#EverydayInspiralized: Spiralized Sweet Potato Carbonara

#EverydayInspiralized: Spiralized Sweet Potato Carbonara

Whenever I think about this recipe, I think of Lu. Anytime you ask him what...

#EverydayInspiralized: Spiralized Sweet Potato Carbonara

Whenever I think about this recipe, I think of Lu. Anytime you ask him what his favorite spiralized dish is, he immediately says, “Her carbonara.”

When he says that, he’s actually referring to my zucchini noodle version, but he loves this one just about equally.

I mean, you can’t go wrong with a carbonara, can you?

This spiralized version of a spaghetti carbonara is quintessentially #inspiralized. It’s taking something traditionally heavy and unhealthy and transforming it into something just-as-flavorful, but healthier.

If you’d like to make this at home and follow along to the video, click here for the recipe.

And as always, let me know if there is anything you’d like me to make in a future episode of my #EverydayInspiralized series! I’m so happy you’re all loving these videos.

DISCLAIMER: I was really disappointed when I got the footage back and the videographer had me looking at the wrong camera. Thus, it can be a little distracting, because I’m looking UP instead of AT the camera. I apologize and let’s just chalk this up to growing pains! For the next three videos, they will all be like this – but after that, we’ll smooth out the kinks and the videos will hopefully be perfect. THank you for understanding!

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with love, Ali

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  • Yum!! Looks delicious. I like to cut my noodles on the cutting board with a knife...just give them a rough chop. The scissors are a great idea too. As always....loved the video. I didn't notice you were looking at the wrong camera at all. I thought it was perfect! Thanks Ali XO
  • Agree with Alicia - you totally can't tell about the camera - don't sweat it Ali!! I'm a terrible cook and my hubby always does it, I think maybe with these videos I can take my turn in the kitchen - I'm excited! Thanks Ali xx
  • You look stunning as always, and this looks like a delicious and much healthier recipe than the carbonara I make. My husband and I actually bought some pancetta recently and I was going to make a spiralized sweet potato/pancetta/kale/fried egg dish, but I think we'll definitely be making sweet potato carbonara on Friday evening! My go-to carbonara recipe has been one from Lucinda Scala Quinn, from her book Mad Hungry - it calls for 3 eggs and lots of parmesan cheese, but it's so gooood! I like your recipe though and think I'll try to do some sort of a mashup! :)
    • This is fabulous to hear, Shelby! Let us know what you think of the dish.
  • Ali. The video is great! Honestly I would not change a thing. It doesn't look like you are looking in the wrong camera. Don't beat yourself up about it.
  • What if I just want to see the recipe and not the video? Hard to find just the recipe since the videos' started?
    • Nancy, the video is linked in this blog post as well as in the description of the video on YouTube!
  • I agree with the others and am commenting solely to let you know that the camera "issue" isn't an issue an all. I wouldn't have thought twice about it, if you hadn't of mentioned it! :)
  • I made this for dinner tonight. In a word......fabulous. We couldn't stop eating it. You are so talented. Oh and I love your shorter hair style. Very chic.
    • I am so happy you enjoyed the recipe! And thanks re: the hair, that's so sweet!
  • I didn't notice the camera thing at ALL. I also watched it without reading that disclaimer and was like.. wait what?
  • Any suggestions for a vegan option removing the eggs?
  • Just made the sweet Potatoe recipe enjoyed it
  • Ali, The camera work was absolutely fine! Not at all distracting. And I spent my career producing TV News and Documentaries, so I know what I am talking about ;-) Many of your recipes look great. I haven't had a chance to make any of them because I don't have an Inspiralizer yet. I am righting that wrong this weekend! Once I have your Inspiralizer in my hands I plan to head to a local farmers market for the freshest veggies, and then experiment with lots of your recipes!
    • Thank you so much for your feedback, Anne! We appreciate you saying so. We're so excited to have you here and to know that you'll be receiving your Inspiralizer soon.
  • I made this last night for dinner. Let me just say, I will always make it this way from now on! It was fabulous! My new favorite! Thank you for your wonderful recipes! They have helped me lose 20 pounds this summer.
    • This is fabulous to hear, Glenda! Thank you for sharing!
  • I grew up in a country where we did not know sweet potatoes so coming here they were never my favorite. But! I made this tonight and it was so delicious. I love sweet potatoes now :) Thank you for the recipe and for great web site. I'm hooked.