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Lu and I go back and forth on where we want to move next. While...

InspiralizedLu and I go back and forth on where we want to move next. While we used to dream of watching the surfers in Manhattan Beach, we’re leaning more towards Brooklyn now. Like teenagers, our minds change every day. I figure, while we’re young (well, he’s a bit older than me), we might as well make a for-no-reason move somewhere else.

Don’t worry, today’s blog post isn’t about where Lu and I are moving. It’s about how I secretly wish I lived on a farm and could “live off the land” and “eat the rainbow.”

I love that expression (“eat the rainbow.”) Eating Inspiralized, in essence, is eating the rainbow. You’re constantly using colorful vegetables.

Sometimes, when I’m editing my photos, I have to decrease the saturation, because the image looks fake! That’s how colorful Inspiralized eating is. Like with this one:

Carrot Noodles

With color, we get nutrients – vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. What’s interesting about the food rainbow is that each color brings certain benefits. I read this article years ago and found it really informative.

Since I focus on calories and carbohydrates a lot on this blog, I figured I’d show a little blockbuster vitamin comparison with brown rice and sweet potato rice to demonstrate how the rainbow works. Remember, you can make rice out of a lot of other vegetables (ie beets, carrots, butternut squash), but I’ve been on a sweet potato kick lately.

Please don’t take this as “never eat brown rice, it’s disgusting,” because, frankly, I love brown rice and I eat it when I’m not recipe testing.

To make rice, visit for my post on How to Turn Rice Into Vegetables.

Inspiralized rice


Brown rice and Sweet potato rice

NOTE: 300g sweet potato yields 2 full cups of “rice.”

This information is taken from Self’s Nutritional Data Calculator.

This comparison is for 1 cup (1 serving) of each:


If your eyes didn’t pop out of your head when you saw the Vitamin A and Potassium of sweet potatoes, then check your pulse. Clearly, a cup of sweet potato rice offers immense vitamin and mineral benefits, especially in the Vitamin A and Potassium department.

Sodium content? Let’s talk about that. To counteract a high sodium level, you need to up your potassium intake. Well, 500 mg of potassium is 15% of your daily recommended value, while 82.5 mg is just 3% of your daily recommended value. Plus, naturally occurring sodium is a lot different than processed sodium (added sodium to enhance the flavor of foods).

The long and short of it? Eating sweet potato rice gives you an opportunity to pack in extra nutrients for the day. Try swapping out your brown rice for sweet potato rice next time and eat the rainbow.

Inspiralized eBook Update

This eBook is no longer for sale! To purchase Ali’s latest cookbook, click here

Unfortunately, my eBook will no longer be available for purchase as of Saturday, March 22nd so if you haven’t purchased it yet (and have been meaning to), now’s your chance.

In light of all this, I’m offering my final eBook discount code, valid today through Friday. Enter “GOODBYE35” upon checkout to receive the discount off the $9.99 eBook.

For more information and to purchase the eBook, click here.


with love, Ali

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  • Why are you discontinuing your ebook? Are you going to be selling a hardcover copy? I would love to purchase an actual book! I love trying out your recipes!
  • Are you offering the same sale on your printed book, or just the ebook? Is there a reason it's going away? Are you going to be doing another book now?
      • Rats! I just saw your print cookbook at my mom's house yesterday and just love it. Print is not dying! I collect cookbooks, new and old, and don't care to use ebooks. Paper is a renewable resource, and electronic devices are not as sustainability friendly. Please reconsider! I was about to purchase the inspiralizer but I will wait until I hear whether you'll resonsider and reprint your cookbook. Thank you!
  • Hi Ali I just purchased the e-book and cant wait to start spiralizing my way through it. Thanks for the discounted price. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes......I love my spiralizer.
  • Hi, trying to buy your book but your site says the coupon code, GOODBYE35 is not valid. Thx Alisa
      • The discount did show up at 3.50, so I guess that works, but it still comes up with an error message, even when I just paste it from your site. The other thing, the only way to pay is with a paypal account? There is no other option when I try to buy this. Help! :)
        • Unfortunately, PayPal is the only way to pay - but you can enter a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Also, try the code again - it should reflect once you make it to the checkout screen.
  • Hi Ali I just purchased the eBook and can't wait to spiralize my way through it. I love my spiralizer. Thanks for so many great recipes.
  • Hi, I tried buying your cookbook and entering the discount code GOODBYE35 but it told me that the discount code was invalid. Why isn't the cookbook going to be offered anymore? New cookbook coming?
  • Hi, I've just tried to buy your book also, but it says discount code invalid. I've tried all caps, all lowercase, cap G rest lowercase but none work. Would it matter which country of residence I entered? Kind Regards Nikki
    • Try the code again - it should reflect once you make it to the checkout screen.
  • Just purchased your ebook, and I'm really looking forward to branching out into this new-to-me form of vegetable preparation (among other more substantive reasons, the swirls are so pretty!) Oh, and for the folks who are having trouble with the coupon code, I, too, received the invalid coupon code warning, however, the discount was applied to my total anyway and held all the way through purchase. So, check your order balance to see if you're good to go.
  • What size food processor are you using here? Thank you!