Announcing: Spiralized Specials Menu at Houlihan’s

Announcing: Spiralized Specials Menu at Houlihan's + Giveaway

Announcing: Spiralized Specials Menu at Houlihan's + Giveaway

The day is finally here! Today, at every Houlihan’s Restaurant location across the country, a new specials menu has launched – and it’s 100% spiralized (and Inspiralized!) and lasts until June!

If you haven’t seen my teasers on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, well – I developed a specials menu for Houlihan’s with spiralized recipes!


I can’t express how excited I am to be so lucky to bring some of my recipes to the masses! I love that Houlihan’s is affording me the opportunity to bring healthy options to their restaurant!

Houlihan’s makes an effort to make their dishes from scratch and really focus on the ingredients and the process, which I really appreciate!

I flew to Kansas City (remember this post?) and hung out with the (awesome) corporate chef, Nick, and we came up with three recipes to feature on the menu.

Here’s a behind the scenes video:

Without further ado, here are the menu items:

Thai “Noodle” Salad

Butternut Squash Lasagna with Pesto Zucchini Noodles

Announcing: Spiralized Specials Menu at Houlihan's + Giveaway

Sweet Potato Mexicali Flatbread


How delicious does everything sound and look? Seriously, you’re going to love this specials menu! As of today, you can go to any Houlihan’s location and order from the menu – up until June! #pinchme

Thank you for all of your support in advance, seriously. Your kind words and excitement makes me work harder every day!

And if you visit a Houlihan’s restaurant and have something on the Inspiralized specials menu, make sure to hashtag #inspiralized and #houlihans so I can see! We’ll be regramming our favorite shots!

