Braised Fennel, Tomato and Bean Zucchini Pasta

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Braised Fennel, Tomato and Bean Zucchini Pasta

Every time I go to make a recipe for the blog, it’s hard not to default to zucchini noodles. They’re just amazing, they really are. I actually just saw that Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine was touting zucchini for being high in folates, which helps boost metabolism.

I don’t know about y’all, but a higher metabolism sounds like a dream, because I’m still feeling that chocolate bar from a few days ago.

What I’m trying to get to is that this whole winter, I’ve been counting down the days until zucchini is a more seasonally acceptable ingredient.

Braised Fennel, Tomato and Bean Zucchini Pasta

I’ve just got soooo many zucchini recipes pent up, I’m about to explode.

Clearly, I couldn’t wait, because this winter, I’ve been posting up plenty of zucchini noodle recipes. Ya know, like this one, that one and this one.  I apologize for not minimizing my carbon footprint, but when a girl needs her zucchini, she’s gotta get it.

What’s the solution for a fall, winter and spring-friendly zucchini noodle dish? Adding in other seasonal ingredients with the zucchini!

This is basic math: Summer zucchini + Winter veggies = Spring dish!

Braised Fennel, Tomato and Bean Zucchini Pasta

Okay, I was never a good math student, but you get the picture. This recipe calls for fennel, which is a flavorful winter veggie that not only is spiralizable (definitely going to be come a word some day) but has that strong licorice taste that brings us back to winter.

The Italian girl in me is in love with this simple vegetarian zucchini pasta dish. The broth and simmering tomatoes create a subtle sauce for the zucchini pasta and fennel.

Braised Fennel, Tomato and Bean Zucchini Pasta

Fennel’s also a great source of folate, Vitamic C and dietary fiber. With this recipe, we’re boosting our metabolism and tip toeing into summer or, as I like to think, running full speed away from winter.

You can find this recipe over at The Spicy Perspective.

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Sarah says:
Looks good! You don't have the beans listed on the ingredients list, how much do you use?
1/2 cup of cannellini beans!
Nicole says:
How many beans should be included? I couldn't find it!
Thanks for catching that! 1/2 cup of cannellini beans!
Traci B. says:
There are NO BEANS listed in the ingredient much do you usually use????
Valerie says:
This looks fantastic! I must give this recipe a try <3 I'm really into fennel at the moment. xx
I hope you tried it, Valerie!
Krista Bernardone says:
I tried this -- it was wonderful!!
This looks fantastic! I must give this recipe a try:)
Roshani says:
Wow, really, I can’t get over that delicious taste! So simple and yet – sooo great. Thank you for this recipe – it’s a real keeper.

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