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If you told me that I was only allowed to use one form of social media to promote this blog, it would be Instagram, hands-down. 

I love the interaction with all of my readers through IG. I love your comments, your questions, your suggestions. I love searching who has hashtagged #inspiralized or #getinspiralized to see your pictures.

And hey, who doesn’t love looking at pictures of food? Hashtag yum. 

Throughout the day, I try to keep y’all up to date on what’s cooking in my kitchen. It’s more fun to me when I get to share what I’m working on with other people. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes I feel like y’all are my friends. Is that a creepy Craigslist comment? 

Sometimes when I make a recipe, I eat the whole bowl for lunch. However, sometimes what I’m making isn’t lunch-appropriate (ie a hearty, meaty dish). So, I’ll take a picture of a quick lunch that I whipped up (takes 10-20 minutes at most).

Recently, I asked you all if you’d like to see recipes for my Instagram-posted lunches (the real easy ones). Your overwhelmingly “yes” reaction is resulting in this post.

Here are my top Instagram lunch posts. Vote on your favorite one and I’ll recreate it for a full blog post next week with better pictures, of course.

Here they are, in no specific order. Vote at the end! 

Easy lunch recipes - Inspiralized

Easy lunch recipes - Inspiralized

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Next order of business. You may have noticed already that my recipes are now available through ZipList. Now that I’ve partnered up with ZipList, you can easily view all of your saved recipes in one location. Basically, it’s like having your own personalized recipe book or, in ZipList terms, “recipe box.”


If you aren’t signed up for ZipList, it’s really easy to do and you can also save recipes from your other favorite food blogs as well, because I know you’re not eating just Inspiralized. Or, are you?

Let’s do an example, using my Mason Jar Zucchini Noodle Salad.

To save one of my recipes to your recipe box, just simply click “save recipe” on the recipe.


Once you click that, the recipe is automatically saved to your recipe box!


Now, when you go to your Recipe Box, you can also add it to you Shopping List, creating a categorized grocery list, which even displays grocery deals in your area. Pretty cool, my friends.


For those of you meal planners, ZipList simplifies everything. I love it and I’m so happy to be a ZipList partner. 

What do you think of ZipList? Also, would you like me to make more easy lunch recipes?


  1. Chicken, spinach and feta for me! I need lots of good fuel for my training, and that would be a great new lunch idea! I think this is fantastic that you are going to recreate more of them, although you are going to make me want a spiralizer even more.....my julienne peeler will be feeling the strain :P
  2. Instagram is so much fun! Iove it!
  3. ZipList is awesome and so easy to use. I love the convenience of having my recipes stored in one place and having my grocery list made for me in seconds. I am so looking forward to your chicken, spinach and feta recipe (I did vote for that one!) but would love to eventually see some of the other lunch recipes. You are so creative!
  4. They all look good! I do wish I could have rated them in order of preference. I chose #1, but in order I'd like to try 1,5 & 8!
  5. I totally agree re: IG. It is definitely my favorite of all the social medias!!
  6. chicken spinach and feta. They all look excellent and I love getting different ideas for my lunches. My husband thinks I've gone crazy I'm serving all our dinners spiralized but you have so many good recipes and I love my spiralizer it is so much fun and quick.


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