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Janine says:
The butternut squash with pesto noodles sounds amazing!!
Kelsey G says:
Those thai noodles!!!! In love!
Belinda says:
I'm looking forward to the Thai Noodle Salad! It sounds delicious!
Beth R. says:
The flatbread sounds superb! Congratulations on this new partnership!
Millie says:
CAN NOT WAIT to try these menu items!!! This is so exciting! Congratulations!!!!
the noodle salad looks awesome!
Ashley Wright says:
Definitely the butternut squash lasagna. I love lasagna and pesto so I think that would be a winner for sure! But honestly I want to try them all! Yum! Congrats Ali!
Chloe says:
Thai noodle salad looks the best!!
Annie Reeves says:
AH I wish we had a Houlihan's!!!!!
liz says:
awesome, congrats!!
Vanessa says:
Thai Noodles!!! Can't wait!
Jennings says:
I wish there was a Houlihan's in Memphis! Congrats!!
Sabra says:
can't wait to try!
Ashley says:
Can't wait to try the butternut squash and sausage lasagna!! But, honestly, I want to try all three!
Katie says:
Congrats - these all look amazing! Can't wait to try them out at Houlihan's - I think Thai noodles will be my first order!
Bryn says:
Thai noodle salad!!!
lauren says:
I want to try that flatbread!
Heather says:
Thai noodles!
Bec says:
The Thai Noodle Salad sounds great!
Halie says:
Just emailed my boyfriend to make plans to visit! Can't wait to try the flatbread!
Ali Maffucci says:
Aw that's so sweet! Thank you!
Sharona says:
The thai noodle salad looks delicious! Congrats on the collaboration!
Marla B says:
The Thai Noodle salad but I am going to try them all. Yummy!
Marina S says:
I can't wait to try the thai noodles!
Kaitlyn says:
I would definitely try the lasagna!
Megan says:
Such a fun collaboration! Love the gift basket giveaway : )
Danielle says:
Congratulations! All of them look great but I'm digging the thai noodle salad!
Meg says:
The butternut squash lasagna sounds amazing!
Whitney Summers says:
Thai Noodle Salad looks amazing!!
Dina F says:
I've never been to Houlihans but found out there's one in my area! I am so excited to try the butternut squash lasagna and the Thai noodles- both sound amazing! Congrats, Ali and thanks for all that you do!! :)
Cathy says:
Congratulations! There is a Houlihan's right next door to my office and they give our company 10% off! LOL I can't wait to tray the Thai noodle salad and flatbread. I don't usually do sausage, especially out....they all sound delicious though. Good luck and I hope "until June" means you will have brand new recipes at Houlihan's in June! ;-)
Michelle says:
I am looking forward to the thai noodle salad!
Danielle says:
Butternut squash lasagna please!!
Molly says:
Congrats Ali! So exciting! Can't wait to try these menu items!
Felicia says:
Lora says:
Butternut squash and sausage lasagne?! YUM! Can't wait! Just got my Inspiralizer and cook book last week, and I had so much fun unboxing it!
KarenQ says:
Can't wait to try the Butternut Squash Lasagna!
Allie Blessing says:
That flatbread looks superb!!
Lindsay says:
What an awesome opportunity for you!!! This is beyond cool. And what a great give away! Crossing my fingers!
stephanie says:
Congrats, Ali! What a cool dream to see coming true!! I am so intrigued by that flatbread!!
Kelly A says:
Honestly they all sound great but I'd try first the squash lasagna w sausage! :-)
Lynn says:
The butternut squash lasagna sounds wonderful (they all do but that would be my 1st choice).
Jennifer C says:
It all sounds delicious! I would love to see more spiralized veggie options at restaurants too!
Jessica says:
It is so amazing to see inspiralized at such a big restaurant! Congratulations. The mexicali flatbread and lasgna look too delicious to choose between!
Liz S. says:
The menu item that I am most looking forward to, on the Inspiralized specials menu at Houlihan's, is the Thai Noodle Salad.
Maggie B says:
The lasagna for sure!!!
Lisa says:
Anything vegan!
Susan says:
SO bummed there isn"t a restaurant near me.. Next stop, Pacific NW please!
Anonymous says:
Taking family to houlihans today just for this!
Caitlin says:
Can't wait to try to Thai "Noodle" Bowl!
karlie R says:
squash pesto noodles!
Danielle says:
I love thai noodles! That one sounds great.
Chelsea says:
The Sweet Potato Mexicali Flatbread!
Jonna says:
Definitely going to be planning a trip to San Antonio to check this out! Ali, is there a way to purchase one of the "I'd spiralize that" t-shirts? Thanks!
Erika says:
the Thai noodle salad!
Caroline says:
I do not have a Houlihan's near me but I cannot wait to recreate the Mexicali Flatbread at home!
Deidre Frager says:
The flatbread sounds major!
Charlotte says:
The sweet potato mexicali flatbread! But really all of them!
Carrie says:
The flatbread sounds AMAZING! Can't wait to try all of them!
Nicole says:
Can't wait to try!!!!!
Stephanie says:
CONGRATS!! That is super exciting and I can't wait to check it out! I def want to try to lasagna!
SKJ says:
The butternut squash lasagna looks amazing!
Karen says:
We're going to St. Louis early next month, and will have a meal at the Houlihan's in Creve Couer in west St. Louis. I'd love to try all three of the inspiralized entries they're offering, but will probably go for the Thai noodles.
