone an e-gift instead! What’s an e-gift? It’s a printable gift that comes with a gift card number that the recipient can redeem!

These are my favorite picks for e-gifts:

1. Texture.com: Magazine Subscription: for your trendy friend that loves to read magazines and tabloids.

2. Spotify subscription: for your friend that loves music and is still living in the Dark Ages with Pandora.

3. Kindle book: for your friend who loves to read books on a Kindle. The Inspiralized cookbook has a Kindle version. Just sayin’.

4. Netflix membership: THE GREATEST GIVER, EVER.

5. An airline gift card, like on Southwest: for your friend who loves to travel or for your long-distance friend who hasn’t visited you in a while, this is a great incentive!

6. Studio classes: for your fitness-obsessed friend. Most studios have gift cards but if they don’t, just buy credits and print out the information for your friend. I love Peloton, if you live in the NYC area.

7. Brit & Co classes: for your friend that loves to learn and wants to grow their passions. Brit & Co has so many amazing courses!

8. Birchbox: for your friend that loves beauty and surprises.

9. Club W: for your friend who’s into wine. aka every friend you have.

10. Plated subscription: for your friend who’s lacking inspiration in the kitchen or loves to cook and is always looking for new ideas, Plated makes it easy.

11. Starbucks: pretty much everyone’s last resort – if nothing else, fuel your friend’s caffeine addiction.


Happy holidays!

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