30DaysInspiralized Challenge

#30DaysInspiralized & Cookbook Recipes

Today, the #30DaysInspiralized campaign on Instagram starts! For 30 days, join me in cooking up...

30DaysInspiralized Challenge

Today, the #30DaysInspiralized campaign on Instagram starts! For 30 days, join me in cooking up an Inspiralized storm for 30 days – that’s 30 spiralized meals made in a row.

Of course, you can cook exclusively from the blog and cookbook OR you can use your own personally original spiralized recipes.

While there will be three winners from this challenge, everyone is going to be a winner, because you all are going to feel amazing afterwards. As you know, I lost 30 pounds from eating Inspiralized and consistently exercising, so spiralizing is proven to help with weight maintenance and loss!

The first place winner will win an Inspiralizer and the other 2 winners will receive the spiralized t-shirt from the picture above.

I can’t wait to monitor the #30daysinspiralized hashtag and see how you’re all doing! I’ll be there to support you, and I’ll be eating something spiralized every day for 30 days as well, so we’re in this together!

Now, I’m no certified nutritionist or doctor, but I just know what works for me and if you want to participate in this challenge to eat cleaner and lose some weight, I also suggest (based on my own success):

  • Eat breakfast to get that metabolism started first thing!
  • Avoid processed sugars (if you have a sweet tooth and just can’t resist, I love dark chocolate, frozen grapes, my zucchini noodle muffins and any of the dessert recipes in the cookbook!)
  • Drink lots of water to keep hydrated and avoid mistaking thirst for hunger
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week (I try to fit in 5-6 days per week!)
  • Keep your snacks healthy and nutritious – avocado toast, carrots and hummus, fruit, almonds and raisins, Greek yogurt with berries and bananas, or natural popcorn.

Good luck and most importantly, have fun! I promise, you’ll never get bored with your meals if you keep them Inspiralized! If you don’t have your copy of the Inspiralized cookbook, run to a bookstore or buy it online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target or IndieBound!

Cookbook Recipes

A few of my blogging friends have shared some recipes from the cookbook, and I wanted to make sure you saw them, in case you’re still waiting for your cookbook to arrive or want to see a picture of a recipe that doesn’t have its own image in the cookbook!

Check them out:

Inspiralized Recipes


Ashley from The Edible Perspective made my Blueberry Sweet Potato Waffles – with some slight, creative adaptations! Get the recipe here.


Inspiralized Recipes

Joanne from Eats Well With Others made my Vegetarian Enchilada Bake. Get the recipe here.


Inspiralized Recipes

Alyssa from Simply Quinoa made by Ginger-Scallion Egg Drop Zucchini Noodle Soup, a blog classic. Get the recipe here.

Inspiralized Recipes

Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen made my Deconstructed Zucchini Manicotti, a blog classic. Get the recipe here.

Inspiralized Recipes

Lauren from Lauren Lives Healthy made the cover image recipe, my Pesto Spaghetti with Heirloom Tomatoes. Get the recipe here.

Inspiralized Recipes

Oh My Veggies made my Collard Hummus Wraps with Golden Beets and Sprouts. Get the recipe here.

Also, there are other social media campaigns going on for the Inspiralized cookbook, so don’t miss out on your chance to win some exciting prizes! Learn more here.

Will you be participating in the #30DaysInspiralized challenge with me? 


with love, Ali

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  • Do you need to post something every day for 30 days in order to be in the competition? Or can you just post something on a couple of days? Either way I love the idea!
    • Ideally, every day for 30 days, but I will be checking and considering everyone who enters using the #30daysinspiralized!! Have fun with it!
  • Hi Ali, I have been following your blog (from Ireland) for about a year now and I love it. Will I be able to buy your Inspiralizer in Ireland any time soon? I do have a paderno spiralizer which I bought in Canada last year when I was visiting my niece, I suppose I could take another visit there to buy the Inspiralizer but would be much handier if I could buy it here!
    • We are working on UK distribution, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter/pre-order list to get updates! Thank you :)
  • I will be participating in the 30 day challenge. Fun!
  • I love the idea. I received your Fabulous cookbook yesterday (Yes Sunday!!!), I was so excited.
  • I am interested in ordering your spiralizer , I live in US...... where , and when are they available? Thank you, Jothi