Robyn says:
Can't wait to try this!! Congrats!
Janice L says:
I've stopped eating out because most menus do not cater to healthy lifestyles. This is exciting - for you and for all of us looking for something good for us! Other than the bacon (and sausage?), they appear to be vegetarian, which is how I eat most of the time. Sadly, to eat any of these menu items, I'd have to go to the South San Francisco Holiday Inn at the Airport. Looks like it might be worth a trip! Congratulations on your new project!
Amanda Hoffman says:
I wish there was a restaurant near me to try this! I just started spiralizing and LOVE IT!
Annie says:
I live in Wisconsin (no Houlihan's!) but I will have to venture down to Chicagoland to check this out. The butternut squash lasagna sounds DELICIOUS! I have never wanted to win a giveaway as much as I want this one. Everything looks amazing!
Ashley says:
The flatbread looks delicious!
Annie says:
I live in Wisconsin (no Houlihan's!) but I will have to venture down to Chicagoland to check this out. The butternut squash sounds absolutely delicious. I have never been so excited about a giveaway in my life! Thanks, Houlihan's!
Ashley says:
The spaghetti squash menu item looks phenomenal!
Anonymous says:
Emily R says:
It is a tie between the Mexicali flatbread or the butternut squash lasagna.
Diana S says:
I have never heard of Houlihan's here in Denver. Will you be posting the recipes after this event is over in June? I would love to try all of them, but especially the lasagna!
Barb says:
Sweet potato flatbread for sure!!!
Laura says:
The flatbread....Yum!
Deirdre says:
The Thai noodle salad
Shannon Mayforth says:
Looking forward to trying ALL of these at my local Houlihans!
Sonya says:
Butternut and Sausage Lasagna sounds delish!!
Melissa says:
Butternut Squash Lasagna! Yum :)
stacey says:
This is an amazing offer! Looks like your having fun with it!
Sandra says:
They all look yummy...I'd probably try the flatbread first!
claire harvey says:
Regina says:
Mexicali Flat bread. Too bad there is no restaurant near me to try it!
khara says:
The butternut squash lasagna looks freaking awesome!!!! I can't wait to try :)
Jessica says:
Definitely looking forward to the Thai Noodle Salad. Looks delish! Congrats on the new menu!
Jessica says:
Definitely want to try the Thai Noodle Salad. Looks delish! Congrats on the new menu!
Katie says:
OMG. NEEEEED that Butternut squash lasagna, looking for a location now :) Also desperately need that Inspiralized Shirt!
T says:
I live in KC - can't wait to visit Houlihans and try these out!
Cathy says:
All three look yummy! I would have the Thai Noodle Salad. I love all the fresh vegetable ingredients.
Lindsey J. says:
Oh that butternut squash lasagna!!!! So perfect for this Seattle grey weather - I will have to run to our Sunday Farmer's Market for sure now ;)
Jennifer says:
I wish we had these restaurants out in Western Canada! I would totally go in JUST to eat some of the spiralized recipes. They look FANTASTIC. Congrats on all your successes!
Marcy Marro says:
KJ says:
Definitely excited for the thai noodles!
Marianne S says:
All sound wonderful to me, but since I have to choose one, I say, ALL!!
Denise Miller says:
I'm planning on trying all 3 dishes!
that thai noodle salad sounds delicious!
Abby L says:
The thai noodle salad sounds amazing!
Vanessa says:
The lasagna looks amazing! I love spiralizing!
anastasia says:
I bought the latest menu plans for Vegan and Gluten Free, and a couple of these look familiar! I made the lasagna with (veggie) sausage over the weekend, and I have a bowl of thai noodle salad on my desk right now! Very sad this didn't come out a few months ago. I was working all summer in New Jersey and my hotel was mere steps from a Houlihans, and would have *loved* this option there. Now I'm back home in Toronto, though. Congratulations on this exciting venture!
Hailee says:
I love to make butternut squash lasagna, and this one looks delicious. I can't wait to go try it! It's not often you can have something spiralized at a restaurant!
Jessica Z says:
I've been looking forward to the recipe for that flatbread since you posted it on Instagram. Can't wait to go try it.
Sarah Jane Jennings says:
The butternut squash lasagna sounds delicious!!!
Diane says:
All look delish, but I would totally try the butternut squash lasagna!
Jasmine says:
I can't wait to try the sweet potatoe flatbread! Looks DELISH and is a healthy comfort food too!! So excited :)
Miranda says:
The Thai noodle salad looks amazing! As KC native I am so excited to see this partnership -- congrats, Ali!
Robin says:
Anything Thai is delicious and being spiralized will only make it better!
Sally says:
The lasagna. And congratulations!
clarisse says:
NOT only is Houlihans my favorite chain restaurant now i get to try your spiarlized dishes there! Amazing can't wait to try all.
Susan says:
The Thai Noodle Salad looks great!
Tammy Nguyen says:
thai noodle salad!
Juli says:
can't wait to try the lasagna!
Becca says:
I'd love to try the Thai noodles!
Jocelyn C says:
I would LOVE to try the sweet potato mexicali flatbread. It looks so delicious and it's a healthier alternative to pizza - which I love!
Angela Elmer says:
I am so excited to try all of these at the restaurant I don't know how to pick which one! I have been loving spiraling this year. I want to try each!! If it's a cold day I'll probably start with the lasagna but I'm a sucker for flat bread & Thai food
Ryan says:
The butternut squash lasagna looks amazing! Spiralized casseroles are on my list to make!
angie says:
Can't wait to try the lasagna!
Carol says:
Have bought 5 spiralizers as gifts for friends. Love spiraling and experimenting. Good luck and congratulations on your partnership with Houlihans!!
Sasha says:
That flatbread looks delicious!
Lucy says:
The Thai Noodle Salad looks so good!
Susan S. says:
Lasagne. Congratulations, and well done!
Heidi says:
The lasagna sounds so yummy!
One needs to come to Omaha!! I want to try that butternut squash dish!
Nadia says:
The flatbread!
Katie says:
They all look good (of course), but I have to try the sweet potato flatbread! Mexican food and sweet potatoes are two of my greatest food loves!
Amy L says:
The Thai Noodle Salad looks awesome!
Hannah Seward says:
I would love to try ALL of your recipes at Houlihan's, but first I think I would order the flatbread... I love Mexican flavors... Mmm.
Olivia says:
That butternut squash lasagna looks amazing!
Kate says:
The Thai noodle salad looks tasty!
Emily says:
The thai noodle salad is on my list to make
Melody says:
Oh, my! Can't wait to try all of delicious-looking dishes. I'm bring a friend so we can try all three!
Mindi says:
I love the Thai noodle salad
jessica z says:
I would like to try the Thai 'Noodle' Salad!
Karen says:
Oooh, the flatbread!
katie braun says:
I would love the Thai Noodle Salad at Houlihans. Yum
Katonna Richardson says:
Just got home from trying everything inspiralized at Houlihan's and don't have enough good things to say. Both managers came to our table to see how we liked our food and we sang your praises. So happy to see this food in a restaurant. And the servers all looked great in their inspiralized t-shirts!
Sandra says:
Leidy Ruiz says:
I would like to try the SWEET POTATO MEXICALI FLATBREAD. Thanks for the chance to win!
Aimee S says:
The Thai noodle salad looks so delicious!
Kendall says:
I honestly cannot wait to try them all!! After I try them, I'm definitely going to make them at home too with my spiralizer! So excited about this!!!!
Andrea Husar says:
Hands down going to try the lasagna! There is a houlihans just a few miles from my home and I've never been. My boyfriend already said it could be a date night so we can try the inspiralizer recipes!!
Hillary says:
the thai salad!!!
Holly says:
The butternut squash sounds amazing, perfect winter comfort food!
Jennifer Essad says:
I'm looking forward to trying the THAI “NOODLE” SALAD it's not something that I make at home !!!! awesome gift package, thanks for the chance
christina says:
butternut squash lasagna
Debbie says:
The Thai salad looks delish. They all do! That t-shirt is great.
Samantha says:
What an amazing opportunity, congratulations!
Krista says:
Totally planning a date night with my husband to Houlihan's! I love healthy comfort food so that butternut squash lasagna is on my radar. Congratulations on this fun and amazing partnership!
Karen W. says:
I spiralize Every Day. I would like to try the lasagna! Having someone else do the prep is like an inspiral-cation! ; )
Marissa says:
The Thai Noodle Salad looks AMAZING! I can't wait to try it! :)
Lisa says:
The butternut squash lasagna looks amazing!
Jessica Snider says:
I am so excited to try this menu! :)
Allison says:
How exciting - congratulations Ali!
Rosemary says:
Thai noodle salad sounds wonderful. I think it'll go well with their Thai chicken wings
Gina says:
I'd try the butternut squash and sausage lasagna!!!
rachel says:
Thai Noodle Salad -- yum!
Pam says:
Such great exciting things for Inspiralized! Congratulations.
Barely Vegan says:
OMG This is amaaaaazing!! Congrats :)
linda says:
The Thai noodle salad!
Carrie says:
Thai noodle salad!
I went to Houlihan's here in Dallas yesterday and ordered the butternut squash lasagna and it was DELICIOUS. Will you be posting the recipes on your blog!?! I didn't even miss regular lasagna noodles at all. I also ordered the Thai salad because I wanted to try both and couldn't decide. That was also delicious but the lasagna is def my fav!!
Kay says:
Would love to try all three, but don't live anywhere near a Houlihan's. [SIGH!]
Nicole says:
I would love the butternut lasagna - get it in my belly!
manda says:
The thai salad.
Jen H says:
They all sound wonderful - congratulations! Thats so exciting!
Leslie G says:
Last week I tried zoodles for the first time and loved it. Would love to win!
Christina says:
I am most excited for the healthy butternut squash lasagna! That sounds most unlike what I cook for myself at home, so it would be a special treat.
Kris says:
Thai noodle salad...NOM!
Jamie says:
I'm most looking forward to the BUTTERNUT SQUASH LASAGNA WITH PESTO ZUCCHINI NOODLES. What an awesome opportunity! Congrats!
Daria says:
The noodle salad! I want some right now.
Ellen says:
oh man i don't know where an yhoulihan's restaurants are anymore, but that thai salad looks so good! wish there were more vegetarian options though :/
Kayla says:
The sweet potato mexicali flatbread looks DE-LICIOUS!
Libby says:
The Thai noodle salad looks so good!
Vicki says:
I wish we had a restaurant close to me! I would try them all. Love love love my inspiralizer.
Samantha says:
Sadly I don't live in an area with Houlihan's. BUT if I did, I'd be all over that mexicali flatbread. Looks so darn good!!
Julia says:
I can't wait to try the lasagna!
Kristin Headlee says:
Congrats that's so exciting!!! The butternut squash lasagna and pesto looks AMAZING!
Elizabeth says:
I would love to try the butternut squash and sausage lasagna
Troy says:
I'd love to try your take on the Thai noodle salad! I'm loving my Inspiralizer. It's so much more convenient than other models! Thank you!
Jennifer says:
The Sweet Potato Mexcali Flatbread looks amazing! Can't wait to try it!
Janet says:
I would love to try the flatbread! I've been thinking about it ever since you posted a short promo video on instagram. Looks amazing.
Allison says:
The lasagna looks delicious! As an Italian Girl having a great dish like that to order out and keep my carbs in check makes me so happy! Mangia!
Anonymous says:
Definitely want the lasagna and flatbread. Love all that you do!
Caitlin says:
Thanks for inspiring me. I love my spiralizer!
Kimberly McGhee says:
The Thai looks so good and so does the mexicali.
Elizabeth Ross says:
The flatbread looks amazing!
Natalie H says:
I've actually never been to this restaurant, but the new menu will definitely change that. Delicious!
Lee Cockrum says:
I think I'd try the Thai noodles. But all the selections look yummy!
Sandra says:
I wish I was closer so I can try everything. I would definitely try the lasagna!
Jessica Long says:
The Butternut Squash Lasagna with Pesto Zucchini Noodles looks DIVINE. Plus, it's fun going back to the basics with the zucchini, but incorporating it into something new and fun. Great job, Ali!
Lyra Lemieux says:
The flatbread sounds unreal! I WISH this restaurant was near me!! Guess I'll have to turn my kitchen into a restaurant and make it!
Gina says:
I love the inspiralizer and all of these great ideas!
Ashley says:
Love all of your recipes!!
Lindsay says:
I NEED to find a houlihans!!!!!
Erica Davis says:
This is so exciting! The salad, lasagna, and flatbread all look delicious! Love this! :)
Jen says:
Mmm! The Butternut Squash Lasagna sounds amazing! Just another inspiration for using my Inspiralizer!
Jen says:
The butternut squash and sausage lasagna looks so delish!!
Rachel says:
Pesto. Zucchini. Noodles. My fave! And the only thing that would make them better is someone else making them for me! Congrats on the menu!
Candice says:
I wish there were more people supporting this kind of eating. I am a new follower and have purchased your product and I am in love with spiralizing. Goodbye pasta boxes! I am ever so thankful you chose to take this journey because you have changed my life and how I feed myself and family. Thank you for being so brave!
Kay says:
I know I'll love the Thai Noodles ... and the lasagne and the flat bread! Houli, here I come!
Liz says:
I'd love to try any of the dishes, but I don't think there's a Houlihan's near me!
Maryann Peper says:
The THAI ‘NOODLE’ SALAD sounds like something I would love to try!
Jessica Hughes says:
The cutest T-shirt ever! All the heart eye emojis!
Erin Green says:
Thai Noodle Salad!
Linda says:
Thai Noodle Salad!
Steph says:
Butternut squash lasagna sounds Aweaoem
Christina says:
Congrats!!!!!! This is fabulous!
Ellen says:
Dying to try the flatbread!!! Planning my next houlihans meal downtown Hershey ASAP! Also I ADORE that tshirt!
Ellen says:
The flatbread or the Thai noodle salad! Planning my next trip to Houlihans downtown Hershey ASAP!
Zach Hixon says:
Can't wait to try the Thai Noodle Salad!
Emily says:
I'd love to try the squash lasagna!
Annette says:
Oh how exciting for you! I would love to try them all, starting with the SWEET POTATO MEXICALI FLATBREAD.
Laura Ieni says:
The thai noodle salad looks delish!
Meaghan says:
We really love it and we hope you do too.
Kelly Gaudinier says:
I can't wait to make the thai noodle salad, but the squash sausage lasagna also looks amazing especially for the hubs.
Meaghan says:
It's definitely a husband approved dish.
Cathy says:
On Sat., Feb. 6 at Houlihan's in Ramsey, NJ I had the sweet potato flatbread and DBF had the Thai noodle salad. Both were *amazingly* delicious!! Congratulations, Ali!
Meaghan says:
This is wonderful to hear, Cathy! Thank you so much for the great feedback. We're so glad you enjoyed it.
Faith says:
The butternut squash lasagna looks wonderful!
Meaghan says:
It is! You're going to love it.
Chelsea W says:
Thai Noddle Salad
Li.Mi. Hall says:
the thai salad looks so yummy
Olivia says:
Hi! I just love the lasagna and noodle side salad, I order it every time I go to Houli's. I was wondering, are the smart points calculated any where for the Houlihans dishes? I have been calculating based on the meal as a whole off of the calculations on the Houlihan's website so I am sure that's over all,not the break down of the 0 point veggies.

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